Business plan workshop for repair of mobile phones

Business plan workshop for repair of mobile phones

1280176422_11111Over the last ten years, Cell phones, gained immense popularity, and find a man without a telephone - a rarity, even small children, become owners of trendy gadgets. Lifestyle today no longer be imagined without mobile. But it is necessary to establish the fact, that nothing lasts forever, and everything has its resource use. Mobile phones are also subject to wear, and often breakdowns. Phones unfortunate fall out of pockets, They fall into the water and it is necessary to refer to a broken machine shop. according to statistics,, almost every second phone so went to repair. from the foregoing,, the conclusion, that the repair of mobile phones are in great demand, which only increases with time, respectively the business of providing services in a very cost effective repair.
people, having an idea of ​​the phone design, namely successfully chinivshim phones his family, friends and relatives, first comes to mind is the idea of ​​opening a repair shop. If a person decided to translate their passion into an entrepreneurial business, there is nothing complicated in the way of drawing up their own phone repair business plan does not meet. The main thing you need to observe the sequence of actions and adhere to certain rules.

business Registration

The first step is to register your business by writing a statement to the tax office. If you are working without a partner, Choose juridical and legal form - an individual entrepreneur. Since the provision of services in repairing mobile phones applies to domestic services, you must purchase a cash register. But legally, initially, You can use the forms of strict accountability BO-3. Issuing a receipt is equivalent to issuing a receipt.

Spare parts

Phone01Experienced experts in this business are advised to not work with resellers defective goods, and suppliers of original quality spare parts. Do not purchase spare parts for future use, Since the phone models quickly go out of fashion, and their change come new items, hence the parts for obsolete phones to quickly fall in price. First Naladte supply system components ordered, which will allow to order parts in small batches. Most often, the supplier goes to meet the master, if he, in turn, guarantees a monthly product purchase a certain amount. If your city does not have component suppliers, in order to save his time on the road in big cities, use the services of shipping companies, by the regional transportation.


For the provision of repair of mobile phones will need a small room, where it will carry out reception phone. Is it possible to repair the phone in his apartment. note, that the statutory legislation and allows for both variants. Considering, that the necessary equipment and spare parts will not take a lot of space, size of the room may be small. Workshop is beneficial to place before the supermarket checkout, in the basement of an apartment house or in the underpass. For repairs will be enough 3 square meters, depending on the rental value of the premises. The cost of rent depends on the terrain, this price is often from 5000 to 25000 per square meter. It is worth noting, the chosen place for the workshop should include the following documents, the presence of which is checked by controlling bodies:

  • Schedule
  • Price list
  • consumer corner
  • Terms of consumer services.


2047119-technician-repairing-electronic-circuit-board-with-soldering-iron-1The next step in the organization of business - the acquisition of special equipment. For repair of mobile phones will need the following equipment:

  • Soldering station with a hairdryer
  • Power Supply
  • A computer with a cable set
  • UFS to change the software
  • Ultrasonic bath
  • Tools for opening the phone (screwdriver, tweezers).


And if you know how to repair the phones themselves, then you have to hire only one master, who will replace you. If you hire on the wizard, keep in mind, that case it will be costly to mobile devices, and therefore, It should be compulsory to conclude an agreement on liability. The duties of the master is not only repair phones, but also take damage and will issue receipts.


For the success of the workshop, tedious to think about advertising long before opening. It works fine distribution of leaflets to residents of neighboring areas and bright sign with "opening soon" large inscription. Make sure to place your contact phone numbers in the directories of the city.

financial calculations


item of expenditure Cost in rubles
lease of premises 30 000
Buying equipment 10 000
Registration 3 000
Monthly expenses for the purchase of spare parts 10 000
Wage 90 000
advertisement 10 000
in total 153 000


Profit from phone repairs consists of fees for repairs and extended margin for replaced parts and the older will be brought into your shop phone, the greater the margin can be put. The average margin on parts of 100%.
Example income workshop for repair of mobile phones is very difficult to lead. But it is possible to calculate the approximate income using a simple example. you repair 5 phone a day, earning them 15 dollars. you can count on the amount at the end of the month in 2250 dollars. on the basis of this example, we can conclude, that the stable operation and high quality repairs done by the business will pay for itself after six months.


Business involves the repair of mobile devices can be profitable, because it does not require large capital investments. The truth should not be expected from the first days of big revenue. The better you do your job, the more customers you will contact. Business plan workshop for repair mobile phones to make is not that difficult, you can rely on the numerous examples of entrepreneurs. through time, after which the business plan will be implemented and your business will bring stable income, you can think about opening online shops for repair. Download a business plan workshop for repair of mobile phones.

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