Business stationery store plan

Business stationery store plan
Business stationery store plan
Business stationery store plan

Even in the computer age stationery - a mandatory attribute of any worker or student desk. Range of stationery used today is very wide – pens, line, notebook, notebooks, staplers, folders for papers and more every day to buy almost every family. After analyzing the characteristics and prospects of the market, you can create a stationery store business plan and analyze the profitability and prospects of the business.

Sale of office supplies as a business project

The main advantages of the project for the opening of the office supply store can be considered:

– high demand for office supplies, wide target audience;

– low barriers to entry to the market - opening of the store is quite low production cost. In fact, investment is needed only in the lease of premises, repairs, product purchase and payment of staff salaries. In this case, to provide a variety of point of sale will take about 43 % all investments. All of the major costs are calculated in the relevant section of the business plan;

– no need for licensing or special store activities-certificates.

store project envisages the creation of a fixed point of sale retail sales of office supplies. The main parameters of the project for the creation and development of the following store:

– duration of the project - 1 – 3 of the year. During this time the planned preparation for the opening of the store, range of procurement, start of trading, as well as the elimination of new business to the level of self-sufficiency;

– project finance, according to plan, It will be carried out mainly at the expense of obtaining a commercial loan. Its size is determined by the scale and range of shops. This plan provides a loan of up to 600 thousand. If necessary investments in the larger size will be used by its own founder of the;

– the payback period of the initial investment - 12 – 16 months since the opening of the outlet;

– the estimated size of the monthly income of the company after the release self-sufficiency - 68 thousand. In the first year net profit store, According to preliminary calculations,, It should make more 535 thousand, and profitability in this period reached 12,7 %. Further prospects of growth of the enterprise - about 35%.

Key performance indicators of the project can be summarized in the table:

Key Performance Indicators Units (rub., months., %)
Payback period, months. 12
Discounting payback, months. 12
Net profit, rub. from 183 thousand
investment rate of return, % 19,58
Internal Rate of Return, % 9,85

According to preliminary estimates, and taking into account the peculiarities of investment and the level of demand can be concluded high-level prospects of opening a shop selling office supplies. Before you start creating your shop, you need to learn the specifics of this industry.

The main features of the sale of office supplies business – video:

Office supply store as a kind of business

The selected segment of the market is under active development, and has broad prospects. This is mainly possible due to the demand for office supplies in the population, as well as low cost range.

The total capacity of the sector of the Russian market since 2016 years shows a stable positive dynamics. So, in recent 2 , the market size has reached more 100 million rubles. According to statistics, the average citizen has become to spend on stationery 2,7 % more than in 2015 – 2016 gg.

stationery market structure includes the following positions

– stationery - 17%;

– Various products of PVC and PP - 12 %;

– folders, Boxes made of cardboard and similar products - 7%.

In addition to these categories of the most common on the market there are also other kinds of products.

Office supplies market has some special properties

– the almost complete lack of branding;

– seasonality in sales activity: in connection with the beginning of the school year is rapidly increasing sales of almost all product groups, whereas before the start of the summer market is almost freezes due to season holidays and vacations. Yet, though to a lesser extent, stationery in demand throughout the year;

– the presence of a long chain from the manufacturer to the final customer;

– the large number of large retail chains, who create high competition. This factor can be particularly negative for individual small outlets, which can not boast of the same variety of goods.

Total, according to statistics, in this segment of the market today there are more than 11 thousand participants of various sizes. One of the challenges of this business - its constant dynamism, frequent updates range tracking pricing policy. It means, that the founder of the company should always be involved in all processes, keeping abreast of changes in the market.

business strategy: assortment and store focus

Overall, about 70 percent range next store should account for the most popular and inexpensive stationery - notebooks, pens, line, notebook, paper for printer. On the other supplies for school children and goods for children's creativity stands out 30% assortment, as demand for them will be considerably smaller. An important property of the office supplies market - its huge variety, causes, I had just opened a small shop will not be able to cover the entire range of all possible. Therefore, the preparatory phase must be true priorities. The structure of the range of a small office supply store is the next:

Direction The proportion of the range The main categories of goods
Accessories for school 50% – notebooks and other paper products;

– pens, pencils and other accessories for writing;

– Art Supplies: pencils, paints, brush;

– Merchandise (blogs, cupboards)

Office tools 40% – Printer paper and other consumables for office equipment;

– small objects chancellery (staplers, Scotch, clips);

– notebooks, calendars and other printed products.

