Business jewelry store plan

Business jewelry store plan
Business jewelry store plan
Business jewelry store plan

Trade jewelry does not belong to the most profitable areas of trade, but in recent years there has been steady progress in the development of this sector. Gradually, the market is expanding and finds its consumer. If before the main target audience are girls under 25 years old, now, with the active marketing campaign, possible to maximize the number of potential customers and by the end of the first year to go to self-sufficiency. But first and foremost, to create a successful startup, you need to carefully consider the concept and make a business plan for a store selling jewelry. Including - whether to start their own business from scratch or buy a franchise is already known digging.

Features and characteristics of the project

The project is a plan of opening a shop for the sale of jewelery and related products to the money in circulation in the 2 of the year. The main objectives of the project are:

  1. – setting-up of an enterprise, that will meet the corresponding segment of the consumer market;
  2. – development organization with a high level of profitability;
  3. – obtaining a high and stable earnings.

Financing of the project involves obtaining a commercial loan. The estimated size of the loan - 990 thousand.

Other key financial indicators of the project:

  • – the interest rate on the loan - 17,5%. In the long term interest rate can be reduced. Repayment is expected to start the first month of activity;
  • – the total income of the investor, or the amount of interest, which over the actions of the project will be paid now - 67,5 thousand;
  • – return to the start of the amount 7 months, taking into account the discount - 24 of the month;
  • – The total economic effect on the result of the project - from 9 million. 660 thousand.

According to preliminary calculations, taking into account the current market average price policy, even a small store can bring monthly profit in the amount of 80 thousand rubles and more. The peculiarity of this type of activity is that it does not require special training., expensive equipment and other serious start-up costs. This kind of business is suitable for self-employment, and for family business. The store may be a single point of sale, but in the long term possibility of its expansion and the opening of a full-fledged network. Another beneficial for beginners format - opening a franchise business.

Any founder of shops selling jewelery is to determine the range of the future outlet. Usually, Sales will be presented directly to jewelry - bracelets, rings, earrings, suspension, etc., as well as other groups of goods. Additionally, the range can be made hair accessories, wallets, bags and other items of decorative and functional purposes.

All market price can be divided into 3 main segments:

  • – Economy class. Expensive for this category normally come from China, Syria and Afghanistan. Their price range - up 500 rubles per unit. It is jewelry of this level that is sold in retail outlets in the markets., in the subway and kiosks;
  • – medium quality and price category. This inexpensive jewelry is already made in Europe - France, Italy, a lot of assortment is supplied by domestic manufacturers. Here are the, usually, well-known trademarks on the market, and the price varies from 500 to 1500 rubles. Jewelry such level can be seen in shopping malls and specialty stores;
  • – jewelery elite class, whose price is 1500 – 4000 rubles. In this category you can see the more expensive jewelry. Elite jewelry is approximately 10% all domestic range and is well-known global brands. In such a small amount of jewelry sold in retail stores, but preferably it is represented in elite boutiques.

Taking into account the characteristics of the target audience and the financial condition of the average population, the project provides for the sale of mainly jewelry of the middle price category with a small inclusion in the range of economy goods- and elite class.

The scale of the store depends on its future assortment. If the main product group – mostly jewelry, then the outlet can not be large. To open a successful and profitable vast store, you need to add additional sections - Accessories (umbrellas, hats, scarves, gloves, wallets and bags).

The ideal format for monoassortimenta - a small shop or an island in the area of ​​the mall no more 20 m with a size range of a little more than 500 units. To potential buyers (and it basically will be his set of women) You could get a closer look and try on each model, should be preferred format Cash&Carry, popular all over the world. He suggests giving the store range of freely available, while visitors can take the decorations in hand and see, how they look on them.

Features of the jewelry market – in the video:

Franchise jewelry store

For example, you can take the franchise of the American company Courtney G - brand, offering a wide range of products from different materials (natural stones, and artificial stone, plastic and metal). Design involves a combination and modification of the most popular styles: Vintage, modern, ethnicity and glamour. Conditions for entering the business are as follows: the first payment - from 60 thousand, royalty - not provided, total investment – 600 thousand. This company offers employees the opportunity to franchise education and training in existing stores, which allows you to gain the necessary knowledge and experience, master already proven sales techniques. To simplify the opening of a business, they also provide the necessary documentation, including mandatory standards.

Most business creation phases will apply to any form of enterprise - both open from scratch, so for franchise.

Business opening stages

The main stages of the opening of a new outlet number:

  1. – planning and strategy creation and development of the company (if the franchise will open, conclusion of the respective agreement with the franchisor;
  2. – registration of the organization as a PI;
  3. – room rental or space in a shopping center;
  4. – preparation for the opening of the store, purchase of the necessary equipment and inventory;
  5. – supplier search, Purchase of the main range of the party;
  6. – recruitment;
  7. – advertising campaign;
  8. – store opening and the start of sales.

