The business plan of production of interior doors

The business plan of production of interior doors

dveriDoors produced so long ago, that already seems, that the introduction of this market is meaningless, because they do not run out of space. But in spite of the latest technological innovations, manufacturers make a completely new doors, using new materials in the manufacture of. Thereby, manufacturers retain their positions on the market. Usually, people buy interior doors when buying a new apartment or its overhaul. New doors installed for the purpose of decorating the home, and space division zone. We will not consider in detail the production of interior doors, but note their main views:

  • Wooden doors of various massive rock. This type of door is made of high-quality wooden bars, which are calibrated, resurfacing, then varnished.
  • veneered doors. The production technology is the wall frame of wood veneer of different breeds. Using a press on a wooden frame is glued a thin sheet of wood (sheet thickness 3 mm). Veneer has the same pattern as the natural wood.
  • Laminated doors are obtained by coating the wooden frame of plastic laminated film of different colors and textures.

Market analysis

Even before the opening of its own production, necessary to analyze in detail the competition. Identify all faults and mistakes the existing producers. Several factors must be followed to create competitive products:

  • High quality materials
  • The introduction into the manufacturing process of modern technology
  • Price policy (prices set at the door, should be lower, than competitors.


For the production of doors is necessary to rent a room, measuring at least 200 quarter. m. An excellent embodiment will industrial rental shop. It should be taken into account, that the production of interior doors is a complex operation, which extend gradually and for this production plant must be divided according to the 011technological processes:

  1. Cutting feedstock
  2. Dryer
  3. splicing blanks
  4. Calibration of defects
  5. Bonding workpieces in a wooden shield
  6. calibration sizes
  7. patterning
  8. Grinding
  9. The application of varnish or a special coating
  10. Drying the finished product


Based on these processes, for the manufacture of interior doors need the following equipment:

equipment identification
2036 Belt sawmill
114_5 drying chamber
shiporeznyj_stanok_dlya_srashivanija_mx3510_small-500x500 Dovetailing machine
10509282 Press for merging
sc_30_500 Format panel saw
italmac.fr3c Vertical milling-profiling machine
028_medium Calibrating sander

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As soon as everything necessary for the production process acquired, should think about the selection of personnel. Under the terms of the business plan of interior doors, which provides mass, as well as the individual production on request, It needs to hire two managers, which will deal with the collection of orders, and look for ways to marketing of finished products. For maintenance of production lines needed staff, consisting of 8 person, and two drivers for the delivery of materials and shipment of manufactured products. For measurements and installation, you need to hire a team of 4 person. To solve economic issues, and perform settlement with an experienced staff accountant.


13629984357774_w679h1500At the stage of preparing a business plan for the production of interior doors, You should carefully consider the campaign. Advertising you can do yourself, but you can use the services of advertising agencies. The size of the advertising costs will depend on the class of manufactured doors. Interior doors "economy" class, it will be enough to start advertising on the Internet. To advertise elite doors, you can place ads in the construction and design magazines. Effective method to promote their goods, is advertising on television. As an ad running is to run an online store.

The financial section of the business plan


item of expenditure Cost in rubles
lease of premises 300 000
Buying equipment 1 500 000
Purchase of raw materials 600 000
Wage 500 000
Utilities 20 000
Registration 100 000
Advertising campaign 20 000
in total 3 040 000

It is worth noting the fact, that reduce the monthly cost can be through the acquisition of the ownership of the production area, but the size of capital investments will increase by about 30 million. rubles.


Announce the exact amount of the expected income from the production of interior doors is quite difficult, but the rate of, that the company will produce monthly 100 doors various price categories, It will end up with about 500 thousand.


When properly drafted business plan of production of interior doors, subject to a clear algorithm of actions of business will pay off later 2-3 of the year. Only if there is a permanent market for you can talk about the viability of this business. therefore, before opening a production company, in addition to the self-quality raw materials, you need to take care of the implementation of, analyzing the market supply and demand, previously signed an agreement with trade organizations. Download the business plan the production of interior doors.

Download Business Plan doors production for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality. Open access, on the Internet, it is not.
The contents of a business plan:
1. Confidentiality
2. Resume
3. Stages of the project
4. Feature object
5. marketing plan
6. Technical and economic data equipment
7. Financial plan
8. Risk assessment
9. Feasibility study of investments
10. findings

This video will help you understand the intricacies of the beginning businessman production of interior doors.

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