The business plan of a private school

The business plan of a private school
The business plan of a private school
The business plan of a private school

Private schools are becoming more popular among the affluent - such schools are elite in nature and give more chances for admission to prestigious colleges. And as the tradition of private education in our country is relatively new, This sector of the market is empty. Given the ever-increasing demand for the organization of high-grade secondary school is relevant and promising.

Private school: business provide the basis

Private schools provide educational services in the field of secondary education. Depending on the specifics of the initial distinction, primary and high schools. Private educational institutions may have about the different forms of learning:

– day, or full-time;

– zaochnuyu;

– individually;

– eksternata.

It is also possible the passage of the accelerated rate of the individual in a variety of formats. for example, exist under the program express courses 10 and 11 or just graduating class.

Opening a private school, you need to think in advance of its schedule, which will be subject to the schedule of students and teaching staff. The standard will be the order of:

– the first half of the day (8.30 -14.30) - Training sessions;

– to 16.30 - Implementation of students homework;

– 16.30 – 18.00 - conducting electives and clubs.

During the breaks necessary school meals. For those, He who abides in the walls of the institution all day, be sure to four meals. In addition, it is also possible the introduction of pre-separation, where children will be preparing 5-6 years to enroll in the first class.

Private sector secondary education heterogeneous in its structure. The main differences between schools are in such features:

– the number of students in each class;

– location;

– especially the material base;

– pricing - tuition fees and payment for additional classes.

In the aspect of price differences are usually very visible. Most budget schools designed for children of middle-class families. The tuition fee is between them 300 to 500 dollars a month. Establishments in this category provide good training, but usually do not differ special comfort in technical and household device. The second group is designed for the middle class elite, willing to pay 300 to 500 dollars a month for their children's education. These schools are better equipped classrooms, be sure to have their own sports facilities, properly equipped computer rooms, at a higher level, all technical equipment.

The highest level of payment - in elite schools such as. The cost of one month of training in such institutions - 1 – 2 thousands of dollars. In this case, there is not so much different curriculum, as material and technical equipment and additional features, including - own observatory or horse riding.

The most rational and accessible for start-ups will be the opening of the first category of school. First of all, because of the relatively low tuition fees potential audience they have the broadest possible. Secondly, requests from parents of middle class is considerably lower, and it is easier to fit.

The main features of a private school as a business – video:

Features and complexity of creating a private school

One of the most important positive characteristics of private educational institutions - to expand the boundaries of the standard of general education programs, introduce new subjects or in-depth study of separate disciplines. Of fundamental importance is the possibility of choice of parents and students of certain subjects. An additional advantage of private educational institutions is also considered attention to the development of personal qualities of students - Rhetoric, communicability, leadership skills. The program of the private schools necessarily include a number of optional subjects orientation - Rhetoric, logic, foreign languages. A choice of additional development activities - dancing, vocals, acting and others. But the main advantage is considered to be a higher level of knowledge through intensive programs in core subjects, which gives more opportunities when entering into prestigious colleges. A particularly important advantage may be the emphasis on language training, giving future applicants the opportunity to study or work abroad.

Among private schools, there is a serious competition, as well as a new educational structure did not immediately inspire confidence among potential customers, worth knowing, what competitive advantages will help to take a significant place in their market. The main terms and conditions of a private school with a good reputation are the advantages:

– the presence of an educational license and state accreditation (Accreditation should subsequently be held every 6 years old, License is issued only once);

– Qualified and experienced teachers;

– the availability of in-depth programs in several subjects;

– presence of a computer class, equipped in accordance with modern standards;

– Due to the higher education institutions - schools are in demand, certificates which offer advantages for admission to higher education.

The following video – what to pay attention to open a private educational institution.

The results of the survey, parents choose schools according to specific criteria. School leaders such selection criteria:

– reputation of the institution;

– the level of qualification of teachers;

– geographical location;

– reviews acquaintances.

Many parents turn to published in information publications ratings of educational institutions, choosing from those schools, which are located on the top of the tops. Therefore, it is important to assert themselves on the market as a quality and reliable institution.

This activity has a number of shortcomings and weaknesses, who do business more risky. One of these nuances - insufficient study of the essence of private schools in the legislation, lack of specific criteria for its operation and clear requirements. Therefore, many of the founders of private secondary education institutions face difficulties in obtaining a license and business registration. for example, non-commercial nature of any object education sector means, that all school-earned money should be focused on goals, specified in the charter. The founder may only receive accrued in accordance with the employment contract salary. This provision is contained in specialized laws "On Education", which focuses on the nature of any non-profit educational institutions. Another difficulty - fairly narrow target audience: according to statistics, about 1 percent of today's students are enrolled in private schools. The majority of schools are concentrated in the capital and other big cities, while on the outskirts of the opening of a paid school may be impractical due to lack of demand. Therefore, the founder of the educational institution should be prepared to, that buzz among potential students there will be a certain time will have to operate at a loss.