Gift products 10% Postcards, small souvenirs

After you have formed an approximate range of future shop, pick up the supplier. Usually, it is medium or large distribution centers. When all proposals have been studied, it is worth concluding an agreement directly with the manufacturer or with its official distributor, as cooperation with intermediaries increases the size of purchases.

Choosing a supplier, you need to pay attention not only to the cost and nature of the proposal, but no less important characteristics - quality products, its functionality, the presence of interesting novelties and unusual design.

Business stationery store plan
Business stationery store plan

After the start of the store be sure to analyze the level of sales as a whole and for each product separately. If some of them are not actively sold, need to analyze, why - high cost, low quality, lack of visual appeal and so on.

At the stage of preparation, you need to plan the schedule of the store. Stationery does not belong to the category of basic needs goods, Therefore, to meet the market demand will be sufficient time to 9.00 to 18.00 7 days a week (Sunday is possible to open a store 10.00).

Steps for setting up a business selling office supplies

Stationery store opening will be carried out in several stages:

-business strategy development;

– registration with the tax office;

– selecting store location, lease of premises;

– indoor renovation, its arrangement, purchase of commercial equipment;

– purchase of commercial goods;

– advertising campaign.

A more detailed plan for opening an enterprise can be set out in the table:

stages Test conditions Deadlines
Home project 1 – 2 year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month first 30 banking days
Getting credit Availability of compulsory set of documents 1 month
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities Conclude an investment agreement from 1 to 30 calendar days
choice of location, preparation of documentation preliminary work 1 month
Buying equipment The conclusion of the investment agreement To 30 calendar days
Equipment installation Obtaining investment funds To 30 days
hiring employees production activity To 30 days
Training The end stage of the production process To 1 of the month
advertisement 1 month To 1 of the year
End of project 12 – 24 months

check in. permission

The store can be registered as an individual or legal entity. Many founders decide to register as an individual entrepreneur, which allows you to save on start-up investments, and also simplify tax reporting. Nevertheless, if in the future there is an intention to create a chain of stores or several founders, the only suitable option would be a legal entity, usually, Ltd. For registration, you need to prepare a package of constituent documents: Statute OOO, the decision to create a legal entity and the appointment of the head of the LLC, as well as some others, established by a special federal law, establishing the rules for registration of legal entities and individuals (

Before opening a store, you need to study the provisions of the relevant regulatory documents:

Federal Law of 08.08.2001 N 129-FZ (row. from 03.08.2018

Federal Law of 28.12.2009 N 381-ФЗ (row. from 29.07.2018 On the basics of regulation of trading activities

Any stationary store cannot be opened, until it passes the inspection of licensing state bodies - fire and sanitary services. Based on the results of the audit, the founder is issued with official documents, confirming the fulfillment of existing norms. Be sure to conclude a garbage collection agreement before opening, disinfection, disinsection and deratization. All employees are required to be officially employed and to have health records issued in a certain way.

Purchase of the range and the search for personnel

The search for reliable suppliers should be started at the stage of preparation for opening a store.. Important, so that all purchased goods are safe for health and have the necessary quality certificates. Therefore, it is better to cooperate directly with manufacturers or their official dealers.. At the first stage, you need to purchase the maximum amount of goods, subsequently replenish range will need, based on the demand and the level of sales. It is important to think through the purchase of so, so that there is no oversaturation of the store - poor turnover has a bad effect on business development.

