Business Plan Dental Clinic

Business Plan Dental Clinic

Health and beauty of teeth - one of the most important indicators of the success of modern man. Therefore, dental services are becoming more popular and are constantly growing in price. Dentistry Business Plan – It is the solution for those, who have the opportunity to spend a solid start-up capital for the opening of your business.

Dentistry as a business as a whole can be considered as the most promising of all medical fields. Nevertheless, all the strategic and financial aspects must be calculated and recorded in the business plan. Optimal view of business a small dental clinic can be considered, offering a wide range of treatment services, Dental prosthetic and other related services. It is important to immediately plan a payback period of, defining a plan for developing and opening a dental clinic with a full calculation of the required investments and expected profit.

Dentistry as a business

Dentistry as an area for a long time business experienced a slight decline. However, 2014 years later, after the start of market recovery and the gradual exit from its crisis, It began to be observed growth of the industry. Despite the high level of stability of such branch, as a dental practice, even to this sector of the market 2014 year experienced a relative decline. Today this area is not yet fully regained unabated, therefore, new market participants a good opportunity to take the best position and secure its leading position. This will serve as a thorough planning of activities, which is based on a preliminary study of the market and financial preparation.

Business Strategy - one of the key issues, relevant at the stage of planning and preparation. Despite, that this field of activity narrow enough in itself, dental clinic may have several different directions. Composition of service, which will be offered to customers, We need to define the preparatory phase.

Purpose Dental Clinic - is, to meet the potential needs of the audience in the treatment and prosthetics. Also, you can find the pharmacy business plan. The entrepreneur can choose one or several areas of dental activity. The most popular and are a priority:

  • – Dental treatment - treatment of caries, periodontitis, pulpitis;
  • – Therapy periodontics, includes treatment of periodontitis and periodontal disease;
  • – surgery: exodontia, Surgical treatment of diseases of the teeth and gums, removal of benign tumors;
  • – orthodontics - correction of bite, installing braces and plates for teeth alignment;
  • – prosthetics, implantology;
  • – orthodontics, provides for the treatment of various anomalies;
  • – cosmetic dentistry, including whitening, tartar removal and elimination of the so-called smoker's plaque;
  • – children's dentistry.

One of the features of the industry can be called a novelty of many of its destinations. So, previously almost non-existent most modern services, and today they are in the process of development.

After examining the main directions of the activity, present on the market, their distribution and demand, business founder should accurately define the list of future services of the clinic, to establish the scale of its activities and to analyze the, what resources will be needed to achieve this goal. Be sure to examine the proposals of competitors, their pricing and marketing techniques. At this stage it is important to determine, What activities are sufficiently represented in the market, and which are in short supply and will enjoy success.

At this stage you need to consider and class, which can be roughly attributed to future clinic. In the structure of today's market there are three main groups of companies, differ in the level of service, the target audience and price aspects:

– Economy class. Special features - streaming customer service, low price and limited range of services. The main focus here will be on the treatment of, and removing dental prosthetics;

– dental clinic middle class. Their target audience - the broadest in scope of potential clients. Usually, it is the middle class, requiring comfort and quality service. In addition to the main areas, clinics, belonging to this category, offering its clients a wide range of services from the direction of aesthetic dentistry. A wider range of orthopedics belongs here, There are special offers, eg, children's dentistry, etc.;

– Clinic luxury level, designed for the representatives of the poor and involving the use of the latest technical possibilities and individual approach to each client. Accordingly, prices for services companies, VIP level will be much higher. At the same time, relying on the appropriate target audience, should not only pay attention to the qualitative performance of procedures, but also to ensure maximum attention and a high level of service.

Opening your own business, you need to analyze the number of clinics all three levels at the current market and to correlate this rate with demand in the city.

Key features and pitfalls dental business – video:

Stages of opening a dental clinic dentistry business plan

The main stages of the establishment and opening of the dental clinic more:

  • – preparation - market research, planning and preparation;
  • – Search the room to open the clinic, purchase or lease contract;
  • – registration of a business entity in the Federal Tax Service;
  • – Purchase of medical equipment, repair and design of future clinical equipment;
  • – staff selection;
  • – advertisement, business promotion, the creation and development of the company's website.

The required size of the room for the dental clinic has to be figured out based on the number and specificity of the services provided. Calculate the required area can be, Use the following data:

name Square


The volume area
Hall for the reception of patients (perhaps also a small shop) 20 m
therapy room (4 PC. one workplace) 56 m
cabinet implantology 15 m
Ortodonticheskiy cabinet 15 m
Doctor's surgery 15 m
Children's dental office 15 m
X-ray room 12 m
Dental laboratory 15 m
sterilization, Head office, storage and other auxiliary facilities 42 m


200 m
Dentistry Business Plan
Dentistry Business Plan

Depending on the intended scope of activity area dental clinic may be more or less. But on average, it is such a space would be optimal for the average private dentistry. When renting a room need to take into account the requirements of SES. So, Only for one dental unit, Health Standards, need at least 14 m. To install each additional seats need to allocate at least 7 square meters. At the same time, despite, that existing regulations may be the work of several specialists in one room, It will be much more comfortable if there is only one dental chair in each room.

