Business Children's Center Plan

Business Children's Center Plan
Business Children's Center Plan
Business Children's Center Plan

pre-school education centers have become popular not only because of the shortage of places in kindergartens, but also because of the growing demands of contemporary parents. Please find in our sayte.Spetsializirovannye children's centers Children's Center with free business plan can give children a much more useful skills, besides, the kids in them is paid maximum attention. This reason - the main factor, through which children's center can be useful and promising business idea. Developing a business plan, should evaluate the cost-effectiveness of such a project in today's market and calculate the return on investment and profitability of such an idea.

Children's Center as a business plan

The main purpose of creating a new object of business will be to meet the potential needs of the audience. In case the main direction of the future center - the creation of enterprises for highly skilled care, education and additional education of pre-school age children. The primary audience, which would be interested in receiving such services - parents, do not have to personally deal with daily comprehensive development of their children, including preparation of preschool children to the first class.

The urgency of the business ideas of the children's center to date is very high - on the results of assessment of the market and the dynamics of supply and demand may be insufficient to conclude that the relevant participants in the sector is saturated. So, according to statistics, growth of companies in this sector is 10 – 68 % in year. To date, the saturation potential of this sector is estimated at 95 percent.

Before proceeding to the design of the constituent documents and permits, be familiar with the regulations of national and local order. The provisions of these documents include rules, regulating the activities of the centers of additional education for children and creativity. Including local regulations dictate requirements for the area, which should be reserved for each child. The same may relate to rules regarding acceptable working hours for staff.

After examination of the founders of the center segment of the market determines the approximate range of services, that the company will be able to provide, thereby calculating the scale of the potential audience. Immediately after opening the service center will be designed around 150 – 200 families. If the number of visitors will be smaller, there is a risk, that the expenses exceed the income level.

Among the primary organizational issues - the status of an undertaking. If it will be in the format of the educational institution with the issuance of documents, confirming the acquisition of certain knowledge or skill, be sure to design an educational license. Since the concept of "Child Development Center" is a relatively new and there is no legislation in the profile, you can choose the wording, which would not involve an educational component. for example, possible to focus on the development of creative skills, thus avoiding the long process of licensing activity.

In developing the future programs of the Center, and pondering the specifics of its activities, It should be guided by the existing standards in this area. In general the industry additional education and all-round development of children, there are several types of programs:

– classic preschool program, in which basis - the development of creative and cognitive abilities;

– teachers develop their own, aimed primarily at the development of creative abilities of pupils;

– innovative authoring methodology, mainly the development of Western European teachers. Their goal - in addition to creative development, development of leadership qualities of young visitors.

The basis of the activities of the future center can lay as one of the existing methods, and a set of several approaches.

On the basis of open Children's Center – video:

Stages of the opening of children's center

Key actions at the opening of the children's center, including the preparation stage, are as follows:

– Search and selection of the territorial location of the organization, rent or purchase premises;

– creation of project concept and development of the center of the design space. This phase will include both the zoning of the future center, and design of all rooms and even the location of all the functional elements;

– checking compliance with health, fire service;

– registration and other official procedures, required to open Children's Center;

– marketing campaign: logo development, signage, site development and promotion of its online, advertising the new organization;

– development of methods of work with children, the creation of training and development programs;

– staff selection, the development of corporate strategy, if necessary - training of employees in accordance with the procedures, which will be applied in the center of;

– Development of evidence base for organizational work and functioning of the children's center. This will include a questionnaire for parents, Accounting visiting children magazine, Indicative examples of timetables, Card material for lessons, etc.;

– selection and purchase of equipment and training materials.