Recruiting staff for a stationery store is easy. Everything, you need to founder - to calculate the size of the state and find candidates, possess the necessary professional and personal qualities. At the first stage in the state enough for 1-2 employee on shift, as well as an employee for cleaning. Subsequently, you need to hire an accountant and administrator of a trading hall. Initially, these responsibilities can fulfill the settlor.

store Location, training facilities

The store must be visible to potential buyers. Therefore, the choice of the correct territorial location is of fundamental importance.. It is not necessary to open a store in the city center - there will be many buyers in a busy residential area nearby educational institutions or large enterprises, as well as in residential areas. Important, so that there are no competitors or large supermarkets in the immediate vicinity of the store. The advantages of a city center location are also great: most of the office buildings are located there, universities and other educational institutions, which provide high and stable profits. Some entrepreneurs open retail outlets in underground passages. The main advantages are low rental cost and high traffic of potential customers. according to statistics,, the success of the new store on 70% depends on its location.

Business stationery store plan
Business stationery store plan

The area of ​​the outlet must be at least 20 square meters. The store will have a minimum 2 main areas - sales area and warehouse. There is a sense zoned shopping hall itself, Spread out the main product categories and easier to find a particular product. To start trading, you need to properly prepare the rented premises: making cosmetic repairs, ensure good lighting and correct level of humidity. Before opening will buy commercial equipment - glass windows, racking, exhibition shelves. Also need a cash register equipment and furniture for the checkout area, a laptop, office supplies for scanning, printing and copying documents. Separately, you can equip the office manager. It is also desirable to allocate utility room for staff.

Advertising and Marketing

A marketing campaign should start with a study of the target audience. The main consumers of office supplies are students (pupils and students), Company, purchasing goods of this category for working use.

Advertising can be worn as active, so passive. For the successful promotion of an enterprise, it is necessary to use all its types. The greatest benefits for increasing sales will come from:

– advertising sign. It should be visible from afar, attracting the attention of potential buyers, simultaneously performing an informative function;

– outdoor advertising methods - pavement signs, banners or streamers. These advertising media are not only meant to grab attention, but also for posting information about new products, discounts and special offers;

– leaflets. They can be distributed on the streets near educational institutions and office buildings., as well as in close proximity to the store itself;

– holding shares, development of loyalty programs and discounts for regular customers. Usually, all stationery stores hold seasonal promotions for 1 September or other holidays.

The Internet is also considered a traditional effective method of promoting a business.. In a specific case, online advertising will not be the main tool, as outdoor advertising will work more. Nevertheless, the dissemination of information about the new store on the worldwide network will become an auxiliary advertising method..

A well-built advertising campaign largely determines the success of the store. But a correctly established pricing policy also affects the level of sales.. So, determining the size of the markup for the main groups of goods, are guided by industry benchmarks. On average, goods in this group are charged a margin in the amount of 60 to 300%. In this regard, the plan provides for a surcharge in 200%. This will allow you to reach the declared level of sales already after 9 months.

In the video – how profitable to open a business on stationery from scratch:

Financial plan

Costs should be considered separately., which are coming for rental, repair purposes, as well as for the purchase of equipment:

Type of expenses price, rub. amount, PC. total cost, rub.
lease of premises, per month 20000 12 months. 240000
repairs 50000 – 100000
Trade software
Wall shelving 5000 3 15000
Wall panel 6000 1 6000
Glass showcases 6000 3 18000
Glass shelving 10500 2 21000
Rack for postcards, brochures 3000 1 3000
Counter 5000 1 5000
Technical equipment
Cash machine 13000 1 13000
Notebook 20000 1 20000
IFIs 25000 2 50000
Alarm systems - burglar and fire 15000 1 15000
Table, chairs 5000
Other pieces of furniture 5000
Total 177000 -180000

A separate item in the financial plan will be the purchase of assortment. At the start of a business for a specific project, this indicator will be within 250 thousand. Subsequently, monthly you need to make additional purchases of goods as needed.

Staff costs will depend on the size of the team and the staffing table. This project provides for the following labor costs:

Position Rate Number of persons total amount
Leader 20000 1 20000
Seller 20000 2 40000
cleaning woman 5000 1 5000
in total 65000
Social Security contributions 19500
Together with social. deductions 84500

Such a pay plan will be valid during the first 6 – 12 months. Subsequently, it is necessary to expand the activities of the store, increasing its range. It means, that more sellers will be needed, cashiers and other staff. Besides, there must be periodic pay increases to keep employees in the plan. It also makes sense to set a non-fixed salary - if the salary consists of a rate and a percentage of sales, it encourages employees to work conscientiously.