A relatively small profit, It receives an average of private schools, causes, that investors are not too interested in investing in the foundation and development of the institution. Therefore, the main sources of funding, which can count the founder of the school - bank loans and personal savings.

After studying the trends and dynamics of the market, the following conclusions: the main factor, which inhibits the development of private education in the country, shortage of demand is - 47% the leaders of these organizations have called this particular feature of including negative. About 42 Market participants believe the main disadvantage of the lack of proper funding, still 34 % of all respondents said the current tax problem. Gradually, the demand for education in private schools increases, as evidenced by the statistics. therefore, according to forecasts for the next year, the industry will grow steadily. And to 2021 expected growth of the market as a whole to 2 trillion rubles. Regarding the number of private schools, at present in the country when they are there to 2100. In the short term, by increasing the percentage of consumption in this sector to 19 percent, predict the opening up 150 new schools.

Steps for opening a private school

The main stages of the private educational institution organizing the following:

аренда или покупка помещения;

получение образовательной лицензии в Министерстве образования, регистрация субъекта предпринимательства;

ремонтные работы, закупка мебели и оборудования;

– recruitment;

– the development of training programs (or purchase ready-made designs);

– organization and planning of the educational process;

– marketing campaign, a collection of students and advertising services.

Brief description of all the stages of creation and development of private primary school is set out in table:

Main steps Test conditions terms
initial stage first 24 of the month
The conclusion of the investment agreement The first month from 1 to 30 banking days
Getting credit Availability of compulsory set of documents The first month
Adding to the state register, постановка на учет в налоговых и административных госорганах The conclusion of the investment agreement from 1 to 30 calendar days
Поиск месторасположения, оформление документов preliminary work The first month
Purchase of equipment Наличие инвестиционного договора To 30 calendar days
Equipment installation Получение инвестиций To 30 calendar days
recruitment Начало деятельности To 30 calendar days
Подготовка и обучение персонала Окончание этапа организации деятельности To 30 calendar days
marketing campaign В течение первого года работы
Окончание стартового проекта 12 – 24 of the month

Search and preparation room

For premises of educational institutions, there are strict requirements, so, picking up a building for the future school, We need to examine the existing rules. first, which should correspond to the established standards - the school area and the adjacent territory. The total size, including the school grounds will be 3 thousands of square meters or more. The size of the actual school premises should be from 1500 to 2500 quarter. m.

Over time, the room is better to acquire ownership. This will give some assurance to the founder and confidence, that its investments in material and technical equipment will not be lost, if the landlord changed his plans. As known, in rented premises, it makes sense to make repairs only if the lease term, by agreement, It is not less than 10 years old, otherwise incurred costs simply do not pay off. If it accepted the lease decision, better to choose a private building schools or kindergartens. There all technical standards are met - no need to additionally equip the room bathrooms, kitchen, hold water, electrician, and other important communications. true, lease required the permission of municipal authorities, drawn up in accordance with the law.

Search the location for a private school will be determined by several important criteria. The first - the orientation of the potential audience. Since learning in this institution can afford not to all citizens, emphasis will be placed only on the wealthiest segments of the population. Therefore, the territorial school must be located in one of the most prestigious areas of the city. This can be the central part or region, where a large number of elite new. Чтобы удовлетворить запросы будущих клиентов и обеспечить комфортный подъезд к школе, be sure to make sure you have convenient access roads, as well as provide good car parking.

Material and technical equipment School - one of the initial stages of its organization.

You need to immediately purchase:

– tables and chairs for students and staff;

– equipment for a computer class;

– multimedia and conventional blackboards;

– all the necessary equipment for the gym;

– cabinets for books and equipment;

– wardrobes students and teachers;

– school bus.

All furniture, техника и электроника должны отвечать требованиям безопасности, а также отвечать уровню, заявленному в маркетинговой политике организации. Все оборудование должно быть приобретено у проверенных производителей, guaranteeing its environmental cleanliness and reliability.

selection team

The number of working hours for teachers is strictly regulated by law. Для преподавателей частных школ действуют те же нормы. Поэтому размер штата будет четко определен количеством предстоящих рабочих часов.