An exemplary algorithm for the opening of the children's center medium-size can be summarized in the table:

Phase of the project goal Scope of work
Preparatory stage Defining the parameters, necessary for market analysis. Identifying strategic opportunities to start a business Development of economic business model; strategy definition
Select Area Center for children Compliance with regulatory parameters of site selection for the success of the Center's activities -target audience settings;

– District selection criteria for the opening of the center;

– favorable for the promotion of infrastructure services

Selection of premises Compliance with the technical requirements to be placed -criterial evaluation of existing options and selection of premises;

– bypassing the possible pitfalls

market Research, establishing pricing policies Definition of services of market analysis parameters competition analysis:

– pricing policies;

– quality of service;

– image and standards compliance

Registration of permits Proper registration of the company, obtaining necessary permits – Company registration;

– registration of the sign permits and by supervising services - fire and SES

Development of the design space Determination of requirements for the implementation of the design project premises – repair works in compliance with the corporate center style;

– space zoning;

– adherence to standards of positioning equipment

Ordering and delivery of equipment Organization of the supply of equipment for the center, if necessary - the repair or replacement of the existing – concluding contracts with transport companies;

– establishment of terms of delivery;

– obtaining equipment;

– Work with the accompanying documentation

Placement and installation of equipment Performing installation of equipment, the distribution of responsibilities between employees – installation of equipment in all rooms;

– accommodation methodical material on the shelves;

– equipment placement and promotional information at the reception area;

– game design and other thematic areas of the center.

Selection and preparation of premises

An important condition for the success of the future center of child development – selection of suitable premises and its preparation. If the founder of the property there is a private house with the adjacent territory, it will be a good place to open a children's organization. It is important to pre-only to find out, What are the technical and sanitary requirements to be met, and carry out the necessary modernization.

When choosing a room for rent in a lively part of the city, better to choose a prestigious area or a place close to major shopping centers and office buildings. Very important is a good transport interchange and parking equipment. Pre-need to clarify, whether there is available a convenient entrance to the building. This will make the organization more attractive for busy parents, who bring children into the center on the way to work. Important, near to no serious competitors.

If children will stay in the center for the whole day, pre-treatment is necessary to provide them food and sleep. Including the need to buy special furniture, and purchase equipment for cooking and hire staff. In modern conditions much easier to organize the delivery of food to pupils, that eliminates the need to separate kitchen and monitor compliance with the technological and sanitary standards. Another option is to open a center for a short stay of visitors - parents can bring their children purposefully to classes. If the children are in the center part-time, you can arrange a light snack, that does not require a separate kitchen organization and hiring a cook for a full day.

Equipment of the children's center

Regardless of the Competence Center, he needs quality equipment, equipping entertainment and educational games. A very important element is the playground. Child safety it must be fenced. The pad can be equipped with conventional elements, which are used in ordinary kindergartens. To provide needed recreation: sandbox, swing, slides, structures for exercising. When the special wishes of the parents can be equipped with a playground any additional devices. To further the development of children, it is desirable to open in the center of the living area and equipped with a small flower garden.

To equip the center to purchase:

– labyrinths, inflatable slides for active pastime;

– children's play complex, including swing, slides, rope ladders and other elements for outdoor activities for kids of different ages;

– educational games, for children of both sexes, so separately for boys and girls;

– sensory tables and boards;

– electronic supermarket;

– Electronic kitchen with full equipment - stove, wardrobe, sink, imitating the work of these kitchen appliances;

– books and various teaching printed materials;

– toys, etc..

All equipment for children must have quality certificates. Buy it from trusted manufacturers, proven on the market. The same applies to children's furniture - it must be a new and high-quality, made of eco-friendly and safe materials.

The staff of the children's center

Business Plan Children's Center
Business Plan Children's Center

All teaching staff should have specialized education - higher or secondary. Experience not necessary. You can attract students of pedagogical universities, who will be able to practice interesting. Children's Center, in turn, may choose in the future of the trainees worthy employees to recruit a permanent team. Number of teachers will depend on the training and development programs of diversity, as well as the number of children, visit organizations. Sometimes, according to local regulations, It requires the presence of a nurse in the state. But usually to monitor the health of the pupils enough, parents to impose a health certificate for admission of children to the center. Required technical staff - for cleaning you need to hire one or two employees, depending on the room size and the number of pupils.

One or two administrators is mandatory - this will depend on the volume of duties assigned to them and the organization’s work schedule. The administrator may not have pedagogical education, but required customer experience, care and suitable personal qualities.

The functions of the director and the accountant can perform the settlor. But in this case he must be at the center of a full day, as for the position assigned not only the adoption of important decisions and organizational tasks, but also the solution to all possible questions with the control personnel and the creation of a microclimate in the team.

