Business plan production of fuel pellets

Business plan production of fuel pellets

bricka clean environment is a growing problem worldwide. Lately, special attention is paid to the search for alternative fuels and energy sources. And there was found a way out of the situation - the use of fuel briquettes, produced from renewable natural resources. modern technologies used to produce them, grinding chips of different types of wood, and straw and into a homogeneous mass Makukha, whereupon all compacted under high pressure. As a result of this process and obtained briquettes or in other words biofuels. Giving energy and efficiency at the briquettes so great, they can be used anywhere - in power plants, boiler rooms, for home heating, etc.. Fuel briquettes are similar to conventional firewood, so they are called "evrodrovami".
Engaged in the production of fuel briquettes profitable, since the investment pays for itself quickly. If you lodged the idea to sell biofuels, this requires a business plan production of fuel pellets. With it will be able to organize production and to plan future work.

Sales market

As home heating, briquettes gained special popularity, because the heat from their use more pleasant, than is obtained when the heat from the natural gas or coal. Evrodrova demand grows and the preconditions for this production glut is not observed. In the Russian market of fuel briquettes is gathering its momentum. Many people, acquire suburban housing are aware of, that it can be heated by fireplaces or wood-waste boilers, and purchase such equipment with joy. In Europe, home heating fuel briquettes - a common occurrence, and in many supermarkets sold packages of granules of different sizes.
Fuel briquettes appropriate to use in the production of plants, any factory using solid fuels for heating, can go to the fuel briquettes.


For the first step on the way to the business organization, you need to find a place for the production of. The room should be large, area from 800 square meters. It is appropriate to have the outside of the city on the territory of former factories or warehouses.

for the production of fuel briquettes line


The circuit of production and sales of the product

Manufacturing technology is expected to ready raw material fraction 3 mm and an optimum humidity 10-12%. But the primary raw material does not meet these requirements, however it requires prior grinding and drying. The list of necessary equipment:

  • chipper for crushing raw material
  • band conveyer
  • aerodynamic dryers
  • heat source, Also works on wood waste
  • press hopper


Download a business plan production of fuel pellets for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality.


For the normal functioning of production, the business plan provides for the need for labor. Organizational component of the project, assumed uninterrupted production 365 days a year, with 3 exchangeable mode of 8 hours. Staffing the following positions must be approved by:

staff list Number of shifts Number of people per shift Number of people
CEO 1 1 1
Economist 1 1 1
Chief Accountant 1 1 1
Shift Supervisor 3 1 3
Operator 3 3 9
auxiliary 1 2 2
drivers 1 2 2
in total 19

Calculation of financial indicators


item of expenditure Cost in rubles
Buying or renting premises 200 000
Buying equipment 2 850 000
business Registration 15 000
Purchase of raw materials 150 000
Staff salaries 570 000
Unexpected expenses 25 000
Communal payments 55 000
in total 3 715 000

The calculation of the expected profit

For the production of fuel briquettes tons necessary 4 m³ primary material, the cost of which – 850 rubles. Per day, taking into account the three eight hour shifts, really produce 10 tons of fuel briquettes, a month will amount to – 300 tonnes. Market price 1 tons of euro-fuelwood 4600 rubles. Minus all variable costs, obtained, that in a month Production Enterprise will bring about 300 thousand rubles of net profit.


This business generates a good monthly income, production margin is greater than 40%. When properly drafted business plan of fuel briquettes production and during its observance, the company can recoup their costs within one year. If there is no money to start production, and the desire to eat. In this case it is necessary to examine the entire production process and technology, describe all possible financial risks and to apply to the bank for a loan funds. Create your own business plan can and not having special knowledge in the field of economic planning, important to strictly follow the instructions spelled out in advance. Download a business plan production of fuel pellets.

Download a business plan production of fuel pellets for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality. Open access, on the Internet, it is not.
The contents of a business plan:
1. Confidentiality
2. Resume
3. Stages of the project
4. Feature object
5. marketing plan
6. Technical and economic data equipment
7. Financial plan
8. Risk assessment
9. Feasibility study of investments
10. findings

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