Business plan of production of dumplings

Business plan of production of dumplings

How to open a production of ravioli from scratch: example business plan

Business plan of production of dumplings – this is the first document, which is necessary to think after, as a businessman chosen field and start to think of an algorithm of further actions to achieve a result and income. How to open a business from scratch? Example of free business plan for the industrial production of ravioli in the first place, It will help you understand the key concepts, which must be present in the project. This article – business plan to establish production of ravioli with a payback period 24 of the month. Project Manager (FIO, business registration data, INN, legal address, tax deductions and contributions to funds).

Summary of the business plan for the opening production of ravioli from scratch

First of all, list the key points of the process of creating a business plan for the start of production of ravioli from scratch.

In the first place there is the project idea, and objectives of the project, such as:

  • Creation of an enterprise with a high level of profitability.
  • profit-making legal way.
  • The satisfaction of consumer demand for meat products (pelmeni) good quality at an attractive price.
  • Finding and conclusion of contracts with investors.

algorithms action, prescribed in the business plan

In the business plan registered the following actions to start a business algorithms:

  • The methods and techniques of analysis target audience, drawing up a portrait of the ideal customer, its solvency ratio.
  • Selection of the location of future business, supply of raw materials, clearance permits for raw materials, supply and installation of equipment.
  • Business registration in government oversight and tax authorities.
  • Hiring qualified employees. Recruitment and provision of personnel salaries and social guarantees is considered another major item of expenditure. Specialists will take the vacant positions on a competitive basis, As employees of the total, maintenance and temporary nature with a decent competitive pay, Consequently, candidacies of applicants for the position will be reviewed within 30 calendar days.

An exemplary project plan and adaptation

  • financing of the project: by obtaining commercial credit in the amount of 4 918 864 rub.
  • nature of the enterprise: company to provide entertainment services.
  • Project cost: 4 918 864 rub.
  • payback period: 2 of the year.
  • investor income is 316 528,9 rubles.
  • Payment of interest on the loan starting from the first month of this project.
  • Repayment begins with the first month of.

The main limiting factor for profit is the timely payment of tax deductions. The worse the living standards from an economic point of view, due to higher prices of miscellaneous services, and thus the goods, the more citizens moving from expensive to cheaper meat product – pelmeni. Besides, every year the volume of sales of this product increased more.

It is therefore advantageous to open a business, but first you need to consider the business plan pelmeni.

Business plan of production of dumplings. Business case.
Business plan of production of dumplings. Business case.

business relevance of the production of dumplings

Production of semi-finished products and dumplings you can start after, as marketing studies have been conducted in the city and region, where are you going to start. Despite the abundance of competitors, new venture may well be competitive due to a number of individual factors.

Last year in Russia made up 400 000 tons of frozen dumplings. The market offers not only domestically produced goods, but also semi-finished products overseas. Semi-finished products are usually cheaper lunch or dinner in catering establishments, Besides, can significantly save time on cooking. The negative factor is the increase in tax rates for the catering and the cost of high quality raw materials.

Meat industry experts say, that reported an increase in demand for healthy food semi-finished products and complete products in the near future, that it will be enough just to warm up before actual use.

In many respects the product's popularity among the population is caused by its attractive price - today continues the downward trend in purchasing power, citizens are looking for ways to save not only personal time, and money. Usually, Dumpling entire production is divided into segments “premium”, “economy”, “higher” and “secondary” class. Slightly less than half of the total volume of production of semi-finished products are in budget sphere and are designed for consumers with low and lower middle income. As part of fillings for ravioli can act not only chicken and pork, but also a natural protein, which can significantly reduce the cost of production itself. The price of such product can reach 50 rubles for a standard pack. pelmeni, home recipes made by using minced meat pulp, belong to the category “elite” and “premium”.

Benefits and suppliers of business plan of production of dumplings

Dumplings dumplings have not lost their popularity among our citizens, so their production is highly profitable even for the reason, that the production facilities Pel'mennykh use a little liquid raw material is allowed (unsold remnants of meat products, suitable for food and not spoiled). Often implementers meat at the end of the day come true this item, which, after freezing could lose some useful consumer qualities, and it is quite possible to turn into a juicy stuffing for ravioli and other semi-finished meat.