Separately, it is worth considering the starting one-time expenses., as well as ongoing, which will form the basis of your monthly spending plan. General plan of investment costs, According to preliminary calculations,, includes such items:

– payment for rent of premises - from 20 thousand;

– purchase of trade, computer and other equipment - from 177 thousand;

– registration of a business and obtaining permits from regulatory authorities - 5 thousand;

– advertising campaign - 25 thousand;

– purchase of goods - 250 thousand;

– working capital - 100000 rubles.

Constant expenses for the maintenance and development of the store, coming monthly, consist of:

– rental payment - from 20 thousand;

– utility expenses - 4 thousands;

– advertising - 5 thousand;

– payroll - from 85 thousand;

– depreciation - 3 thousands;

– taxes - from 5,5 thousand;

– additional costs - from 10 thousand.

Start of the tax period, according to the legislation - January of each year. Tax deductions for an enterprise in the form of an individual entrepreneur or LLC will have the following indicators:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

Based on the results of a detailed analysis of the financial component of the project, it is possible to calculate the economic efficiency and payback indicators. So, if there is an initial investment in the amount of 577 – 580 thousand rubles, the payback period will be up to 1 of the year. At the same time, after reaching the level of self-sufficiency, the net profit will reach 70 thousand rubles a month, and reaching the planned sales volume is tentatively planned by the ninth month of the company's operation. In this way, net profit for the first year of operation must be over 535 thousand.

The income structure of a stationery store is calculated on the basis of such indicators:

– analysis of consumer demand for stationery sales services;

– analysis of the selected market segment;

– general conclusions regarding the state of the market for the sale of stationery and related products.

So that the data, which will be obtained as a result of preliminary calculations, the lowest profitability threshold should be taken into account.

To determine the approximate amount of store income, you need to compare the purchase cost and income, which will be received after deducting the cost. Such a table will be useful.:

Name of product Average purchase cost (1 pcs / rub.) Cost with a mark-up in a non-profitable location Cost with a mark-up in a profitable place
Notebook 3 5 6
Diary 10 15 20
Penalty 50 75 100
Folder for notebooks 37 56 74
A pen 7 10 14
Pencil 3 4 5
Schoolbag for schoolchild 2000 2500 3500
Ruler 3 4 6
Scotch 5 7 10
Scissors 10 20 30
Calculator 40 – 200 80 – 300 100 – 500

At the stage of financial calculations, it is necessary to take into account all possible risks.. The most serious are the following:

– increase in the cost of goods due to an increase in purchase prices. This risk is almost impossible to avoid due to the specifics of the market.. You can minimize it as much as possible, by drawing up a competent contract with suppliers;

– cooperation with unscrupulous suppliers, violation of the terms of a contract. By signing a contract with suppliers, be sure to carefully study the contract, making all possible adjustments to it;

– competitive pressure - careful monitoring of market trends will help to cope with this risk, studying marketing and pricing policies of competitors and constant work to increase the company's competitiveness;

– decrease in demand, including due to the seasonal decline in consumer interest;

– property risks: theft and damage to goods are frequent in stores. The effect of this factor can be minimized, picking up honest and helpful staff, as well as installing a reliable security system;

– loss of the lease due to the refusal of the lessor: to avoid this, you need to conclude a long-term contract with the landlord, excluding the possibility of premature termination;

– insufficiently high competence of personnel: poor quality service, high level of turnover and lack of corporate discipline can reduce the company's reputation in the market. Carefully select staff, creating good motivation for each employee.

According to the study, creating a store selling stationery is a profitable and promising idea. This business is notable for its low cost and requires, first of all, a thoughtful composition of the assortment and the development of a marketing campaign.. Having made a minimum investment and paying enough attention to the important aspects of this business, can be within 1 – 2 years to achieve high and stable income.

Briefly about selling stationery as a business idea – video:


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