The business plan for the employment center

The business plan for the employment center

Unemployed, with no means of livelihood, However, is entitled to a grant to start their own business. To do this he must obtain the appropriate status, execute the contract with the employment center, then apply for the opening of own business. After visiting the free seminars, which will be explained in detail about, how to write a business plan, will develop its project in the chosen direction.

After that, the potential entrepreneur needs before the expert commission employment center to protect your business plan. And only after all procedures are given money for opening a business within the annual benefit of the unemployed. This feature only applies to a citizen of Russia, reached 18 years old. In this way, Russian government is looking at ways to provide jobs in the current economic circumstances,.

Proper and complete a business plan for the employment center

The document is constructed so, so that all the planned stages of the creation and development of the proposed business are most clearly visible in it, the possibility of its implementation is indicated. It should be calculated the costs of all the articles and profitability.

Besides, must be provided, whereby the company will make a profit, its payback period, and also to prove the consistency of his ideas. Business development can be calculated 2-3 of the year, The prospects for the future of the enterprise.

The plan provides a detailed description of the entrepreneur actions. The document should detail present the main thrust of the plan and its financial return on the scheduled period of twelve months.

Employment Center gives a subsidy not to all activities. The unemployed include those activities, are the least exposed to financial risks. These include:

  • Agriculture
  • public services;
  • information Services;
  • Hi-tech.

Giving subsidy to the unemployed on the opening of business, employment centers require opening additional jobs due to open a business.

Main questions, which may interest potential entrepreneurs – video:

Evaluation criteria of the business plan

Unemployed, developing a business plan, should keep in mind, that the profitability of the project must be calculated with a margin, Given the potential for inflation and other risks:

– the economic crisis and the subsequent decline in demand for products or services;

– the high level of competition;

– the possible losses and the need for additional investments.

The main criterion for selecting activities will be the relevance of the new business entity. This factor is determined by the demand for this type of goods or services on the scale of a particular city, region or country, the current state of the industry and the objective necessity of the emergence of new market players.

Choice of occupation and its representation in the business plan

One of the points of the plan - description of the selected type of activity, description of the product or service, which will be offered to consumers. There will be given not only the characteristics of the goods or product, but also an assessment of such indicators:

– cost of the product - the equivalent of all incurred in the process of its creation costs;

– price, or the monetary expression of value of the product.

Despite, that such a scheme is easy enough to calculate price, in practice, these numerical values ​​may deviate significantly in either direction on a number of objective reasons. They are also required to take into account in terms of.

One measure of the success of future business will be well-chosen occupation. Therefore, before applying to the employment center for obtaining grants, should study the market and decide on a promising direction.

Services sector – slather, but, Not all destinations are available for creating your own business with the help of subsidies, allocated to the employment center. Future entrepreneurs will offer help to open:

  • beauty,
  • shoe shop,
  • taxi service,
  • individual selhoznapravleny.

To create a professional business plan inexperienced in these matters to the unemployed an opportunity as a means of specialized centers and firms Enterprise Development. For a fee, the specialists of these structures will provide the necessary theoretical and practical support to entrepreneurs beginners and will give helpful tips. In order to expand their own experience and knowledge acquisition in the field of business can use information from the Internet. But such information is necessary to carefully check the filter and, as the level of reliability of the data from a worldwide network of low.

Personnel requirements

The specifics of a special employment center. Therefore, a fundamental condition for receiving grants is the presence of at least 1-2 jobs in the business plan. The more jobs there are plans to create a business founder, the greater will be the opportunity to get a grant.

Novice businessman should try to prove their ability to deliver the product to create a business, including the creation of new jobs. in turn, the experts carefully analyze the submitted plan and give the applicant an answer or share recommendations for improvement.

The marketing part of the business plan

This section describes all of the existing market opportunities and provides their rationale, and represented the price of the future orientation of the company. It helps this detailed marketing plan and sales. It will include such data:

– monthly number of customers with a pre-produced daily amount calculation orders;

– justification of the cost of each order;

– calculation of monthly profits. It is made taking into account the total number of orders per month and the cost of each of them;

– possible business channels.

Pre-prepared and filled with a table of the forecast sales plan for each month. The basis of these data will peer review each day of the month. Based on these indicators will be filled in the table for a potential sales volume by day, months and seasons, and a table of monthly sales volume.

A period of time Name
season winter Spring summer autumn
Month deck. January Fairview March Apr May June July Aug. sen. oct Nov.
Kol.dney 31 31 28 (29) 31 30 31 30 31 31 30 31 30
Volume of sales (thousand roubles.)
in total

In the same paragraph are calculated and justify the cost of one order. In fact, it is the cost of the product or service. There are several kinds and types of cost. It is determined in accordance with Articles costing, and can also be fully (ratio of costs to the production volume) or limit (cost per unit of production, which will be made in the future).

