Business Training Center plan

Business Training Center plan
Business Training Center plan
Business Training Center plan

Additional education - one of the most important requirements in all areas. Therefore, highly qualified specialists are trained on an ongoing basis, constantly expanding and deepening their knowledge. Due to this widespread education or training centers. Open its own training center - a promising idea, requiring specific knowledge of the field of business and the availability of competent training center business plan.

Business Training Center plan

The training center aims to conduct training and educational programs to provide additional training or advanced training at various levels. In connection with the specifics of the main consumers are individuals or organizations, interested in obtaining various services of an educational nature.

Most modern companies in the framework of its activities implementing international corporate standards. This allows you to raise the level of professionalism of the staff, improve the climate within the team and improve performance, increasing the quality of the company as a whole. Compliance with certain standards helps the motivation and retention of employees, preventing employee turnover.

The main reason, on which new market participants is to do this type of activity, It can be called a significant increase in demand, as well as the lack of modern training centers, meet the requirements of modern society. However, a growing number of companies, especially the international level, seek to comply with existing standards.

range of services the future of the training center should include directions, enjoying the highest demand. First of all it will be:

  • – holding seminars;
  • – business training;
  • – group training;
  • – individual trainings.

Because this industry is quite special and has a certain specialization, entering the market requires preliminary preparation and determination of the target audience. There are several ways to enter the required market segment.:

– development of an intermediary site. company, performs the actual function of the intermediary market, a budget at the start. They are offered for sale variety of training courses or in certain areas,, and then, when a buyer is found, pick a particular artist - coach, which will directly provide training. This method is most budget, as intermediary companies usually do not have in the state of permanent teachers and trainers. Each organization has its base coaches, accessed on the sale of specific training on a given topic. Although no tangible benefits, the most important of which - the lowest costs on, Centers of this kind are often not competitive on the market. This is due to the fact, that many modern companies are trying to find a teacher or a coach directly, without resorting to the services of intermediaries;

– the opening of the professional center, which will include a permanent service for the provision of educational services and contain a permanent staff of own trainers. For medium-sized activities to choose several major areas of study (eg, management, project management and some other), and type in the state to 20 Trainers qualifications. Costs of opening and further development of the project and the content will be many times more, but this company, subject to the provision of high quality services, over time, be able to obtain the status of the brand in the market;

– the so-called Star Agency, speakers which will act as successful entrepreneurs in their field. Such premium coaches can work with regular customers, teaching mainly top managers and entrepreneurs, reached a certain level and who want to increase it;

– development of the network company. Unlike the previous two types of projects, owned by the level of costs on to the premium class, training companies network usually refers to the average price category. However, there may be some standardization in providing services. The main target audience for such an organization would be large customers. Promote better services in several regions.

According to experts, more promising will be the format of the so-called boutique Training, designed for elite customers, or network company. standard agency, Despite budgetary, It may be marginally profitable due to the lack of competitiveness.

Characterized by high competition primarily large and prestigious companies, which has a limited potential audience. At the same time smaller centers almost do not feel competition, because this niche is free enough.

In the process of drawing up a plan is necessary to study the characteristics and dynamics of the market of educational services. According to statistics, the largest decline was observed in the field of educational services 2008 year, after 2013 year rise began in the industry, which continues at the present time. In connection with the promotion of the corporate culture of European trends educational centers are becoming more popular, especially in large corporations.

One of the important advantages of training activity is the lack of necessity of its licensing. To open such an organization in the territory of Russia is not required for certification of trainers and other specialists centers.

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The range of services and choice of direction

Depending on the initially selected directions may be different and specific training center. Initially, the plan for the future organization of making all kinds of trainings, which will be included in the package. The most common:

of training goals Program
Sales Training – understanding of the structure and process of sales techniques;

– development of communication skills of managers, ability to select the arguments for the establishment of long-term cooperation with customers;

– acquire skills to work with so-called difficult customers

– sales process structure: starting from the search of clients to building customer network;

– Preparation for sale, including cold calling and chat with inert customers;

– build negotiation structure;

– to establish contact with the client;

– buyer motivation;

– Learning the technique of asking questions;

– definition of objectives and customer needs

Team-building, training or teambuilding – improving the working climate in the company;