Что касается профиля специалистов, which will be adopted in the State of, required as educators, reading basic school subjects, and additional teachers and elective courses. Among them - the teachers of rhetoric, additional foreign languages ​​or acting. If the optional subjects will be taught in a small volume, You can attract freelance teachers, hiring them on part time basis. The same applies to accountants, manager of information and promotion policy and some other employees.

All teachers should have specialized education. As for the experience, most employers prefer those, with whom he leaves from 3 years or more. Nevertheless, an innovative and creative approach, peculiar to many private schools, It requires the energy of young professionals, so sometimes it makes sense to take action for the post graduates, who will bring to the formation of more and more modern trends. Not less important – provide an individual approach to each child, because it is the advantage of private schools is to personal development and the lack of standardization of education.

The head of the school does not have to be an experienced teacher. Sometimes, to perform certain tasks, are put before the Director, Manager experience required, поскольку эта должность требует прежде всего хороших организаторских способностей и высокой степени ответственности.

Advertising and promotion

One of the biggest problems of this sector of the market is called a rapid increase in market participants', than the potential audience. So to enter this niche and stay in it, нужно провести комплекс мер по формированию общественного мнения и созданию имиджа новой организации. Этой цели послужит ряд маркетинговых и рекламных мероприятий:

– advertising in specialized media, including magazines and newspapers, on the websites of these sources;

– dissemination of information about the services of private education on online forums and communities in social networks;

– development and promotion of its own website. The official Internet site must inform parents of potential students about the principles and methods of teaching, pricing and benefits of a particular educational institution.

Именно реклама в интернете станет основным методом популяризации нового участника рынка. Поэтому ей нужно уделить особенное внимание. Важно также организовывать дни открытых дверей для всех желающих, а также посещать детские сады с целью информирования родителей будущих первоклассников.

A good method to attract will be free training courses to school for kindergarten children. In the school lobby, you can place information stands, to familiarize parents with the main advantages of this institution and the merits of its teaching staff.

Registration and License

There is a certain regulatory framework, which makes possible the existence of secondary schools outside the public education system. The main condition for this would be to have a legal entity status, лицензия от Министерства образования и полный пакет разрешительных документов.

Правила оформления лицензии можно изучить в федеральном законе «Об образовании» (, а также положении «О лицензировании образовательной деятельности» ( Выбрав из перечня возможных образовательных услуг нужные пункты, учредитель может ознакомиться с предусмотренными законом требованиями.

Как утверждают названные документы, получение лицензии требует подтвердить наличие следующих условий:

– the creation of high-grade material and technical base, including prepared a certain way room, availability of school equipment and a complete set of textbooks;

соответствие нормам санитарно-эпидемиологической безопасности: необходимо подтвердить, что в помещении будущей школы безопасно находиться, Besides, Children will be provided with all necessary conditions for training, feeding, and in case of need - health care;

– availability of curricula and educational programs, relevant regulations;

– qualified staff personnel: education level and profile of teachers must meet the requirements of the law.

Besides, для возможности получения лицензии обязательно предоставить членам комиссии из Министерства образования стандартный пакет документов:

разрешение Роспотребнадзора и пожарной службы;

– articles of association;

– Information about the production companies registered in the Unified State Register;

– information about the registration with the tax authority, feed Ltd. identification number as a taxpayer;

выписка из Единого госреестра юридических лиц;

– document, подтверждающий право использования помещения – свидетельство о праве собственности или договор аренды;

документ о приеме – передаче помещения;

кадастровый план постройки или план здания с описью всех этажей;

– educational program, план обучения.

При необходимости специалистами комиссии по лицензированию могут быть заявлены некоторые другие документы, подтверждающие готовность новой организации предоставлять образовательные услуги для обозначенной категории потребителей.

Отдельную процедуру составляет регистрация новой организации в ФНС. Для частной школы подходит только формат общества с ограниченной ответственностью. Чтобы получить этот статус, учредитель организации обращается в этот орган, где заполняет специальную форму заявления. В ней указывают официальное наименование организации, ее юридический адрес, предоставляют подробную персональную информация обо всех учредителях и подходящие коды деятельности по ОКВЭД. В данном случае обозначенной деятельности соответствуют коды 80.2 («Образование общее, среднее (полное) общее, начальное и среднее профессиональное образование»). Этот код достаточно широкий и включает в себя широкий спектр деятельности. Можно как дополнительный указать более точный код, eg, 80.21.2 – Среднее (полное) общее образование. Если помимо базового среднего образования школа будет предлагать дополнительные дисциплины, есть смысл включить в перечень кодов деятельности 80.10.3 «Дополнительное образование детей».

