Business Recruitment Plan

Business Recruitment Plan
Business Recruitment Plan
Business Recruitment Plan

The main condition for any successful business - qualified and experienced staff. Before every businessman, Create your own company, the question arises, how and where to type in their staff and professional in every respect worthy of workers. A job offer or a set of familiar team on conventional online ads may be ineffective. These methods do not always pay off, robbing besides a lot of time.

It is much more efficient to contact the recruitment agency, which specialization - the selection of professionals for enterprises of different directions. Each agency is doing some checking the competence of personnel recruited. All these factors increase the value of recruitment agencies in the eyes of business leaders at various levels. In this regard, the development of private enterprise demand for such agencies is constantly increasing. It means, it makes sense to become a professional selection of personnel, opening their own business in this industry. An additional advantage, speaking in favor of creating such a business, – small initial investments.

Feature project

The business plan is designed for the analysis of investment attractiveness of the project Recruitment. The idea of ​​the project can be defined as the creation of recruitment agencies with a turnover of 2 of the year.

Goal following a startup:

  1. – creating and starting a business with a high level of profitability;
  2. – meeting the demand of the relevant target audience segments;
  3. – high profits, which enable the company to reach the breakeven point during the first 2 years old.

The nature of the future organization can be characterized as a company to provide services for the selection and delivery of workforce, job search assistance. The main target audience will be small-, medium and large format, requiring recruitment, as well as individuals, who are in search of work.

General information on the financing of the project Recruitment include indicators:

  • – the main source of financing - commercial loan in the amount of 3 million. 550 thousand. This amount is similar to the previously calculated the total cost of the project;
  • – interest rate, implicit in the calculations - 17,5 %. Payments on the loan is planned to be the first month of the enterprise;
  • – Total payments on the loan, or income of the investor - to 242 thousand;
  • – payback period - 2 of the year, respectively common lifecycle will be just such a period.

The overall economic effect of the 2-year period of the project - 3 million 930 thousand or more.

Recruitment agency as a business idea – video:

design feature

Recruitment agency has a specific purpose - the selection of personnel for private organizations of different scale and type of activity in accordance with the requirements and demands.

Before opening the recruitment agency needs to develop a strategy and plan its target direction. In the market there are these types of agencies:

  • – specialized (recruitment of only one specialization: Managers work with clients, accountants, administrative staff);
  • – universal (recruitment for different industries);
  • – online agency. Such structures form their own database of applicants and organizations. It is also possible conducting online tenders, which selects the most suitable candidates.

In recent years, appeared on the market and such agencies, how headhunters, or headhunters. These companies are engaged exclusively in search of highly qualified specialists. This direction is the most risky, because its target audience is fairly narrow. true, Payment to find skilled professionals is much higher.

Areas of activity, in which the Agency will have to work, very diverse. Usually, to aid agencies address the large and medium-sized organizations, which thus can save on the contents of the personnel department. In most cases, the firm's clients on recruitment are organizing production, industry, construction, Property and sales. To find employees with the help of professionals in the legal recourse of the industry, medicine, information technologies, communications and other.

Understanding of particular importance for the efficiency of the staff of any company, its leaders do not spare money for the services of professionals in the industry. Therefore, the services in the selection of employees are paid above all each year, however, and recruiters demand rising.

Workflow recruiters traditional direction is not very varied and includes several stages:

– receipt of an order. At this stage, the expert receives the specific requirements for the applicant and his portrait is approximately;

– search for the required specialist available in the database. In the absence of the base of specialists, that will meet the established requirements, conducted search through advertisements on the Internet or specialized publications. In order to select the best candidates for the customer, worth considering as much as possible candidates. It will have to hold a large number of interviews and meetings with candidates;

  • – one or more interview selected candidates with the potential employer;
  • – payment agency services after the right people will be found and employed.

Specialized agencies work a little differently. The scope of their activity is determined initially, why pick on certain professionals, initially established criteria.

