Business-plan furniture

Business-plan furniture

Today, find furniture store will not be difficult to absolutely any city. Moreover, in the large cities there are several shops, from a few to tens of. But that's no reason to throw the idea of ​​creating your own business Furniture. The fact, that many people are willing to buy furniture on individual order. Consequently, customers will always and Furniture – it is quite a profitable business. According to the submitted samples to make your own business plan for the production of furniture will simply.

any business, including furniture, It requires a specific plan, which means, that the compilation of the business plan of production of soft and cabinet furniture, It is necessary.



Business Furniture requires two premises. This is necessary in order, to be able in the same room to take orders, and a second room must serve as a workshop for the production of furniture. Office for the reception of orders, better to buy in the city center, so potential clients can easily reach. With regard to the workshop, he may well be located outside the city, besides rent and in remote areas of the city is much less. But it is not ruled out that option, when both facilities are located in the same locality. Little of, there are cases, when there are located not only office and shop, but store, wherein, properly, produced and sold furniture.

Equipment for furniture production

according to business plan furniture, after the acquisition of the necessary facilities, It should address the purchase of equipment. Today there is a huge amount of equipment and software for the production of furniture. Can use as a domestic equipment, and foreign, moreover, they are all pretty easy to integrate with the most known computer programs for modeling, as well as the production of furniture. The most popular have such programs, as “Astra Cutting”, “Astra Designer Furniture”, “KZ-Furniture” and many others. To the production of furniture went to the course, you need to purchase the following equipment:

  • jigsaws;
  • milling-machine;
  • Format panel saw.

This equipment – it's minimum, which is necessary to start.


Staff and experts

As for the staff, in the office, which is receiving orders to sit people, possessing specific experience with popular software modeling and the production of furniture. Also specialist should possess such qualities, how to communicate, friendliness and education. To work in the shop needs a drinking and hard-working staff. Person, working in the shop should be easy to deal with furniture machines. Today, furniture is made, basically, of chipboard and MDF board. If the production combined with the store ready-made furniture, it also requires the seller. The result is, that for proper operation of the production of furniture in the amount of necessary staff 11 person. I.e, one designer-inspector orders, eight workers on the shop floor, one seller and one driver, for delivery at the customer's furniture.

Ready business plan for the production of furniture It provides for the implementation of such sources of finished furniture, as clients, customers, furniture stores, private shop, showroom.

financial raskhoy

Keeping any business can not do without the costs and the production of furniture is no exception. Below are the approximate cost of the furniture business.

  1. Premises for shops (300000 rubles per year),
  2. room rental for the office to receive orders (100000 rubles per year),
  3. rooms for rent showroom (200000 rubles per year),
  4. Buying equipment (200000-1,500000 rubles),
  5. Consumables (300000 rubles per year),
  6. Issuance of wages staff about 1,200000 rubles per year.

The result is, that the production of furniture requires spending, at the rate of 2,300000-3,600000 rubles per year.

Business always generates income, in this case, 400000 rubles per month, i.e 4,800000 rubles per year. According to the calculations we can determine the minimum period, for which pay off initial expenses, This period is equal to half of the calendar year. But the data presented above, by no means, inconclusive. When the competent organization of business income may be much more represented. According to official data, Russia's demand cabinet, office and kitchen furniture.



fulfilling all, directions given above, you can not only make your own business plan, but also to open the company carrying monthly income. So, eg, Producing furniture, you can quickly recover the costs and get considerable income, which can be 400000 rubles per month. Ready production business plan of furniture you can download it below.

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