To establish sales channels will develop the ad campaign. Depending on the type and purpose of the products will be determined by the selection of specific advertising techniques. But in any case, required several forms of promotion of products or services:

– advertising in mass media - television or radio;

– Internet advertising, including contextual, banner, blogs and social networks;

– print advertising - leaflets, visits, etc.;

– bigbordı, promostoyki, stritlayny, supersites and other designs from the category of outdoor advertising.

It is also effective advertising on the territory of the partner companies, in transport, point of sale. Effective method of advertising will be mailing and e-mailing.

Once specific advertising methods will be determined, promotion cost should be calculated and included in the overall financial result.

The study of the environment and competition

Before working on the creation of the enterprise and its promotion, should be studied and described in detail in the business plan of the environment chosen industry. This section will:

– suppliers of data;

– customer segment;

– assessment of the competitive environment.

As for suppliers, it partners, which are based on the contract customer supplied product. The contract spells out all conditions concerning the cost and timing of deliveries. In this section of the plan should be submitted to the full list of suppliers of goods or raw materials. Here is justified reason for choosing one or another vendor.

The relationship with the buyer of a commercial nature - the buyer acquires goods or services, while paying the prescribed amount. The relations of any enterprise and buyer are established by the law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" ( This section of the plan describes in detail the portrait of a potential buyer and, in connection with the nature of the goods or services offered, a circle of target audience is outlined.

Under the competitive environment understand the total number of companies, operating in the same market segment. Studying in this direction involves analysis of the current state and prospects of competing firms, their strategies and methods for their implementation.

Competitiveness is determined by such criteria.:

– product quality (services);

– price;

– design;

– advertising campaign;

– discounts or bonuses.

After studying all of the listed components, several most important factors will be identified, to be studied in preparation for the opening:

– company image;

концепция продукта, которая станет основой для деятельности;

качество производимых продуктов или предлагаемых услуг, в основе которых должны быть международные нормы;

– market share of main types of business in total;

– level of diversification of the enterprise, nomenclature of goods and services;

– production capacity, scientific, technical and design base. These indicators allow us to conclude about the possibilities of creating new products., increasing output of goods or the provision of services;

– market prices. When considering take into account all possible margins or discounts;

– level of sales efficiency of goods, taking into account existing channels of distribution;

– level of sales and advertising campaign activation.

In this part, we consider other important issues of business organization., timely solution of which will reduce all possible risks and give a guarantee of the enterprise payback.

How to start a business – in the video:

organizational plan

This part of the business plan describes the following components:

– choice of legal form and its justification;

– company personnel structure;

– calculation and list of starting costs for opening an enterprise.

accounting plan, should draw up the organizational structure of the company. This part represents the distribution of powers and responsibilities of all members of the team with an indication of positions based on subordination. Typically, the organizational structure is presented in the plan in the form of a diagram, consisting of hierarchically ordered staff. When opening a company, a separate document will be required, which establishes the quantitative and qualitative composition of all divisions of the company, as well as their relationship and the order of interaction with each other. This issue is considered in accordance with current regulatory documents., including the relevant provisions of the Civil Code ( There are several methods for distributing responsibilities between specialists within companies or departments.:

– dividing employees by number into several groups in those cases, when employees perform the same functions;

– by functionality: in accordance with this criterion, employees are distributed across several departments, each of which has its own specifics;

– territorial;

– according to product features, manufactured by the company;

– according to the interests of the target audience.

The largest companies in the creation and distribution of staff use all of these principles.

Organizational requirements for the establishment of the enterprise include the development and staffing. This internal document for any legal entity will be a mandatory reporting form.. It includes information on the number of departments and employees., salary and team structure.

The staffing is in the form of a table and is filled in this format:

Position Salary, rub.
for 1 months. for 12 months.

The staff list includes a list of all bonuses and surcharges, which employees receive depending on their merit and position.

Financial resources

In this section of the business plan should be presented financial calculations for these main sections:

– consolidated costing;

– consolidated profit calculation;

– summary calculation, made on the basis of the study of economic ratios;

– valuation and calculation of cash flows.

The same part must be indicated:

– time, in which the company will pay off;

– current salary costs, payment of electricity and other;

– list of upcoming tax payments in accordance with the selected taxation system.

Without own financial investments, that is, about one third of 58 thousand. rubles, business subsidy is not issued. At the initial assessment of any type of business, it becomes clear, that this amount is not enough to fully promote and bring the business to a sufficient level. To make the project pay off, need additional sources of funding. Usually turn to commercial lending. to understand, exactly what financial amount will be needed to create a promising enterprise, at the very beginning of activity all financial indicators are calculated. First of all, it’s costs., which will be needed to start a business and its further development, as well as the size of the projected profit and net income minus all types of costs.

Besides, money, which will come as a subsidy, you must carefully rely on specific items of expenditure, counting on, that they can be returned in case, if business expects failure. For advertising, office rent and ongoing office expenses may include the investment of own funds.

There should be several different sources of financing for the future business.:

– charter capital (обязательное условие при регистрации юридического лица) - from 10 thousand and more. Конкретная сумма определяется учредителями бизнеса и обязательно указывается в регистрационном заявлении;

– founders own financial investments;

– commercial loan funds;

– subsidy received from the state with the assistance of the employment center.