Technically no special requirements for the company's recruitment is not. no license, no no no need to issue special permits. Everything, What is needed for the opening and operation of such firms - to find specialists in recruitment, provide sufficient material and technical base, and pay attention to the marketing and promotion of the market. Of course, first, you can work directly from home, providing of internet services. But to sufficiently expand and attract serious customers required a representative office, where meetings will be held as a customer, and with candidates.

Business opening stages

The basic steps in the opening of the following Recruitment:

  • – drawing up a strategy and preliminary financial calculations;
  • – IP registration or OOO;
  • – database formation, preparation of material and technical base;
  • – rent office and its preparation for the opening;
  • – Purchase of furniture and equipment;
  • – advertising campaign;
  • – staff selection;
  • – opening and early operation.

Taking into account, that the establishment and development of the business to the level of self-sufficiency will take a period of up 2 years old, It is this period and is taken as the basic planning of the project. Sequential list of business building steps will be as follows:

stages Test conditions Deadlines
Home project 1 – 2 year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month first 30 banking days
Getting credit The availability of compulsory set of documents 1 month
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities Conclude an investment agreement from 1 to 30 calendar days
choice of location, paperwork preliminary work 1 month
Buying equipment The conclusion of the investment agreement To 30 calendar days
Equipment installation Obtaining investment funds To 30 calendar days
recruitment production activity To 30 calendar days
Training The end stage of the production process To 30 days
Marketing campaigns 30 calendar days To 360 calendar days
End of project 12 – 24 of the month

In some cases, access to a full return soon possible. But taking into account all the possible complications and additional costs in practice this does not happen often.

The room and location

It is advisable to open Agency, already it is available to own or rent office. Many modern companies such activities operate in an online format. But not all business leaders have the right skills to use internet. Besides, live communication with customers and the selection of candidates for certain positions should take place face to face.

As a result of a personal meeting the applicant can better understand, what its requirements put forward, what qualities he must possess. Having sufficient size office, possible to arrange an interview with a psychologist, if necessary, Drug Addiction and with other specialists.

Business Recruitment Plan
Business Recruitment Plan

Area Recruitment is not so important, it can be any, from 15 to 20 quarter. m. But, based on the further expansion of it is better to rent a room from 30 quarter. meters or more. It is desirable even with a small area of ​​the organization to equip the office for individual meetings with clients. And the second condition for the location of the office - is a convenient transportation access for job seekers, and businessmen. Necessary to have convenient parking and a separate entrance with a noticeable signboard.

Mandatory equipment for the agency are:

– furniture for staff and meetings with clients, partners and competitors;

– computers;

– office equipment;

– telephones and faxes;

– Vehicles for the head.

In general, you must purchase a standard set of office equipment, range which is determined by the specifics of the organization and the size of the state.


Businessmen and managers of large organizations are very serious about selection of their staff in the case of the proposed incompetent employees, later will turn to other structures. In order to create and preserve decent reputation Agency, it really should be experienced and competent managers Recruitment. Staff search can be organized through various channels - to advertise on the Internet and specialized media, involve experts familiar, as well as other possible methods of use. Many organizations are involved in the training of employees, allowing them to prepare staff for their own purposes.

In the state of need and the psychologist, whose duties – carrying out of profile works with candidates. If necessary, the specialist will be able to conduct a conversation with employers. Other experts support specialties, including accountant, system administrator and technicians, in the early stages can be operated on the basis of outsourcing. later, with the expansion team, You can enter these professionals in the state.

That agency staff were interested in working, It should offer them higher wages. Its size will depend mostly on the success in finding frame, which encourages professionals maximum quality and productive.

check in. Documents

License or special permit for recruitment agencies do not need. To start a business and paying taxes is mandatory only in the presence of the official registration of the Federal Tax Service.

For a small agency is enough to issue the status of an individual entrepreneur. The list of documents for obtaining evidence FE minimum: it mainly includes the registration statement, copies of passport, INN founder and receipt of payment of registration fee. The statement must specify special codes Classifier NACE, related activity. for agency, engaged in recruitment, fit group codes 78 ( Including – 78.1 ("The activities of recruitment agencies") and 78.3 ("The activities of recruiting other"). Turnaround time SP upon the submission of complete package of documents takes up to 5 days.

