The business plan of the medical center

The business plan of the medical center
The business plan of the medical center
The business plan of the medical center

Medical Center opens to provide advisory, therapeutic and prophylactic public services. The business plan provides information on the level of competition in the industry, part of the potential audience and financial aspects of the opening of the institution.

It is virtually a private clinic generalist, Medical Center is a complex structure, to provide paid services to the population. Respectively, it shall immediately take the appropriate niche in their market and to determine their pricing policy. Since in medicine toll quality of service requirements for higher, already at the initial stage it is necessary to put the bar high, subsequently constantly confirming its.

Medical Center as a business

Medical Center, or a private clinic - a modern high-grade type of business, having a wide potential audience and takes its place State health care system. Increasing public confidence in private clinics increases the prospects of this type of business. Nevertheless, some difficulties, faced by every entrepreneur, opening a medical center, remain relevant.

The most important requirements, required for the entrepreneur – medical structures founder, following:

  1. – availability of medical education - higher or secondary;
  2. – some experience in the medical field;
  3. – obtaining of a license, which gives the Ministry of Health, and a special certificate to conduct this type of activity;
  4. – availability of premises, meets the technical requirements and legally owned by the founder of the Center;
  5. – drawn up in accordance with the existing norms and accurate financial calculations business plan.
  6. Several factors can be identified, that determine the success of the medical center:
  7. – the effectiveness of planning and project management competence;
  8. – especially resource spending, their distribution in accordance with the prescribed norms;
  9. – the nature of performance drawn up enterprise development strategy.

Private clinic often involves several directions. In contrast to the highly specialized centers such institution has more opportunities thanks to a wide target audience. The most popular activities, which should be included in the range of services, will be following:

  1. – therapy;
  2. – pediatrics;
  3. – prevention activities;
  4. – areas of alternative medicine and other competitive activities.

According to the results of recent years the most profitable areas of private medicine called:

  1. dentistry;
  2. – pediatrics;
  3. – gynecology, sexology;
  4. – narcology.

Family medicine is considered successful format, particularly popular among the wealthiest segments of the population.

Opening private clinics, should consider, what competitive advantages will be offered to potential customers, thanks to which the new organization will be able to attract and retain your audience.

Preferred features a private clinic should be the following traits:

  1. – high quality services and superior customer service: Unlike public hospitals private clinic should offer patients some comfortable chamber, if necessary – round the clock nursing care and doctor's improved support;
  2. – a wide variety of services;
  3. – quality logistics;
  4. – Flexible coupon and discount system, allowing to work with patients on a regular basis.

It is these features distinguish the private medical institutions by public hospitals, do not provide an adequate level of comfort for patients.

Medical Center work organization should be directed not only to attract new customers, but first and foremost on keeping old. This will serve as a high quality of services, advantageous loyalty program for regular customers and attractive family offers.

The business plan of the medical center
The business plan of the medical center

Before the opening of the company should examine the proposals of existing organizations for medical purposes, analyzing, what services are currently in short supply, and which on the market in sufficient quantities. The optimal set of services for the middle of the center of the scale is as follows:

– specialist advice and initial examination;

– analysis of the;

– appointment, and treatment;

– Ultrasound and other basic types of surveys;

– functional diagnostics;

– operational Activity.

This list can be expanded or narrowed depending on the location and scale of the alleged activities. In the treatment room can be opened initially, specializing only on the fence material for further analyzes. For this study establishes cooperation with larger clinics or laboratories, actually becoming a local branch. Such a move would allow to start a business with minimal investment: enough to open a small office, obtaining the license and the certificate, as well as hiring a small staff personnel.

Marketing Plan Medical Center

Before the opening of business in the field of advisory and treatment services a mandatory step is to develop a marketing plan. It is based – study of the dynamics of the industry, level of competition, ratio offers private and public enterprises in the industry.

The structure of a marketing plan will include the formation and consolidation of consumer views regarding the new organization. The main points of the plan will:

  1. – creation of a unified concept of the future of advertising agencies;
  2. – to develop their own style of the company;
  3. – Create a media plan, videos and other materials;
  4. – development of an action plan to promote services, increase sales and retain existing customers;
  5. – Website Development Company;
  6. – related infrastructure, Planning of working conditions.

In addition to the promotion of services through the Internet, rational to advertise in the media, distribute leaflets and business cards of the new organization. Preliminary it is necessary to study the mechanism and efficiency of each of the advertising methods. When the location in the vibrant place the best advertisement for the center will be attractive informative sign.

