Business Plan workshop of the tablets

Business Plan workshop of the tablets

206878-456x500Outside 2014 year, and now mobile technology have turned the world with their inventions. Few people today can imagine life without a phone, laptop or tablet. Someone uses them for entertainment and find a variety of information on the Internet, and someone needed to operate the device. But there may come a disappointment at the precise moment, when a device fails at the most appropriate time is not. Nothing is eternal, It is always a case - drop, hit, water penetration, and in such cases the unit needs repair. Today we will talk about, how to create a repair business tablets, where to start and what pitfalls may be encountered on the way of the case.
Having sufficient knowledge in the field of radio electronics and great enthusiasm, you can not put off the idea of ​​opening her own studio, and straight down to business.


To create a repair business tablets, First you need to register a company on behalf of an individual entrepreneur, This will help ease the accounting and reduce tax deductions. If you want to open the immediately repair shops network tablets, then think about the registration of the Company Limited Liability Company.

Analysis of competitors' market

Opening the workshop in a small town, whose population is no longer 100 thousands of people, should understand, that a large number of repair shops, may adversely affect your business. But there is one "but", not all the master can boast expertise, and allow a lot of errors, spoil the technique without the possibility of its restoration. Your shop is at hand - Conquer customers market thanks to its professional skills.


To provide repair services Rental of premises, it is desirable in the city center, nearby mobile shops, hypermarkets, shopping centers. In order to attract a large number of customers, it is advisable to open several shops in different parts of the city. In this case, your customers will be more workshops, than service centers. true, to major cities, rent a few square meters large and is worth, eg, in Moscow or St. Petersburg, a room in 10 m will have to pay on a monthly basis from the 20 to 80 thousand, it all depends on location, than the central, more expensive.


r_626873_7cm4s35h18edayqq55r2The first is to think about the quality of equipment and tools, required to work.
List of necessary equipment and tools for repairs tablets:

  1. Soldering station with different power hairdryers
  2. Ultrasonic bath
  3. Power Supply
  4. Microscope
  5. A set of tools for dissection plate (tweezers, screwdriver)
  6. Computer equipment for the installation and removal of software.

Worth noting an important point, that parts tablets should only purchase from authorized distributors, which provide a guarantee of quality and comply with terms of the contract (timely delivery, fixed prices).


Business Plan workshop of the tablets, It provides a work schedule 8 to 17 seven days a week, so you need a master changer, with sufficient knowledge in the field of electronics and experience. accounting of goods can be carried out independently, but for the preparation of reports to the tax inspection is better to hire an accountant.


Advertise your business, you can work its quality. Recently, such a thing is very common, as the "word of mouth", satisfied customers, advertise yourself workshop, offering services to their relatives and friends. Ready Business Plan workshop of the tablet should include submission of ads on radio and television, as well as posting information on social networks and various discussion forums.


The financial section of the business plan


Item of expenditure - this is the most difficult question in the preparation of a business plan, as the need to involve all, of tenancy, to the purchase of small parts. The correctness of the calculations depend on the outcome of the enterprise, or rather his return, profit and profitability. The lion's share of the cost is spent on rent premises, in the presence of its own costs will be much less. Facilities, invested in equipment start 500 thousand, so to speak, the price of the soldering station for the cards starts at 50 thousand. And only one station, it is hardly possible to make final repairs. Part of the funds spent on the purchase of accessories for tablets.

Costs Cost in rubles
lease of premises 60 000 for 2 of the month
Purchase of equipment and tools 500 000
Purchase of 100 000
Wage 200 000
Payment of utility services, including Internet 10 000
Registration + payment of taxes 12 000
in total 882 000

income workshop

tablet models, which often needs repair, it brands such as Samsung, Acer, Lenovo and many little-known Chinese manufacturers. The reason for these failures brands, does not mean, that their quality is below competitors, and high popularity among buyers.

Calculate income workshop is difficult, since there are no fixed prices for repairs. The cost of repair depends on the difficulty level. Frequent faults with which clients come, this broken screen, which requires replacement of the screen or window, or “utoplennyky”, in such cases, very difficult to determine the damaged parts, so full diagnosis is required.

The following table presents the main services and their cost.

Name of service Cost in rubles
Diagnostics from 100
replacement glass from 1500
Replacing display from 1700
battery replacement from 500
Replacement of the housing or rear lid from 1500
Replacing the power button from 800
Replacing the motherboard from 2500
Cleaning tablet after fluid contact from 700


Based on the price of repair vyshepredstavlennyh tablets, we can conclude, that for effective business, it will be enough to serve 3-4 clients, to recoup business and reach a stable income. To achieve this result,, Carefully draw up a business plan workshop repair tablets, and also refer to their work not just as a hobby, and as a matter of bringing real earnings. In order to save your own time, use registration of individual businesses over the Internet.

video clip, It helps define the business and explain how to start their own business from scratch.

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