For the reason that, that most of the work of the enterprise is based on contracts with customers, We need to pay attention to the preparation of internal documents Agency. This is primarily a contract for the provision of recruitment services, profiles for candidates, Standard reporting form for agency managers, form summary, employment contracts with managers and their job descriptions.

Regulations, which will be useful to open a recruitment agency:

marketing. advertisement

To take its rightful place in the structure of human resources services in the Russian market, you must first study the current situation and provide perspectives. In the past few years a significant impact on the market able to provide crisis 2008 – 2009, and 2013 – 2014 years. Now the market is showing gradual, but stable growth. Nevertheless, the most weak and small recruitment agencies were forced to stop or freeze their activities.

Beginning with 2016 there has been a stable tendency to increase the capacity of the relevant market segment. In addition to improving the economic situation, this contributes also to reduce the number of illegal migrant workers.

When planning your marketing strategy, need to be taken into account, including the impact of seasonality. So, Many companies recruit staff at certain times of the year, in other periods may occur stagnation. In this connection it should thus plan its activities, to ensure that the Agency's work throughout the year.

The selection of suitable areas for the future of the agency should be based also on such criteria, both demand and the prospect of certain professions and activities.

According to sociologists, in the near future, the most promising:

  • – specialty engineering areas;
  • – specialists of IT-sphere;
  • – specialists, studying nanotechnology;
  • – marketing executives and sales branches;
  • – experts in the field of electronics and biotechnology.

In recent years, well established related activities, including innovative technologies in medicine and chemical industry. Due to the shortage of specialized professionals in these areas of human service agencies are becoming very popular and profitable.

According to the results of the last two years the percentage of the most active customer recruitment agencies following:

  • – retail, restaurant and hotel business - 17%;
  • – Consumer products - 16%
  • – industry - 15%;
  • – information Technology - 14%
  • – Medicine - 11%;
  • – banks, finance - 10%.

attracting customers, should pay attention to the structure of the target audience. To this category belong not only to the subjects of small, medium and large businesses, but most of the adult working age population.

In order not to get lost in a large number of such organizations, should initially take care of these competitive advantages:

  • – convenient geographical location;
  • – high efficiency experts;
  • – available competitive cost;
  • – provision of special services for loyal customers;
  • – comprehensive database.

To express themselves, staffing agency is necessary to ensure good publicity. Key advertising techniques:

– Internet advertising. Mainly it will work properly designed and optimized site Agency. In addition, the information should be placed on niche sites, forums and social networks;

– advertising in the media: They operate as specialized newspapers and magazines, and information publications generalist;

– outdoor advertising.

initially, while the company will not make his own name, It stands to gain personal meeting with the heads of organizations and offer their own services.

Currently, the number of recruitment agencies in the country exceeded 8800. Taking into account the total population of about 143 million people can make a conclusion about the prospects of creating new institutions in this field.

About tom, how the recruitment agency – in the video:


The financial part of the business plan comprehensively considers all aspects, relating to the opening of costs, promotion and development of the company. It also calculated the estimated revenue plan, the level of profitability and payback period of the enterprise.


The exact cost of the room rental 15-20 quarter. m. is difficult to determine - it depends on the city, district, region. The final price will be known exactly at registration.

The design should be respectable that will help attract even demanding customers. Therefore it is necessary to choose furniture for the future of the interior very carefully, focusing on quality indicators. Purchase of furniture and equipment will be based on the size of the state. For a team within 4 People usually enough about 7,5 thousand. dollars. But in more detail this question is considered in a special item costs.

The salary of managers may have a different expression. Most agencies practiced percentage fee in the amount of 15 — 40% the profits, which he brought to the agency manager. In this case, the rate may not be available at all or be minimal. Such remuneration format encourages staff to high quality and diligent work.