Considering the price policy of the enterprise, Think about, that the raw materials should be cheaper, than the final product - the economy is admissible, However, the use of absolute surplus stock (commodity, who not only lost an attractive appearance, and deteriorated from prolonged improper storage), impossible, as this is a violation of consumer rights and SES legal norms.

As a result,, Return from such plants is 30 to 70%, it is desirable to purchase raw materials directly from approved suppliers.

professional advice

experts note, that the dumpling shop products will be in demand and popular until, while it will be tasty and inexpensive enough. That these rights are respected, must, to the founder of the business closely monitor the entire production process and the quality of the final product was consistently good.

Business case

Statistics Consumer Price hectare food sector products for the period 2016-2017 years

Statistical indices of production of certain types of food, including semi-finished products with a meat content, during the period 2017 – first quarter 2018 of the year
Business plan for the production of meat products (ravioli and similar) feasibility study of the project
Business plan for the production of meat products (ravioli and similar) feasibility study of the project
Statistics of food production
Statistics of food production

Basic requirements Sanitary Epidemiological Service to the room dumpling shop

SES requirements for room dumpling shop:

  1. Accommodation facilities in the sanitary allowed band.
  2. Availability of serviceable water and sanitation.
  3. Installation of modern ventilation systems and natural air circulation.
  4. The walls and floor of the production premises must be covered with washable materials.
  5. Having good lighting, do not harm the eyes health personnel, Install protective lampshades.
  6. Hardware store room for employees (cloakroom and toilet).
  7. Warehouse for the storage of finished products and raw materials.

Business plan of production of dumplings: Analysis of the target audience of the city

Buyers dumplings (in terms of 100%), it is people with incomes average and below average, students and people of middle age and retirement, or working late at night and they do not have enough time to cook something for yourself or a family dinner.

Have brand preferences Do not have a propensity to purchase products of the same brand
83% 17%
If there is no favorite brand:


Do not have a favorite brand 14%
Ready to buy other offers 46%

Buy another familiar brand 26%

The influence of other external factors 20%

Do not know and do not understand the modern stamps 3%
Refusal to purchase 23% The average frequency of purchase - 2, 6 once a month
Go to another shop to look for a familiar product 9% The average multiplicity of purchases - 0,7 kg.
The main driving factors of choice: implementer outlet Council, affordable price, freshness.


The average frequency of purchase - 3, 7 once a month


The average multiplicity of purchases - 0,8 kg per month
The main driving factors of choice: taste, product quality.


business documentation and plan the production of processed meat dumplings

A short list of documents, which is required for registration:

  • Technical card, agreed with SES and Rospotrebnadzor for production.
  • Resolution of Rospotrebnadzor and fire inspections for compliance with the premises.
  • Conclusion of SEC.
  • communications projects.
  • Technical passport of the object in the latest version of the plan.
  • Tenancy agreement.
NACE codes for the production of ravioli and similar products
  1. 10.13.4 - production of meat products,
  2. 10.73.1 - manufacture of semi-finished products, ravioli, etc.. cooked and uncooked, filled and unfilled.

for registration and the opening of business documentation

Learn more with a list of required documents and regulations can be found here:

commercial risks


risk name Decision
Increase the value of the leased premises The conclusion of long-term lease / purchase of premises in the property
Untimely delivery of raw materials, deterioration Conclusion of agreements with reliable suppliers, able to provide the raw material quality assurance and streamlined logistics.
Direct and indirect competition in the form of Pel'mennykh, fast foods and semi-finished products of other brands Create a unique offer, new kinds of dumplings and dumplings, high quality at the lowest possible price
Violation of SanPin, untimely submission of reports,

Violation Trouvé zaonodatelstva, and factors THER, affecting the value of contributions to the funds and the Tax Office

Hard daily monitoring of record keeping and timely execution of all necessary permits, hiring an experienced accountant outsourced.
Large initial investments The decrease in costs due to additional funds, rented / taken in equipment leasing

Staff and profitability of the business plan dumplings

In addition to medical books, experience and ability to carry out its duties, staff should be focused on the effectiveness of their work. Theft and negligent attitude to work - this is one of the most common commercial risks, It is facing a beginner businessman.