Advertising and customer acquisition

The main goal of the campaign - to attract the attention of the potential audience to a new organization. This will help a few basic techniques. When the opening of the center, you can invite the residents of nearby houses at an open day, which describe their approaches and benefits. Opening the center in a residential area, you can distribute printed materials informative (leaflets, small) playgrounds, clinics and other places, where there is a large crowd of parents with children of preschool age.

Must-see destination is the online promotion of a new company. An obligatory part of marketing campaign – creation of a center website, which will provide potential clients with all necessary information regarding the teaching methods, pricing policies and other important issues. Advertise about the services the organization can be in social networks, on the discussion forums, and other popular online sources.

In the video below – rough estimates of the business plan:

Business Registration Business Plan Children's Center

The existence of the children's center of any size and direction requires formal registration of the enterprise. Of the two main options - individual business and legal entity, for the organization of this kind is best to choose a second form. For company or entity of any other format is easier to get a loan, because this structure will have financial security in the form of authorized capital. Besides, in the future if you want to renew the founder of the center in a private kindergarten or another form of an educational nature, You need a license. And in this case will only fit the legal entity status.

Special educational license is not needed, If child care will not carry the status of the educational structure. The special regulations, including the Federal Law “on education” and Ordinance “On licensing of educational activities” It sets out the main parameters, Children's institutions which can be considered the structure of the educational sphere. Are useful documents:

To register a company need to prepare a number of statutory and personal documents, that, accompanied by filled application forms, submit to the territorial department of the Federal Tax Service. Besides, be sure to pay the state fee 4 thousand rubles, and make authorized capital, which will be from 10 thousand.

List of documents, that you need to prepare, founder provide the tax office. Binding charter will Ltd., decision on its establishment and appointment of the head, copies of personal documents of the founders and a number of other.

Financial plan business plan for the children's center

The financial component of the business in the field of child development and leisure activities will be calculated based on several factors - price policy on the market and investment, invested in the opening of the center.

The median price for services of modern children's centers, monthly tuition fee per child will be 3 – 15 thousand rubles, depending on the program and the number of hours, that young visitors engaged in the organization. In the center, where children are on the whole day, the price includes the payment for the child's education (from 500 to 3000 rubles), as well as the power board (500 – 5 000 - breakfast, or more - if the schedule includes other meals). In this case, each session will cost parents between 200 – 1 000 rubles.

The level of income is calculated based on several main factors:

– the level of demand in the industry;

– the number of offerings on the market and its fullness;

– pricing policy in the chosen direction.

In drawing up the financial plan and calculate the potential revenue is taken into consideration, the lowest indicator of profitability, and also takes into account all the risks. first, that is calculated in the business plan - expected volumes of Service Children's Center for the standard period (1 – 2 of the year). Reference values ​​are set forth in Table:

Period Type of service The volume of production and sales, 1 months. price, per month, rub. revenue, rub.
1 – 12 month day group 4 – 6 years old 150 – 200 families 3 – 15 thousand. 450 thousand. – 3 million.
1 – 12 month day group 2 – 4 of the year 30 – 40 families 5 – 15 thousand. 150 – 600 thousand.
1 – 12 month Evening groups and weekend groups 15 – 20 families 2,2 – 7 thousand. 33 – 140 thousand.
1 – 12 month One-time attendance 30 – 35 families 500 – 1 thousand. for 1 occupation 5 – 35 thousand.
13 – 24 month day group 4 – 6 years old 150 – 200 families 3,3 – 16,5 thousand. 495 thousand. – 3,3 million.
13 – 24 month day group 2 – 4 of the year 40 – 50 families 5,5 – 16,5 thousand. 220 – 825 thousand.
13 – 24 month Evening groups and weekend groups 25 – 30 families 2,4 – 7,7 thousand. 60,5 – 231 thousand.
13 – 24 month One-time attendance 15 – 20 families 550 – 1100 for 1 occupation 8,2 – 22 thousand.

Including the program of specialized classes, providing the child does not stay in the center for a day, and regular Seen individual courses, will develop a price list.

