The business plan of breeding geese

The business plan of breeding geese
Бизнес-план разведения гусей
The business plan of breeding geese

For beginners business, seeking to find its niche in the business, you can present to the separate kind of business - breeding geese for meat. Business plan for the breeding of geese, or how to open a goose farm. This area of ​​business in the first place is suitable for business, in rural areas. Doing business, based on breeding geese, It has several advantages. The advantages of this business relates to a goose farm:

  1. a small start-up capital;
  2. no need to ensure the production of specialized equipment;
  3. little time spent on doing business.

Breeding geese can be quite lucrative if drawn a suitable business plan.

Business prospects for goose farm

As already mentioned, business, based on breeding geese, It has several advantages. Geese - Bird, capable of rapid growth (weight gain for 2 months up to four kilograms). Adult geese are able to bear more offspring each year in addition to the 70 kg of meat. Also breeding farm geese sent to the realization of goose eggs, fluff and other products. Further, subject to the successful course of business, you can set up production of canned goose meat.

Room for geese

The initial stage in the preparation and subsequent implementation of the business plan of growing geese is the selection of the appropriate facilities. Its size should be selected in view of the further growth brood. It should be remembered, that in the first year of the female offspring are reluctant to give geese, and further the number of eggs produced increases and remains at this level.

Besides, floors should be carried out repairs of adaptation to the living conditions of the birds. Since geese are most susceptible to cold beak and legs, the room should be arranged under floor heating or radiators arrangement.

In addition to space for a stay of birds, You should also consider the location of the premises, in which to store the feed for geese. dry barn can be used for such purposes, and other suitable constructions.


Главное оборудование для выращивания гусей - приборы для обогрева
The main equipment for cultivation of geese – devices for heating.

Equipment goose farm

Further actions implementing the breeding business plan geese are in the purchase of related equipment goose farm. In particular this applies to heaters for geese, that-be in winter it was warm and comfortable. They may be of the electric type, and be conventional warmers.

The room should be equipped with lighting fixtures even low power lighting for the room with the dark. Also, the room should be equipped with appropriate water supply system, as the water geese need not only for drinking, but also for the adoption of water treatments (washing beak).

In addition to equipment for direct poultry necessarily need to purchase freezers, which will be stored goose meat and liver before implementation. For the delivery of products realization goose production to marketing site should consider having a personal utility vehicles. mini-truck to reduce the cost of business startup costs for the first time can be rented. In the future, it is still recommended to buy private cars.

Raw food for geese

Рекомендуется кормить птиц только экологически безопасными кормами
It is recommended to feed the birds only environmentally safe feed

Breeding geese involves feeding birds respective ingredients: zernomuchnyh and legume forages (25-35 kg) and fresh herbs (2-3 kg). This feed quantity is calculated on the average growth gosling – 70-80 day. Additionally goose offspring can feed forage, oilcake, legumes and other.

At the conclusion of contracts for the supply of feed for geese should be paid to environmental safety data for bird food, since this depends directly on the quality of the meat products depends.

Organizational and legal issues

Before opening the business, associated with breeding geese, should address all related issues, associated with the coordination of interests with the sanitary and epidemiological, Fire and veterinary services.

The financial part of the business plan

Financial calculation of the planned opening of the business of breeding geese, It consists of the expenditure and revenue sides. The final comparison of pieces of data after the results of the final calculation gives the answer on the feasibility of launching the project.

Start investment in this type of business account for at least 300 000 rubles. The expenditure part of the business includes:

  1. Rent or purchase of premises - 100 000 – 200 000 rubles.
  2. Repair and improvement of premises - 100 000 – 150 000 rubles.
  3. Events for the company's registration - 1500 rubles.
  4. birds purchases (1 thousand. heads) – 50 000 rubles.
  5. Remuneration of staff and the purchase of food for the geese - depending on regional location goose farm.

Planned revenues of the business plan for the breeding and sale of geese, calculated based on the market value on the products of goose production. calculated, that one female goose is able to bring during the year in the amount of offspring 6-8 gusjat. Realization of products is carried out at the following rates:

  • goose meat - 900 rubles;
  • liver - 500 rubles;
  • down-feather - 20-25 rubles.

Respectively, Annual income from the contents of a goose 10 000 rubles. If the size of a goose farm is 1000 birds, the annual gross profit of 10 million. rubles. net profit margin will be equal to not less than 150 000 rubles.

With this business the expected level of income on the content of the geese is able to pay for itself 6-12 months.

In the presented video novice breeders geese can learn some tips on breeding poultry data


Doing business, based on breeding domestic geese, It may well be lucrative. The business area has a number of advantages - unpretentious in the care of geese, a small start-up capital and the demand for products goose farm production among consumers. However, to make a profit all the stages of development of entrepreneurship should be spelled out in the business plan.

Sample business plan for the breeding of farm geese Visitors can download free, as well as used as an example in the development of their own commercial project. It's a different business plan, not with this article.

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