The main features of the marketing campaign, and common mistakes – video:

Register Medical Center

Any organization, specializing in the provision of medical services, It should have the status of legal entity. In most cases, clinics and medical centers are working on the basis of LLC. This format requires the preliminary preparation of a number of constituent documents, including - charter, the decision to appoint the head, founders and other meeting minutes.

Obligatory condition for creating company - providing full information on all founders, full name of the company and its legal address. All these data are reported when filing a registration statement, filling out a special form. According to the requirements of the tax authorities, founder is obliged to guarantee the solvency of a new enterprise, making pre-authorized capital, of not less than 10 thousand. Mandatory and will pay the state duty, the amount of which for legal persons - 4 thousand rubles.

By applying, must be available medical license, which entitles a person to engage in the selected activity. Handle for its registration in the department need Roszdravnadzor, after referring to the law "On the basis of protection of health of citizens of Russia", as well as special resolution "On organization of licensing of certain activities".

The question of licensing for organizations of various types is discussed in detail in the Federal Law on Licensing: Federal Law of 04.05.2011 N 99-FZ (row. from 03.08.2018).

Getting medical license fee - the fee is 7500 rubles. To address this issue better in advance - term issue of the document - to 45 working days.

Once all the documents and the license will be ready, you can apply to the Federal Tax Service, and if all requirements are met, testimony and other founding documents for the new company the right to engage in entrepreneurial activity.

Stages of the opening of the medical center

Search the room will be one of the main stages of opening a private clinic of any nature. Territorial arrangement in this regard will not be a determining factor, because of quality health services to the potential customers are willing to go even to a remote area. true, convenient location is a big plus at a time, while the company has not yet had time to get a positive reputation in the market.

The choice of the room will affect several major factors:

  • – patency - the more people will see the Medical Center, the faster will increase its customer base;
  • – population density, residing in the selected area, and the level of their income. It is better to open a private clinic in a prestigious area, where a large number of solvent citizens;
  • – lack of nearby competitive companies.

The ideal embodiment will be busy downtown streets or secured sleeping area. Important, to close was not successful private clinics, that new companies can be difficult to compete with. Since in this case will have to pay more attention to advertising and think through profitable marketing moves.

More important is compliance with sanitary requirements of the building, requirements for medical facilities. size of the room should have an area of 250 m. or more, especially if you are planning to create our own laboratory and treatment rooms. One must have a bathroom and a telephone. When selecting a site should pay attention to what, whether the possible free access to every office and if there is enough space, to accommodate all the necessary facilities.

When choosing a room for the clinic, it's desirable, that it has previously performed the same function. In this case, you can do a facelift, and significantly reduce the cost of facilities and equipment to bring it into line with the requirements of the law. If we have to do everything from scratch, According to preliminary estimates of repairs and preparation for work every meter (architectural design, conduct necessary communications, finishing facilities and purchase of equipment and furniture) will cost 1 one thousand dollars.

After the registration of the company and prepare the room for the opening of, Professionals will find the center of the future. When you open any clinic with zero critical success factor will be the qualified personnel. Will pick up the professional staff among specialized medical professionals, and in the management sector. Recent professionals need to understand the rules of business existence,, marketing and financial features.

Regulatory aspects are very important when opening a private medical center. So, staff size will depend on the schedule of load and center. It is important to take into account the existing design standards, designed for therapeutic and diagnostic companies. So, the standard rate of admission for a single physician is 4 patient per hour. The allowable number of posts of doctors in outpatient clinical settings defined by special formulas based on established norms of legislation of the load for the professionals of varying skill. Mode of operation personnel of any clinic, operating on the basis of a medical license, It can be summarized in the table:

Indicator, unit Value
1. The total duration of the working week
1.1. Doctor-patient pryema 40
1.2. Nurse outpatient office 40
2. regular holiday (in days)
2.1 Doctor 42
2.2. Nurse 35
The number of shifts for staff 2

Approximate calculations show, that each unit staff physician should fall 0,5 nurse rates. It is these parameters and to be taken into account when recruiting staff. The final amount of the medical staff units, nurses, Staff and administrators will depend on the projected number of visitors and the center of the work schedule.