Approximate prices are as follows:

course title trial lesson single session monthly subscription
English 500 760 4271
Art Studio 585 760 2808
Creative thinking 585 760 4797
Rhythms and dances 527 760 4329
of robotics 645 935 2925
Chess 645 935 2925

This is a sample list of activities, it can be considerably extended also include reading, letter, acting and other creative and educational courses.

It is advisable to include in the list of services and individual sessions with a speech therapist pathologist and child psychologist. Single session with defectology, in an exemplary price list, It will cost 900 to 1000 rubles, Seen a psychologist - 1750 – 1800 rubles. It should add to the price and coaching - the cost of one hour will be from 1700 rubles.

Business Children's Center Plan
Business Children's Center Plan

Making the list of services, that the center will offer its visitors, should think in advance the principle and salary for staff, since this item will be one of the main financial plan. Indicative average market salaries are as follows:

  1. – nanny for an infant, nurse-educator - 350 – 1 000 rubles per hour;
  2. – Housekeeper - 350 – 1 000 rubles per hour;
  3. – governess to the knowledge of foreign languages ​​- 450 – 1 000 rubles per hour;
  4. – tutor, is preparing for the school on the main subjects - 3 rubles per academic hour or more, depending on qualifications and experience;
  5. – tutor anyone on the subject, including mathematics, Russian language and others - 1800 per academic hour and more;
  6. tutor of foreign languages - from 1 800 Rubles / academic hour;
  7. – music, Painting, choreography - 1 000 Rubles / academic hour.

If the state has a chef, his salary should be around 4 500 rubles per full-time. Wages start at maids 3 rubles per day. While maintaining the current market trends (at the moment it is 10 – 69% in year), can be achieved sales volume growth of approximately 31,2 million. rubles annually.

Estimates the basic cost, incurred by the company at the stage of opening of the center and in the first year after it starts, are summarized in Table (amounts are in rubles):

item of expenditure 1 month 12 months one-off expenses Total for the year
rent, redecorating 2 million. 24 million. 2,04 million. 2,04 million.
Communal payments 95 thousand. 1,1 million.
Paperwork, licenses and permits 152 thousand. 152 thousand.
Purchase of buses to transport children 1,6 million. 1,6 million.
Purchase of equipment 112,4 thousand. 112,4 thousand.
Purchase of computer equipment 100 thousand 100 thousand
Create site, payment hosting 130 thousand 130 thousand
Regular advertising costs 75 thousand 900 thousand 900 thousand
payment of salaries 1,9 million. 23,3 million. 23,3 million.
taxes 584,3 thousand. 7,01 million. 7,01 million.
Unexpected expenses 414 thousand 414 thousand
in total 4 million. 113 thousand. 49,36 million. 4 million. 553 thousand. 28,8 million.

To summarize for upcoming expenses for the discovery and further development of the children's center, and to compare them with the projected income, taking into account at the same time the possible unforeseen costs, we can determine the exact amount of the necessary investment. If the founder makes a decision on lending to their business, he must rely on the period of 24 of the month. The amount of loan, by estimate, make 8,667 thousand. At an interest rate 14 % break-even point can be reached to the 13th month work center. At this point, a profit of 1,136 million rubles. According to approximate estimates, monthly expenses in the period amounted to 4,113 million rubles. A total gross profit reached 103 million. 191 thousand rubles.

Each new fiscal year any business starts in January. At the end of the reporting period, tax revenues are coming. for the organization, engaged in training and development of children, will be relevant following taxes:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

In drawing up the business plan take into account the existing risks, which may adversely affect the development of the project and reduce its profitability.

The most significant:

  1. – the absence of clear legislation;
  2. – high investment;
  3. – a considerable risk in choosing the location of the organization;
  4. – quality of services provided to a large extent depends on the skills and professionalism of the staff;
  5. – a high level of personal responsibility of all team members for the health of the pupils.

Summing up, we can conclude, that the children's center - a promising and interesting initiative, promising high returns with careful business planning. it's desirable, to the center of the founder had experience in management positions in educational and other institutions for children and adolescents, that will help to avoid some of the risks and complexities.

The basic results of business planning – video:

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