– define the role of each employee in the company;

– increase staff productivity;

– identification of problems and solutions

– Johar window (how a person sees himself and how others perceive;

– team work rules, skills mutual;

– define the criteria for the effectiveness of the team;

– roles in the team;

– the main stages of the development team;

– relationships between team members;

– of conflict resolution;

– analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the team members;

– definition microclimate team;

– finding ways to improve the team's performance;

– formation 10 golden rules for teamwork

Training "team spirit" –
Training "Effective communication" – determining communication style in a team;

– improving rapport between members during workflow

– study of two levels of communication;

– establishing effective communication axioms;

– language of the body;

– active hearing mastering procedure;

– rules of information flow;

– test Myers-Brix (psychological personality types);

– window Johar;

– public speaking skills, etc..

Training on "Time Management", or time management – mastering the principles of organization of personal time;

– practical use planning own time, improving the efficiency of

– Basis and essence of the "Time Management concepts;

– active group work;

– setting goals and activities;

– delegation of powers skills;

– listening skills and conversation;

– ability to make decisions;

– the ability to manage stress;

– working out in the team interaction;

– analysis of the causes of the loss of time and skills to save their own time at home or in the workplace;

– rules of communication by phone

The most popular, but it is easy to implement is traditionally considered the first type of training. The rest are aimed mainly at improving the microclimate of the organization or Training "team spirit" in fact is a kind of team building, but it is more relevant for corporations with high levels of staff turnover, where it is necessary to continuously develop and maintain corporate culture.

In contrast to conventional training company Training Center provides more opportunities, allowing, in addition to targeted training, conduct training of a different kind, exciting not only professional topics. Nevertheless, this trend, as the development of a certain specialization of each training center, today is very popular.

Stages of creation of the training center

If you briefly describe the process of creating a center for training and vocational courses, There are several basic steps:

  1. – drawing up a strategy for future activities and development plan;
  2. – a certificate of an individual entrepreneur or institution Ltd.;
  3. – lease of premises;
  4. – purchase of equipment, equipment and consumables;
  5. – preparation of the center's work schedule;
  6. – search, and receive a number of staff;
  7. – advertising campaign;
  8. – a set of clients in the group;
  9. – the beginning of training according to the schedule.

A more detailed review each step with the terms and conditions of performance is possible by means of such systematization:

stages Test conditions terms
Launch of the project 1 – 2 year
The signing of the investment agreement 1 month first 30 banking days
Getting credit for business development Preparation and submission of a mandatory package of documents 1 month
Adding to the state register, tax registration The conclusion of the investment agreement from 1 to 30 calendar days
Choosing a location, preparation of documents on the premises Carrying out preliminary work 1 month
Purchase of specialized equipment The presence of an investment contract To 30 calendar days
Equipment installation Obtaining investment funds for the development of the project To 30 calendar days
recruitment Start of main activities To 30 calendar days
Training The end of the process of organization of the company To 30 days
marketing campaign, promotion and advertising work 30 calendar days To 360 calendar days
End of project 12 – 24 months

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Technical training

After placing the future of the center will be ready for opening, you must purchase the necessary set of furniture, technical and computer equipment. First of all, you will need furniture for students and employees of the center, which is placed in the classroom or conference room. Mandatory presentable furniture and reception, since this is the first, he sees a potential customer, and his first impression can play a crucial role in the further development of cooperation. Therefore, the reception should be equipped with a good reception for the administrator, new sofa or chairs for visitors, do not forget about the decor of the room.

Basic equipment, which will be needed for training, following:

  • – laptops;
  • – projectors;
  • – camcorder with a tripod;
  • – Printer, scanner and other office equipment;
  • – markers and other tools, necessary in the learning process;
  • – handouts for training.

The list of educational materials in each case will be different depending on the type of work done and the method used by trainers. But this option is required to contribute to the plan of organization of the company at the initial stage.


Many of the founders of the training centers in the selection of staff pay attention primarily on the formation of candidates. Modern experts believe it was a mistake, because at certain levels it becomes important not only diploma specialist and theoretical knowledge, how much experience and practical skills. Most of today's speakers have not only have theoretical knowledge in their field, how to achieve real success in business. However, taking into account the Russian experience of educational and training centers, such specialists are rare. Usually, the role of training centers trainers advocate former teachers or psychologists.