The basic steps of opening the medical institution from scratch – video:

Technical equipment. Purchase of equipment

One of the stages of opening a private clinic - the purchase of a minimum set of equipment. for clinics, plans to open its own laboratories and treatment rooms, this will set an example:

  1. – analytical instruments;
  2. – instruments for measuring basic physical parameters;
  3. – laboratory furniture, hoods;
  4. – weighing equipment;
  5. – gas analyzers and other instruments of similar purpose;
  6. – furniture for the reception of patients.

If the center will house laboratory, mandatory standard set of equipment, including distiller, centrifuge, thermostat, sterilizer, microscopes, kolbonagryevatyeli, autoclaves, heating plates, etc..

Quality and technical characteristics of the equipment will play a very important role in the work of the center. Therefore, its acquisition should be carried out only through dealers trusted manufacturers, and after a certain period of time needs to be replaced or repair work.

to center, rendering full therapeutic and diagnostic services, It will be relevant a list of specialized equipment:

  1. – magnetic resonance imaging, designed for the study of internal organs and tissues;
  2. – X-ray system for angiographic cardiac and vascular;
  3. – X-ray machine, allowing to perform layered recording without changing the position of the body, which is particularly important for the evaluation of patients with injuries;
  4. – ultrasound machine. It is an indispensable device, Explore all the internal organs of the human body and provides information in three dimensions.
  5. – digital Mammography, intended for diagnostic of breast contrasting to identify their pathologies, including oncology;
  6. – electroencephalograph - the apparatus, used to examine the state of the cerebral cortex and detect possible abnormalities. The presence of modern encephalograph accurately identify various lesions of the cerebral cortex in order, subsequently to carry out therapeutic measures in time;
  7. – endoscope, allowing display color images to digital media bodies in various pathologies in order, to further analyze the effectiveness of treatment;
  8. – Devices of artificial ventilation. It is intended for the treatment and maintenance of patient vital signs, with irregularities in the lungs. Modern devices control the amount of oxygen entering the lungs, so as not to cause an overdose. Equipment needed for medical center, feed, in addition to oxygen, medicines in the form of fine drug;
  9. – Holter monitor - designed to track heart monitor, blood pressure and other indicators. The monitor shows all the possible disturbances of cardiac rhythm, allowing an accurate diagnosis;
  10. – dialysis machines;
  11. – electrocardiograph. It is better to choose a modern three-channel device, allows you to record just three lines, thereby allowing more specific diagnoses;
  12. – defibrillator.

Depending on the specifics of the medical center may need to purchase wheelchairs with the function of the height change, gynecological table with built-in electrical controls the patient's position, medical chairs and racks for medicine droppers. If a private clinic specializing in surgery, It is required to be an operating table with improved performance. Right to purchase specialized medical cabinets for tools and medicines, surgical lighting and other ancillary equipment and accessories.

Medical Center, with a more limited range of services, especially in the absence of our own laboratory, They require much less attention to the selection and purchase of equipment.

In any case, the presence of medical equipment provides for regular monitoring of its condition and maintain it in good condition. Be sure to include in the activities of maintenance work on equipment. These include the technical state control, maintenance in service and repair in the event of problems. Mandatory periodic unscheduled inspection of medical equipment.

Financial plan

The overall plan for the registration costs, the discovery and development of the primary health center requires upfront investment of up to 25 million rubles. It was in so much the project will cost, developed in this regard,. In the absence of the founder of equity business in the right amount can attract investor funds or contact your creditors. Anyway, to obtain a desired amount necessary to provide a detailed business plan with a description of all future costs and projections of future income.

In the process of financial planning, and before each new season of work required to budgeting. In fact, This master plan of all future expenses in production and business category for a specific period of time. The Ministry of Finance has established a definite form for budget, to be followed by all enterprises of therapeutic and prophylactic areas.

Usually, a major source of campaign financing is a loan, worth considering, that its amount should be between 24,6 – 24,7 million. rubles for 24 of the month. The interest rate in this case will be 24 %. If preliminary estimates break-even point of the medical center should go to the second billing month. To achieve this goal a monthly income of the clinic is to achieve a stable size.

To determine the center of work cost can calculate the size of the costs of construction and maintenance work of the cabinet.

The list of expenses is as follows:

item of expenditure sum


Salary from 517 thousand
Payments to various funds 3,7
Additional expenses and payments 135 thousand
Payment of rent, transport, utilities and other services 28 thousand
Repair of equipment and inventory 4 thousand.
The increase in the value of fixed and additional funds, purchase of soft inventory, etc. 155 thousand
Resupply (medicines, Other consumables) 145 thousand

Taking into account these and some additional expenses the cost of a doctor's office will cost from 840 thousand.