It plans to open a dental clinic, better to have a suitable room in the property, will therefore purchase a preferred embodiment, than renting. In any case, it will be easier, if the same functions previously performed and properly equipped. The smaller changes and improvements have to make to start the clinic, the cheaper the cost of business start. Especially important, that the object was originally belonged to the non-residential premises, otherwise it will have to undergo a long procedure of re-registration documents. If the founder of the clinic buys an apartment, which is to be converted into non-residential fund, before that you need to get the permission of the owner of the premises, close. Such consent may be written in any form, but it is sure to be certified by a notary.

As for the re-registration of apartments in the process of non-residential premises, it can take a long time, provided an independent address this issue. If we enlist the help of a specialized firm, a positive result can be obtained more quickly. true, cost in this case, the procedure is more expensive. So, translation necessarily have to agree with the fire and health service, district administration, zhiltrestom, BTI and some other state agencies. Each organization receiving permission paid, but it is the only difficulty - if all requirements are met, obstacles to the re-registration will not be. After all the rules regarding the redevelopment will be carried out, will visit the State Architectural and Construction Supervision, which will have to confirm that compliance on all counts.

As for the lease of premises, this step has its own advantages and disadvantages. At the initial stage of business the lease can be more profitable from an economic point of view. At the same time it is necessary to find a direct owner, to enter into a lease without intermediaries. planning to rent, you should choose a room, in which there are all the necessary communications, as well as all the documents properly decorated. Otherwise, to obtain a pharmaceutical license may be difficult.

The hotel building is not in the central area of ​​the city can be a good option for placing a dental clinic. The main advantage of this option - the presence of all necessary communications, which in most hotels meet all established standards. Besides, planning of such buildings often meet the requirements, installed at the opening of the clinic. The work of several dentists at the same time throughout the day requires a lot of electricity and continuous water supply. This care should be taken in a timely manner in order to avoid disruptions in the clinic in the future.

Once formalized the purchase or rental, to be put into operation premises. For this purpose, refer to the same instance, as before: first get permission fire service, then, when the clinic will operate, the same document will be issued in the sanitary service. This can be explained by the legislative nuances: to obtain official permission from SES, be sure to have the appropriate document from the fire service and begin clinical work. It was after entering the organization in the operation of the Medical Service experts consider applications of representatives of new organizations and give their approval.

In the process of obtaining all permits, you can start the purchase of working tools and equipment. Make the process faster and more profitable, you can, let it in the specialist disposal - Purchasing Manager. Paying him a commission in the amount of up to 15 % of the total cost of the equipment, Founder can be sure, that the clinic is equipped with all necessary. Purchase of second-hand equipment can significantly save the budget starting a new venture, but this step may be erroneous, as the quality of the equipment for many customers is an indicator of the overall level of service.

Purchases will involve the acquisition of goods of several major groups:

  • – specialized equipment: dental unit, equipped with four arms;
  • – set of dental handpieces, including a sufficient number of spare parts;
  • – complete set of tools;
  • – Consumables: saliva ejector, examination spatulas, Disposable toothbrushes, bibs, masks, hypothermic packages, disposable gloves;
  • – medicines.

From the outset it is important to find a reliable supplier - it is desirable to make direct purchases from the manufacturer. This gives confidence in the authenticity of the product and allows you to spend less on purchases.

Licensing clinic equipment - the most important stage of the clinic grounds. All items should have certificates of compliance with existing regulations. Placement of specialized equipment must meet the regulations and the plan BTI, concerning the size of your room.

Developing future planning clinic, consideration should be given sufficient space for the waiting area for clients. This is especially true of large multidisciplinary clinics.

selection team

Business plan free dentistry
Business plan free dentistry

Unlike conventional dental office, which can only work one specialist, combining the positions of the doctor and the founder, full clinic should have a more extensive staff. The number of employees will depend on the variety of services offered and the company's total scale. The determining factor will be the norm and legislation, which set limits in relation to the working time of doctors. So, the law, one person may not work anymore 6 hours a day. In this way, even if there is one room for the operation of the clinic for a day will need at least 4 physicians, working in shifts. If you have multiple offices or services of different specialized staff will be more. In addition, the need for at least 2 Administrator and Clerk. When scaling up the company, it is desirable to introduce the staff accountant or use of outsourcing services. Opening the clinic or middle-class elite, make sure not only in the presence of experts from specialized education, but also ensure that sufficient experience and professional qualifications.

In the aspect of hiring specialized professionals should immediately consider the question of remuneration. Usually, Income dentist consists of rates (it is about 2,5 the minimum wage) and percentage of the work performed. The latter figure is negotiated separately in each case, both sides of the labor contract and depends on the skills and experience of a specialist, pricing and territorial hospital location. Typically, the percentage of 10 – 30 percent of revenue clinics.