Normative acts, регулирующие открытие и функционирование частных общеобразовательных школ, а также лицензирование их деятельности:

К заявлению прилагают пакет документов, which includes:

– articles of association;

– the decision to establish Ltd.;

– the decision to appoint the head;

– Minutes of meeting of founders, если основателей школы несколько;

подтверждение уплаты государственной пошлины, которая для ООО составляет 4 thousand rubles.

Регистрируя предприятие, следует указать его статус как некоммерческая организация, поскольку только такая структура может заниматься образовательной деятельностью. Как и любое юридическое лицо, ООО требует внесения минимального уставного капитала в размере от 10 thousand and more. Подтверждение о внесении уставного капитала подают вместе с основным пакетом документов.

Financial plan

Частная школа – организация со сложной структурой и высокими рисками. Поэтому при осуществлении финансовых расчетов используют несколько показателей:

анализ и динамика спроса потенциальных потребителей;

анализ существующего рынка;

общие выводы о состоянии соответствующего сектора рынка частных образовательных услуг.

С учетом высокой затратности и значительного уровня рисков при составлении плана финансов следует учитывать наименьший уровень рентабельности. С учетом всех этих особенностей примерный план объемов производства и реализации услуг будет таким:

Period Type of service The volume of sales per month (кол. person) price, rub. revenue, rub.
1 – 12 month Классические и специализированные занятия 35 человек и более О 5 thousand 175 – 500 thousand.
1 – 12 month Элитарные занятия from 7 person from 50 thousand 350 – 750 thousand.
13 – 24 month Классические и специализированные занятия from 37 person 5850 and more 216,5 – 865,8 thousand.
13 – 24 month Элитарные занятия 8 and more from 58,5 thousand. 468 – 936 thousand.

Если представленные в плане тенденции развития рынка будут сохранены на протяжении первых двух лет существования школы (примерные показатели – от 6 to 19% in year), годовые объемы реализации услуг достигнут суммы в 22 million rubles.

Предварительно необходимо продумать сумму и сроки кредитования, а также соотнести все финансовые показатели с процентной ставкой банковского кредитования. Если изначально рассмотреть кредитование в размере до 2,5 million rubles at an interest rate 14% на срок 48 months, то точки безубыточности образовательная организация достигнет к 16 месяцу работы. Ориентировочная сумма прибыли к этому моменту должна составить 787,7 thousand.

Подсчет ежемесячных выплат по всем расходам в общем показал сумму в 847,7 thousand. А итоговая валовая прибыль будет достигать более 88 million rubles. За вычетом всех предстоящих расходов прибыль проекта частной школы должна составить 2 million 551 тысячу рублей.

Расходы на основание и первичное развитие проекта в кратком виде можно изложить следующим образом:

item of expenditure Costs per month, rub. Expenses for the year, rub. One-off costs Total for the year
Покупка или аренда здания (room) 190 thousand 2 million. 280 thousand. 190 thousand 190 thousand
Buying equipment 42,1 thousands 1 million. 12 thousand. 1 million. 12 thousand.
Procurement of the computer technology 144 thousands 144 thousands
Creation and maintenance of website, hosting, purchase of the necessary scripts 120 thousand 120 thousand
Advertising costs 75 thousand 900 thousand 900 thousand
Salary from 540 thousand. 6,5 million. 6,5 million.
payment of taxes 113,4 thousands 1млн.360,8 тыс. 1млн.360,8 тыс.
Unexpected expenses 146,6 thousand. 146,6 thousand.
in total 847,7 thousand 9 million. 667 thousand. 1 million. 613 thousand. 8 млн.999 тыс.

Налоги будут одним из обязательных пунктов затрат. Уплачивать их придется начиная с первого месяца работы организации еще до того как компания выйдет на уровень самоокупаемости. Налоговые отчисления будут стандартными для большинства предприятий в формате юридического лица, в том числе для организаций сферы образования. Основные отчисления в налоговые и различные общеобязательные фонды можно сгруппировать таким образом:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

Проведя анализ отрасли и финансовые расчеты, we can conclude, что частная школа является потенциально высокодоходным видом бизнеса, имея высокие перспективы при правильной организации всего процесса открытия и развития компании. Основным положительным фактором будет повышение спроса на качественное школьное образование и стремление современных родителей дать детям хорошие перспективы на будущее. При грамотном построении бизнеса и наличии четкого плана его развитие, по примерным подсчетам, частное образовательное заведение окупится и станет прибыльным к концу второго года работы.

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