Business Plan workshop of the TV

Business Plan workshop of the TV

0468102c712f25af4640e8472e77aab9_1378529902The now existing modern age, surely every citizen faced with a situation, when the appliances or electrical device fails to work. It is worth noting, that even the most expensive and reliable equipment sometimes breaks or fails. How can people come, which, let us say, broken TV? Right, carry it to the shop. Based on this, we can conclude, that private business on home appliances repair will be needed. You say, that many service centers, and meaning in a private studio there. But, if not for one "but". To date, full range of full service centers, which is only one master and he is physically unable to serve all, because of this, people have to wait a long time renovated TV. You can go to a nearby shop, but there is an opportunity to face a similar situation. That's why you should not miss the chance, but you need to look for every opportunity to compete in this area. To implement his chance, or rather ideas, You need to make a clear business plan workshop for the repair of television equipment.

description services

The business plan provides repair plasma, Liquid Crystal. CRT and LED TVs.
Main process steps:

  • obtaining faulty equipment
  • identify the causes of damage
  • search and selection of necessary details
  • failure elimination

service Features:

  • providing customer service after the warranty repair within 6 months
  • delivery of the faulty equipment in the workshop at client's request
  • check and make repairs to the house on request
  • repair of equipment of different manufacturers
  • if you can not repair the product, guarantee safety and return.

Existing service centers are divided into:

monobrand, they are directly related to the manufacturing company and often are subsidiaries. They are renovating only one specific brand.

Multiyurendovye centers, repair television equipment from any manufacturer.

Regardless of the center of the selected model, you will not experience lack of customers. Prefer one brand, whose manufacturer is not in your town its own service center.


sony disassembly lcdtvTo start, you must have a room for reception and delivery of private business subjects in repair of television equipment. A separate issue should be given a studio room. It is important to note, that the service is designed for this population group, which does not have the opportunity to purchase a new television set and it is often replaced. Based on this, must be, that the workshop should be located in the area of ​​population with average incomes, which will be the greatest opportunity to sell their services. The legislation of the Russian Federation authorized to carry out repairs in his apartment, so in order to save rent only place for customer consultation and receiving faulty equipment.

A set of tools required TV technician

To repair televisions necessary tools, and the higher the quality of the instruments, the higher the quality of repairs. The selected tool depends on the security and safety of the equipment master, so you need to check the reliability of the isolation of each tool. Not advisable to save on equipment and instruments, as they make a profit, and the more often they will be used, the better for the master. As wear, tools must be replaced by new ones.

The core list of tools:

  1. 39782-remonttelevizorovsoldering with the temperature controller, one for soldering small parts - 30W, other large - 60W
  2. set of screwdrivers
  3. pliers
  4. Tweezers
  5. clippers bokorezы
  6. set of wrenches (for the replacement of CRT)
  7. metal tubes for watering chips
  8. digital multitetr
  9. arrow avometr
  10. oscilloscope
  11. laboratory power supply

This is not a complete list of all the necessary tools that may be needed in the process of diagnosis and troubleshooting of television equipment.


Founder and CEO of the initiator can act ideas. If you have enough experience and skills in the repair of TVs, it will be necessary to employ only the master's mate, whose responsibilities will include the repair of faulty equipment and delivery of finished hardware client. to the master requirements - higher education and work experience.

Qualities needed masters:

  • discipline
  • conscientiousness
  • a responsibility
  • industry
  • honesty
  • high professionalism

The key to success lies in the location of the workshop to the customer himself, using communication skills and courtesy. The level of wages will depend on the profit workshop.

pricing policy

There are three main pricing objectives, which are most important for the workshop:

  • image maintenance
  • profit maximization
  • to become a leader among the competitors in the quality of services.

Based on the above objectives, must adhere to the strategy of "high quality - reasonable price". The original price for the repair of the existing set of prices for this type of service at a level no lower than the average, for possible increase with increasing demand, but not to the highest price in the market.


To attract customers you need to organize a broad, comprehensive advertising. For advertising, you can use ads in your local newspaper, distribution of leaflets in the surrounding areas. It is necessary to carry out promotions, eg, arrange days free diagnosis. The aim of the workshop is to attract any customer, as it is well known - the most powerful advertising - it's a positive review of a quality repair.

The financial section of the business plan


item of expenditure Cost in rubles
lease of premises 30 000
The purchase of tools and equipment 200 000
Wage 120 000
Purchase of spare parts 100 000
Utilities 10 000
advertisement 20 000
in total 480 000


Income repair shop provider of TV will depend on the number of clients. Let's say the day master will mend 2 TV. As known, the price of the repair is sometimes very high, it is cheaper to buy a new TV. Usually, margin for replaced part of the order 100%, indicating that the high profitability of the business. In addition to repair TVs, another activity, bringing additional income, is buying up old televisions, for the purpose of repairs and subsequent sale.


Speaking of TV Repair, we can conclude, that demand for this service is on the rise, and thus indicates the profitability. Forming a business plan workshop, you need to follow a certain algorithm, and plan their business in the short and long term, to avoid possible risks, arising in the process of. Download ready business plan workshop for repair of household, audio, video and office equipment.

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