Business Training Center plan
Business Training Center plan

One of the most convenient and cost-effective option - to invite freelancers to read certain courses for the stipulated fee. Get the staff of such specialists is difficult, since they do not work for a fixed payment, and cooperate with different companies. Center staff to fill high-class specialists, you can apply to search among the former top managers of large companies, decided to change the type of activity.

staff size will depend on the nature of the company and the range of services it provides. In addition to coaching and teaching staff, binding manager and administrator, dealing with organizational matters, over time, will have to take on the staff accountant and assistant. Technicians can take the staff, but it makes sense to turn to outsourcing, which will save on salaries and tax payments.

Search for clients and advertising training center (Business Plan)

Selection of the customer base - one of the most difficult stages of the creation and development of the business. Organizing cooperation with major customers, Planning should take into account the peculiarities of their budgets. Staff training, as well as other needs, Many corporations give money when planning the overall budget. And it is made at the end of each year. Consequently, to achieve the conclusion of the contract, should be engaged in searches in the fall, in this way, starting to run courses from the beginning of next year, a year after the beginning of the activity center will receive its first major profit.

the main thing, on what you need to focus SEO services company - the formation of consumer opinion. This is particularly important given the current dynamics of the market with the tendency to increase sentences for the same level of demand. To convince a potential customer of the need to apply it to a specific company can help such methods:

  • – creation and promotion of own center site;
  • – Advertise on online forums and exhibitions;
  • – dispatch center offers companies – potential customers;
  • – placing advertisements in specialized media and niche sites.

Popularize the training center will help the creation of representative offices in several major cities of the country. One of the advantageous options - franchise sale. But it may already be at that level, when the enterprise has a certain image in the market.

The essential difference between education and training centers - including, that the most useful and effective advertising for them will be directly working with major corporations. If the level of services to satisfy these customers, they will always enter into a contract, thereby ensuring a sufficiently wide flow of customers.

Registration and documentation of business training center plan

A distinctive feature of the training centers - no need for licensing of activities. This fact greatly simplifies the process of creating businesses and accelerates its development in the future. true, the need to obtain a license in the case of private educational institutions of any nature will depend on the type of activity, declared during registration. If the organization does not position itself as an educational institution and does not issue diplomas or certificates for a certain qualification level, License is not required. For more information about the forms of activity, suitable for registration Training Center, It can be in specialized regulations: Federal Education Act (, strategic initiative “The new model further education (

Basic paper for any educational structure – Education Act: Law on Education.

As for the form of business, for training center, applying to cooperation with large corporations, more appropriate legal status. Making Ltd., its creator actually expressed its seriousness and reliability, Confirming the quality of the articles of association and the introduction of the authorized capital. Besides, applying for credit in the bank in the status of a legal entity, the applicant is easier to get a positive response. The same applies to cooperation with potential customers - more credible cause learning centers, designed as an open or closed joint stock companies.

The process of registration of the LLC includes preparation of constituent documents on this list:

  1. – charter, which kind of company will be designated;
  2. – the decision to establish Ltd.;
  3. – the decision to appoint the head;
  4. – Minutes of meeting of founders;
  5. – receipt of payment of registration fee;
  6. – making the authorized capital of confirmation;
  7. – copies of personal documents of all founders.

These are some other documents, which may request the tax office, served with the completed application, which indicate suitable for the selected kind of activity NACE code. The main code can be 85.41 "Additional education for children and adults". But there are other primary and secondary codes - it is important to, to the services offered comply with the declared information.

The financial aspects of the business plan for the training center

Company, providing additional educational services, According to preliminary calculations,, It needs funding. The most efficient method to obtain the necessary funds - to apply to credit. According to the provisions of the business plan, You need to get a bank loan of a commercial nature in the amount of 1 mln.950 thousand rubles. It is this size will have a total estimated cost of the project. Duration of the project since its launch up to the company to break-even level of output will be 2 of the year. Given the fact that the interest rate will be 14 percent, and loan payments will begin with the first month of the center establishment, the total amount of interest payments for this period will be approximately 123 thousand rubles. For the selected period, the total economic impact will reach 9 million. 242 thousand rubles.