Overall recruitment agency does not belong to the capital-intensive businesses. So, start-up costs will require more 2 millions, However, in the months that followed the major cost items will pay office rent, payment of wages to employees and tax deductions. A more detailed calculation of the financial investment in the discovery and further development of the company includes the following main points:

item of expenditure Costs per month Expenses for the year lump-sum costs Total expenses for the year
rent (purchase) room 810000 9720000 826200 from 10546000
Purchase of equipment 240000 240000
Purchase of computers and office equipment 125000 125000
Buying a car 600000 600000
Create site, hosting, scripts 120000 120000
Advertising costs 80000 960000 100000 960000
Salary 427800 5134000 5134000
taxes 136800 1641000 1641000
Additional expenses from 201000 from 201000
Total 1317800 from 15800000 2212000 18000000

In this way, the total annual income exceeds 18 million rubles. If there is a need to reduce costs at this stage, It can be limited to a minimum number of staff, as well as to cut down the cost of rent facilities, selecting a small office is not in the central area of ​​the city.


Recruitment service costs must correspond to average market prices. First, you need to study the pricing in the industry and to calculate the cost of the enterprise.

The structure of the income will be determined by such basic factors:

– analysis of the demand for personnel service agencies in the current year, predictions for the future;

– market of recruitment services analysis, its dynamics;

– general conclusions about the state of this market segment.

Considering, that the first 12 months after the start of the project can be described as a period of investment, and only the second since the beginning of the year, the company will begin to work in plus, revenues from sales of services can be characterized as follows::

Period Type of service The volume of production and sales of 1 months. (pers.) price, rub. Revenues from sales, rub.
1 – 12 monthly investment recruiting services for enterprises from 30 people. from 40-50 thousand. for the "closed" position 990 thousand. – 1 million. 320 thousand.
1 – 12 monthly investment Services on the search for work seekers from 30 people. (/ p – from 40 thousand. rub.) 15-20% by s / n in the course of the year 148,5 – 198 thousand.
13 – 24 month operation recruiting services for enterprises from 30 people. from 50 thousand. for the "closed" position 1 million. 155 thousand. – 1,5 million.
13 – 24 month operation Services on the search for work seekers from 30 people. (/ p – from 40 thousand. rub.) 15-20% by s / n in the course of the year 148,5 – 198 thousand.

At the moment, the recruiting market volume growth is 10 – 28,5 % in year. If this trend will continue in the future, annual sales volume reached more 21 million rubles. Preserve the present dynamics will contribute primarily highly qualified specialists in the state of the company, and competent marketing campaign. On the selection of staff allocate about 1 a month before the opening of the agency.

For more accurate data is taken into consideration, the lowest threshold of profitability, and also takes into account all possible risks:

– rapid changes in the structure of the recruitment market;

– Globalization employment processes: many businesses, especially small and medium-sized businesses, moving to an independent search employees, giving ad via the Internet or the media;

– shortage of highly qualified specialists;

– a significant reduction in the level of salaries in the market;

– reduction in the total population.

The risks, experienced recruitment agency, It can be attributed to the responsibility, carried by the company for the selected applicants for vacancies. for example, if an employee in his new position will not stand trial period and will be dismissed, agencies usually undertake free to choose a new candidate.

These risks are not critical, If time to consider them and make the necessary adjustments to the plan. So, the problem of shortage of qualified professionals recruiting sphere solved offer favorable material conditions, including higher wages and benefits of the intangible nature.

The tax part of the standard plan. Major contributions, that any business entity must send a specialized tax office, following:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

Business Plan Recruitment demonstrates the high potential of the project. Recruitment Agency provides low input threshold to the market, the absence of serious financial risk and a quick return on investment. This type of business involves some difficulties. Among them - the high level of competition, which explains the available input barriers in this market segment. The main methods of increasing the effectiveness and achieving a high level of income will be the involvement of highly qualified specialists and a good marketing campaign. According to preliminary estimates, the most difficult for the company will be the first year of operation. If this step is passed successfully, the project has a chance to gain a foothold in the market.

The operating principle of the employment agency – video:

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