Underweight for stuffing and dough, is not reported in the required amount of ingredients, adversely affect the taste of the final product, and the customer will no longer acquire such goods. As I mentioned above, the level of profitability of the production of meat products hovers around 30-60 percent. Normal operation dumpling shop can ensure the production of six hundred kilograms of finished products per day. In a month it turns out 12 600 while staffing work 5 days a week. If you use beef and pork 1 grade production cost 1 kilogram of raw meat can reach 146 rubles. Manufacturing the labels and the packaging material still spends 2 rubles per kilogram.

Consequently: Selling wholesale price for a pack of ravioli weighing half a kilo. is 90 p, with which it is necessary to pay staff salaries.

From one kilogram sold dumplings turns profit of about 34 rubles. The full implementation of the party, produced for the workshop 30 days, profit of 428 000 rubles. In this case, the employee's salary is 185 000 rubles, at the same time from the net profit must be deducted such costs as paying taxes, logistics costs, rent for the premises and paying utility bills.

As a result,, According to preliminary calculations,, organization dumpling shop owner can bring on 150 000 to 180 000 arrived. Recruitment needs more attention. Employees also need to learn to use technology, conduct safety training.

stages of the project

Business plan of production of dumplings: walkthrough

step-by- Test conditions Deadlines
Home project 1, 5-2 of the year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month 1-30 banking days
Getting credit Availability

the respective set of documents

Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities conclusion



1-30 calendar days
Selection of locations and documentation preliminary


Buying equipment conclusion



1-30 calendar days
Equipment installation reception



1-30 calendar days
recruitment production


1-30 calendar days
Training End stage production organization


1-30 calendar days
Conducting marketing company 360 calendar days 1-360 calendar days
End of project 1-2 of the year



For a small dumpling shop is enough 50 quarter. m. – for equipment and free movement of personnel in the operating room.

dumplings shop
dumplings shop

Basic requirements Sanitary Epidemiological Service to the room dumpling shop:

  1. Accommodation facilities in the sanitary allowed band.
  2. Availability of serviceable water and sanitation.
  3. Installation of modern ventilation systems and natural air circulation.
  4. The walls and floor of the production premises must be covered with washable materials.
  5. Having good lighting, do not harm the eyes health personnel, Install protective lampshades.
  6. Hardware store room for employees (cloakroom and toilet).
  7. Warehouse for the storage of finished products and raw materials.
Dumplings shop business plan for equipment for the production of dumplings
Dumplings shop business plan for equipment for the production of dumplings


on, in what way will produce dumplings, It depends management option for the production of ravioli. Molding can be carried out as a manual method using a specially hired women, And there was well able to sculpt dumplings, and machine, why you need to buy special equipment for the automated molding.

Among the buyers there are two types: a – does not matter, how and what stuff is made dumplings, while others want only eat dumplings on the type of home. It is necessary to know for business, who want to do business for the production of dumplings.

for ravioli production equipment business plan

Dumplings shop turnkey or select individually equipment?

success of the enterprise for the production of dumplings and other semi-finished products is, first of all, the right choice of equipment, installation of which must conform to the regulations and dimensions selected businessman premises. If startups do not have experience with this specialized equipment, it is best to buy ready-made offer - stocked shop dumplings.

Dumplings shop full cycle is a set of equipment of the following types:

  • sifting flour Machine;
  • Machine for mixing dense non-sticky dough;
  • meat grinder;
  • farshemeska;
  • apparatus for filling and forming ravioli;
  • sealing machine conveyor;
  • auxiliary equipment (floor and bench scales, table Technology, Trolley technology etc.).

Ready workshop for the production of ravioli has several advantages over a single equipment: set of machines capable of providing an efficient and trouble-free operation at all stages of production of semi-finished - no need to customize one device at the time and especially the work of another. Another huge advantage of the full set of equipment is its price: a set of, as a result, It will be cheaper to purchase and maintain.