Such figures are available, given the fact, that the major training companies, counting on long-term, can target an annual turnover of 1,5 billion rubles, subject to a minimum contract 3 million. But these centers must have highly skilled professionals, which require an appropriate level of salary, as well as a massive marketing campaign. Training centers medium-sized, not applying for coaches preimum class, We should expect to, that in the first year of high profits are not worth waiting for - in this period, all the effort and money invested in the development of the company, attracting qualified trainers and selection of the customer base. main reason, on which most of the centers receive a zero balance by the end of the first year - the lack of truly large customers. This is logical - in the first 2 the company has only earned a reputation in the market.

In addition to lending as a primary source of new business investment, entrepreneurs resort to other sources of financing. About 30 % will come from bond issue, 25 % – placement of shares on the stock exchange, 23 % – participation of financial investors and within the limits 14 % – own funds.

Similar calculations can be obtained, The analysis of existing industry offerings, examining the pricing and comparing these data with sustained at the opening of the company and promotion expenses.

When planning the pricing policy of the future center, you must take into account all existing factors. So, the average price of an open curriculum is from 300 to 700 dollars. true, in the elite organizations, the cost could significantly exceed this figure. Corporate programs will cost from 3 to 5 one thousand dollars. Depending on territorial features, the composition and intensity of training programs and the qualifications and reputation of trainers price index may vary considerably in a big way.

The profitable part of the business plan is determined by several important features - level of demand, the state of this market segment and the nature of the proposals particular organization. Wherein, in order to avoid bias in the calculations, should take into account the lowest threshold of profitability, not forgetting about the risks.

Pay attention to, that period, during which the company will enter the break-even level and will bring a steady income, be approximately 2 of the year, should prepare a plan for the volume of services in a given billing period:

Period Type of service scope of services, implemented in the past month price, rub. revenue, rub.
1-year group training 10 – 20 treaties 50 – 100 thousand 500 thousand. – 2 million.
1-year individual coaching 10 and more contracts 70 thousand and more 700 thousand and more
2-year group training 15 – 25 treaties 50 – 100 thousand 750 thousands - 2,5 million.
2-year individual coaching from 15 treaties from 70 thousand 1,05 million. and more

If the designated financial results will be maintained during the first two years and, Besides, this trend will continue to grow profits and increase customer base (in this case, the annual growth rate will be between 20 to 55 per cent per annum), annual growth in sales volumes will reach 18 million rubles and more.

One of the main points of the business plan will be its expenditure part. If we consider the most essential items of expenditure, this could be concluded:

item of expenditure 1 month, rub. 12 months, rub. One-off costs, rub. Total for the year, rub.
Buying or renting premises 93,8 thousand 1 million. 125 thousand 187,5 thousand 1 million. 313 thousand
Purchase of equipment 37, 9 thousand 37,9 thousand
Purchase of computer equipment 81 one thousand 81 one thousand
Create site, hosting, scripts purchase 92 thousands 92 thousands
Advertising costs 50 thousand 600 thousand 200 thousand 600 thousand
Wage 738 thousand 8 million. 856 thousand 8 million. 856 thousand
tax payments 236 thousand 2 million. 832 thousand. 2 million. 832 thousand.
unforeseen expenses 93,6 thousand 93,6 thousand
Total 882 thousands 10 million. 880 thousand. 1 million. 30 thousand. 11,5 million.

Making financial plan, be sure to take into account all the risks. Among the most important are factors such:

  1. – high competition, having a constant upward trend;
  2. – uncertainty of market trends;
  3. – high investment.

All these factors, typical for most organizations, providing services of additional education, can be overcome, ensuring the highest quality of services and developing an effective marketing strategy.

The tax part of expenses will depend on two main factors - the chosen taxation system and income, which the organization receives. But on the whole range of tax deductions for the training center will be standard:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

Conclusion, which can be drawn from a study of the market of additional education and training services, very optimistic: This sector is very promising and is always open to new members. Properly organized activities of the company, may make it a highly profitable business with a commitment to continuous development and expansion. Calculating the financial investment and the expected return, You can advance in stages to paint all the steps of creation and development of the organization.

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