The more detailed and quality business plan will be outlined, the more prospects he has for subsidizing. The expert commission should clearly see financial calculations for such items of expenditure:

  • employee salary;
  • equipment costs and depreciation;
  • advertising costs;
  • office rental costs;
  • Communal expenses, if such are planned.

Starting costs for opening an IP or LLC are prescribed in a special table. Directly opening an individual or legal entity requires such costs:

Naming of expenditures cost of, rub.
For IE For LLC
Registration Services Agreement 10100 14500
State Registration Fee 800 4400
Notary paperwork 1100 1100

These data are entered in the final financial table on the costs of opening a company.

A separate table should be written and the calculation data on the purchase of equipment and supplies for the enterprise. The form will look as follows:

Name of equipment and supplies price, rub. amount, PC. cost of, rub.
in total:

One of the plan summary tables, in which the cost part of the enterprise is calculated, includes such items:

Naming of expenditures sum, rub.
License acquisition costs
Marketing Costs and Product Costs
advertising costs
Employee costs
Start-up costs for opening a company
Equipment purchase costs, purchase of supplies
in total

When planning these expenses, be sure to consider the features of the production process. In this case, you need to consider the basic principles and activities of the enterprise, which will affect the financial component. Among these important features:

– area of ​​industrial premises and their territorial location;

– the need to make raw materials, procure materials and equipment;

– employee employment;

– description of the full cost structure for the opening and operation of the company and other expenses.

After the consumable is calculated, make a consolidated profit calculation. This indicator is defined as the difference between income and production costs.. It will be one of the most important in the financial structure of the enterprise..

Profitability indicators are also calculated in the financial part of the plan., of which there are quite a lot. Basically, profitability is calculated using a special formula: net profit / average assets. But take into account a number of other features.

Among financially important indicators for the enterprise are current assets turnover. If after a certain time after opening this process is accelerated, conclude that the financial position of the company is strengthened and the use of funds is increased.

When calculating the financial part of the business plan, special attention should be paid to inflation and its impact on the company's profitability and profitability.. Given the negative impact of inflation in advance, unplanned losses can be prevented and some risks mitigated. Taking into account inflation, the calculation of project efficiency can be carried out either at nominal, either on a real basis.

Close attention is paid to the existing economic risks - direct and indirect. The first category of risks includes, first of all, a possible decrease in the company's profit in the future. Indirect risk - loss of competitiveness by the enterprise, especially in comparison with foreign competitors.

Based on all the listed features and risks, it is necessary to summarize all the considered features, making an assessment of the economic environment. An example of such an assessment and its main criteria are presented in the table.:

Name Middle level Dynamics General level
Current price level
Price level in the region
Inflation rate
Level of savings

All these indicators add up to the most important indicator of the future business prospects.: it is these factors that form a successful or unsuccessful microclimate for a start-up enterprise. In addition to economic, there is also a political environment. It is formed by a set of regulatory acts, of decisions, taken by government agencies and influential public organizations.

In accordance with economic indicators, natural and political environment distinguish some of the most difficult to start business categories:

– directions, specializing in the development of energy-saving technologies;

– emissions research and development industry;

– development of harmless materials and technologies.

More important, starting your own business in the field of developing any innovations, describe in detail a future product or service, provide features of the potential consumer, study the market structure and develop a sales plan.

The business plan also sets out the tax part of the regular expenses of the enterprise. For most activities, the list of tax payments to the budget is standard:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

The Commission draws attention to the fact, the extent to which the prospective entrepreneur owns the laws of the economy, what is his knowledge of doing business.

Legal registration of businesses

In part, on company registration, required:

– indicate the legal form of the enterprise being created;

– indicate the chosen tax form and justify the decision (To do this, provide relevant documents);

– indicate the need or its absence in relation to the registration of a license. To do this, preliminarily study the specialized federal law on licensing ( and justify in writing this or that conclusion;

– provide all available permits, which may be needed to start the selected type of activity.

По окончании составления готовый бизнес-план для центра занятости переносится на любой электронный носитель и, избранная комиссия по его экспертизе, analyzes and studies it in detail for objectivity and accuracy of calculations. The author of the plan needs to know all its details., so that if you have questions about the content competently answer them. Commission evaluates and protects plan by potential entrepreneur, his ability to uphold the planned. It is in this situation that his personal and professional qualities are considered, necessary for doing business. After the defense, time is allocated for final consideration and decision by the commission, which will last for three weeks. Any result will be notified to the applicant..

With a positive decision of the commission, unemployed gets the amount of money assigned to him, registers the company in accordance with the established procedure (or IP, either legal entity), and starts work on a given focus of a business project with a ready-made business plan.

To familiarize yourself with the basics of starting a business, it’s useful to familiarize yourself with several regulatory documents:

recommendations, how to get a subsidy for starting a business – video:

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