Advertising and promotion as one of the important stages of the business plan for dentistry

The main methods of promotion every clinic will have their own website and outdoor advertising - especially noticeable sign. Creation and maintenance of the site is worth to professionals. Not necessarily to take on the staff of the specialist - there are special companies and private programmers, offering these services for a set fee. Since the World Wide Web presents a lot of advertising dental clinics, optimize site costs, so it appears in search queries. Promotion of desirable and engaged in social networks - you need to create a page on the official clinic most visited resources, where to locate useful information for users.

Traditional methods - advertising in the media, handing out flyers and business cards on the street, It will also be effective. A good promotional step will be the introduction of discount cards, the presence of which stimulates the customer returns to the clinic. Various loyalty programs and discounts for certain categories of the population and contribute to the popularization of the company, especially at the initial stage.

licensing. business documents Registration dental plan

License - one of the main documents, required to open any medical practice. Base Dental Clinic - is no exception. That particular license gives the right to engage in one or more types of medical activity. For this document, you need to learn specialized laws - licensing, on health care and other. Then will submit to the supervisory authorities a list of documents, which confirmed the presence of the applicant have the right to hold the selected activity and other reasons to open clinics.

In parallel with the obtaining of the license is necessary to issue a formal business registration as a business entity. Of the two major formats (legal and physical person) for medical sphere more suitable will be the first option. Usually, founders choose the status society with limited liability.

To register a company founder must apply to the territorial body of the Federal Tax Service, and to prepare a series of mandatory documents. First of all it will be an application for registration of the legal entity of the selected type. In addition to statements, kindly requested to produce the following documents:

– Company charter;

– the decision to establish Ltd. (If the founder is two or more, Minutes of meeting of founders);

– decision on the appointment of the CEO;

– authorized capital in the amount of 10 thousand;

– a copy of the registration fee payment.

In a statement, be sure to indicate the exact data on all founders, the official name and address of the company and other relevant data. Time dispensing constituent documents if all the requirements is to 14 days. Only after receipt of all documents, including pharmaceutical license and the conclusion of specialized services, dental clinic will be able to start its activities.

One of the mandatory items of documentary base for the clinic will be a special regulation on licensing activities (,0&rnd=0.05576307888500742#037572538082718987). The full text can be found below: Russian Federation Government Resolution 16.04.2012 N 291 (row. from (1).

financial calculations

Profit, which the clinic will receive for their services, primarily affects the success of a business. Rate your prospects can, examining average prices for standard services in all the main categories of businesses. The following table shows the standard price in rubles.

clinic class seal Crown Removal of a tooth
economy 1300 – 1500 2300 – 3300 650 – 1300
Average from 2600 from 13100 4500 – 5000
Elite from 5200 19700 10500 and more

Taking as a basis for such a pricing policy and, if necessary, modifying and adapting it to the realities of the city, you can create a spending plan in the process of opening an average dental clinic (Data calculated in rubles):

item of expenditure 1 month 1 year One-off costs Total for the year
lease of premises (from 100 m), repairs from 83,3 thousands 1 million. 167 thousand 167 thousand.
Purchase of equipment 1 million. 868 thousand. 1 million. 868 thousand.
Purchase of consumables 60 thousand 720 thousand 120 thousand 840 thousand
acquisition of furniture 45 thousand 45 thousand.
Website development 120 thousand 120 thousand.
advertisement 60 thousand 720 thousand 720 thousand.
Salary 369 thousand 4 million. 427 thousand. 4 million. 427 thousand
tax payments 110,9 thousand 1 million. 331 thousand. 1 million. 331 thousand.
Unexpected expenses 2 million. 320 thousand. 2 million. 320 thousand.
in total 572,2 thousands 6 million. 867 thousand. 4 million. 640 thousand. 11 million. 507 thousand.

Starting with the mini-clinic, which will work in the short format and only include 2 jobs, You can reduce start-up costs, thereby reducing the risks, and accelerate time to self-sufficiency. In this case, the room will need an area of ​​about 50 m. with one or two rooms, where you can place 2 dental chair. sets of tools, supplies and specialized equipment in this case will need less, which will reduce the level of spending. In general, reducing the cost of rents, utility bills and staff salaries.

According to preliminary calculations mini-clinic at launch will cost about 1 million rubles, including additional and unforeseen expenses. In this case, the purchase of consumables and specialized medical supplies need to lay in the month following the budget funds:

– filling materials - 15 thousand;

– anesthetics - 10 thousand;

– antiseptics - 1 one thousand;

– disinfectants - 5 thousand.

Total, with all the necessary activities for the implementation of dental products, for medicines and supplies necessary to provide the means 36 thousand rubles a month. Annual spending in this category range from 430 thousand.

Cash on the development of the Company may be obtained, taking out a bank loan, finding an investor or using personal funds.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle and attention to his own appearance in the country has led to, that many people prefer to monitor the health of your teeth and their aesthetics, undergo regular inspection and performing preventive measures. This trend contributes to the development of dental practice as a business. Creating your own company of dental profile is promising due to the fact, that many people choose a comfortable visit private clinics, preferring their traditional state structures.

About tom, what you should pay attention when opening its own dental clinic – in the video below:


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