Choose equipment for the production of ravioli business plan
Choose equipment for the production of ravioli business plan

on the video: Equipment for the dumpling shop

taxation of companies

The financial year of the company starts in January.

The main taxes, which is to pay the company for the production of dumplings (of meat products)
Name base Period Rate
Tax on profits Profit Month 20%
NDS added

cost of

Month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule of payments 2,2 %
podhodnyh tax wages fund month 13%
Social payments wages fund month 30%

Marketing policy and promotion

That business was a success, Still pelmeni market is big enough, you must be able to teach it properly in the trade organizations. To do this, we must first come up with a unique name dumplings. And the advertising campaign began well before the launch of the shop into operation.

All the shops selling the products should be made aware of the opening of a new plant for the production of dumplings. It is desirable to conclude with them as much as possible agreements for the implementation of the finished product, so at the opening of the shop know the approximate text of a bookmark, the required amount of meat and other ingredients for dumplings, and calculate the first rescue, and profit from it. For faster implementation of the finished product good draw and distribution centers, involved in the sale of this type of products.

Do not neglect and the market, where you can put implementer for sale while the enterprise advertising dumplings. Market – a place, where trade goes quickly and smartly, because there are a lot of buyers from the, who prefer to buy products on the market. But on such a buyer and need to count. Stall with the products, and a refrigerator must be positioned near the food essentials, and the counter must be talkative, helpful seller. Quality product – the best advertising, so, more willing to buy it. The more buyers, the more advertising, and without inserting money.

Business plan of production of dumplings. Equipment
Business plan of production of dumplings. Equipment

On this part of the business plan for the production of dumplings should take care in advance: conclude a supply contract with grocery shops of the city, as well as with retail chains. For the convenience of the consumer in a package, you can add a kind of chip - spices for cooking product.

specialists, who already have their own production facilities, mark, that the products either immediately gaining the trust of consumers, or not. Gradually expand the business is worth - so, the first stage of development after the release of self-sufficiency, can be rent a private outlet from the production.

Another secret of success in food production - timely culling. If the party for some reason does not meet the mark, which is used to keep the brand, by implementing best to give this party - customers are used to a certain type, size and taste of the product. And if for some reason did not meet their expectations, in my next trip to the store, they are guaranteed to pick dumplings, produced competitor. Party-rejection can be as charitable action were taken to shelters for abandoned pets.


the opening of the workshop costs:

  • First of all, equipment costs - of 300 thousand. to 2 million. (Price depends on the manufacturer of the equipment).
  • Secondly, Advertising Spending - 30 thousand. rubles.

monthly expenses:

  • Rental costs of premises - 35 thousand. rubles.
  • The costs of the dough and the stuffing - 357 thousand.
  • Remuneration of employees - 80 thousand. rubles (is based on 5 person).
  • Planned revenue - 210 thousand rubles a month.

Projected profits – 95 thousand rubles a month.

utilization plan of the enterprise for production and sale of dumplings

Period Name

type of service



and implementation

per month

price revenue from


1-12 monthly investment


production of meat dumplings (and similar products) 8 400 kg from 45 to 400 rub. packing (from 450 g) from 756 000 to 6 720 000 rub.
13-24 month functioning of Bani production of meat dumplings (and similar products) 25 200 kg from 53 to 470 rub. packing (from 450 g) from 2 671 200 to 11 844 000 rub.

The main costs of the draft business plan for the production of dumplings

project costs (in rubles.)

Name expenditure cost of


per month in year Единовре­



Total expenses


Purchase (rent) building, room 1 1 500 000 1 500 000
Buying equipment 10 1 100 313 1 100 313
Purchase of raw materials from 500 000 6 000 000 500 000 6 500 000
Site, hosting 1 120 000 120 000
Constant advertising costs 12 70 000 840 000 840 000
Salary 12 806 520 9 678 240 9 678 240
including. taxes 12 242 520 2 910 240 2 910 240
Unexpected expenses 322 031 322 031
in total: 1 376 520 16 518 240 3 542 344 20 060 584


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