If the total sum up the expenditure part of the project, you can create a summary table of all expenses for the discovery and clinical development:

item of expenditure Costs per month Costs per year
Purchase (rent) room 8 million. (600 thousand.)
Architectural design 640 thousand
summarizing communications (water, sewerage, electricity) 340 thousand
Payment of utility services 73 thousands 876 thousand
Finishing facilities, repairs, design 6,5 million.
Purchase of furniture 680,9 thousand.
Purchase of equipment 25, 6 thousands 3,08 million.
Registration of licenses and permits 1,2 million.
Purchase of fixed assets 63,5 thousands 763 thousands
Purchase of consumables 12,1 thousands from 145 thousand
The cost of computer equipment 200 thousand
Create site, payment hosting 1500 300 thousand
Payment of online advertising 80 thousand 960 thousand
Payment of wages To 1,3 million. Over 15 million.
payment of taxes 389,5 thousand. 4,67 million.
additional, unforeseen expenses 2,115 million.
Total 1,55 million. 41,3 million.

The financial plan must include the development of pricing policies for all services. Average rates in the capital, depending on the specialization of the doctor will be the following:

  • – initial consultation the main sections of the doctor - 3 thousand rubles;
  • – Repeated consultation with a specialist - 2 thousands;
  • – initial consultation with a head of the department - 4 thousands;
  • – re-examination of the head of the department - 3,5 thousands.
  • Consultation or inspection of individual specialists may provide higher rates. The value is also influenced by the level of clinic, its reputation and popular brand, geographical location and other factors. In general, the cost of services is influenced by such major aspects of:
  • – the cost of services;
  • – price indicators from competitors;
  • – service uniqueness;
  • – supply and demand among the target audience.

tax payments, relevant to the medical center of any scale, will be standard:

  1. – tax on profits, the past month payable at the end of - 20%;
  2. – monthly value added tax (NDS) – 18%;
  3. – property tax - 2,2 %. It is paid according to the schedule of payments;
  4. – 13-percent income tax - monthly;
  5. – Standard social benefits - are paid at the end of the month in the amount of 30 percent.

Important points of the business plan - the structure of future income. Payment, shown in Table, performed considering a time period 12 months:

Type of service Number of visits per month price The amount of revenue, rub.
Receiving specialist 1300 According to the price list, first visit about 1500 rub. 2 047 500 and higher
Doctor House Call, nursing services 1950 from 1000 rub. from 2 457 000
Sale of drugs and other medical supplies 600 selling According to the price list - the estimated average check - 1500 rub. Over 900 thousand

In view of these data, and with the active development of the market of private medical services, and taking into account the, that the increase in consumption in this sector will be 5%, we can conclude, that during the year the company can achieve sales volumes in excess of 94 billion. rubles.

The payback period at precisely the implementation of all points of the business plan, and subject to a successful marketing campaign - 2 of the year.

The most important aspects of medical business – video:

Additional features and risks

Risk assessment - one of the main points of the financial plan of the enterprise. To these factors do not become an obstacle for the development of the medical center, you need to make them initially in the business plan and take into account at all stages of.

For the medical center such risks are relevant:

  • – lack of space for the opening of the medical center;
  • – the high cost of technology base and investment in the industry as a whole;
  • – the high level of competition;
  • – lack of specialists, especially junior staff;
  • – lack of confidence of the population and doctors to private medicine.

All of these risks can be minimized, considering them when you create a business plan and develop a marketing campaign.

A profitable and least risky options for the medical center will be buying a franchise. Opening the enterprise under a name already known to the market, founder can count on a certain clientele already in the initial stages. The franchisor provides a full development program for the new venture, assisting in training and financial planning. In this case, the franchisee must fulfill certain obligations, that prescribed in the contract. Among the prerequisites - a specific list of services offered, styling and, In most cases, price policy. These requirements may significantly limit the founder of a medical center in the realization and development, however, give some support and warranty.

The opening of the medical center can be a daunting and time-consuming procedure. But careful planning all the stages of its creation, financial features and advertising campaign, during the first year of work can bring this kind of business at breakeven level and subsequently increase capital, expanding the area of ​​activity.

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