Roadmap for the opening of the store, based on the 24 months will be as follows:

stages Test conditions Deadlines
Home project 1 – 2 year
The conclusion of the investment agreement 1 project of the month first 30 banking days
Getting credit Availability of compulsory set of documents 1 month
Adding to the state register, registration with the administrative and tax authorities Conclude an investment agreement from 1 to 30 calendar days
choice of location, preparation of documentation preliminary work 1 month
Buying equipment The conclusion of the investment agreement To 30 calendar days
Purchase of goods Obtaining investment funds To 30 calendar days
hiring employees production activity To 30 calendar days
Training The end stage of the production process To 30 days
marketing campaign 30 calendar days To 360 calendar days
End of project 12 – 24 months


jewelry store, regardless of, Whether it will be created from scratch or based on open franchise, It must be placed only in areas with large concentrations of people. Since the main category of customers - young people, the most successful are the central areas of the city, where shopping centers are located, supermarkets, higher education institutions and business centers.

One of the advantageous options – outlets- islands in shopping centers. This point has a minimum area 6-8 quarter. m. The most successful in terms of location - a place nearby departments popular women's products, makeup, perfumes and gifts.


Features jewelry store - is, that the entire range should be clearly visible and attract the attention of potential buyers. Therefore, regardless of, whether it will be a full-fledged store or an island in a shopping center, special transparent showcases are required. This equipment, made of glass or plexiglass,it is necessary to purchase at the stage of preparation for opening.

Product presentation plays a significant role in customer success. Therefore, it is worth considering additional ways to arrange the goods. In addition to transparent showcases, you will need:

– stands for pendants and rings and other exhibition accessories;

– cash machine;

– computer.

If the store will be opened in a stationary form - in a rented room or shopping center, you may need to purchase and install air conditioning and equipment for connecting telephone communication and the Internet.

No additional specialized equipment is required. Accordingly, the cost of this item will be low..


Kiosk staff may consist of two vendors, who will work in shifts, changing in two to four days. Workers, performing other tasks of the store, it is not supposed to be hired at the first stage. Other issues are handled by the founder of the business.

In perspective, in the case of business expansion, or immediately when you open a more extensive store, will have to hire more staff. In this case, the initial staff of sellers can be expanded to 4 person.


Purchasing the right assortment is one of the most important secrets of success in trade. This is especially true of the store of decorative ornaments. The range of products should be as wide as possible.

Usually, at the start it includes:

  • – earrings;
  • – necklaces and other neck decorations;
  • – rings;
  • – bracelets;
  • – Brooches;
  • – decorative decorations for clothes.

To expand your target audience, it is necessary to work on the assortment. The goods must be presented with various materials, styles and genres, as well as democratic pricing policy. The most successful and profitable jewelry stores, including products in the range from 200 to 4 thousand. rubles. On sale can be presented and more expensive, exclusive products, but they will be intended for a limited target audience and should not form the basis of the range.

Speaking about the assortment of the jewelry store, worth remembering, that the classics are still the most popular and sought-after. Therefore, not less than 20-30 percent of the entire assortment should fall on the classic jewelry, the purpose of which is to emphasize the beauty and elegance of its owner.

To achieve commercial success, we need to move away from stereotypes, that only the female part of the population is fond of jewelry. There is a fairly wide group of youth representatives of subcultures. Many of them have a tradition of wearing jewelry as symbolism.. Therefore, you can find out, what types of jewelry are preferred by representatives of a particular subculture, and add them to the assortment of the store. According to preliminary estimates, it is advantageous to allocate approximately 10% assortment for informal and other groups of the population.


If the store will be opened under the franchise, the issue of finding a supplier and procurement will be iractual. Supplier for the store under the terms of the franchise can be only one. At the same time, purchases are carried out on the terms, stipulated at the conclusion of the franchise agreement.

When opening your own store, you need to be especially careful about finding reliable suppliers.. There are two methods of filling the assortment store - to purchase goods directly from the manufacturer and cooperate with wholesalers. Most owners of small shops choose the second option.. true, among the huge number of wholesalers operating on the market, it is necessary to choose the most reliable, quickly and inexpensively supplying the right products.

You should update the assortment as often as possible - usually this is done monthly. Before the New Year and other important holidays, the purchase is usually carried out several times., as the demand increases significantly. Franchise terms allow you to return 20% unsold goods. Therefore, this option is much more profitable for many beginners..

How to open an island-sized jewelry store – video:

business Registration

An ordinary retail store can be registered as an individual entrepreneur. To do this, you must obtain a certificate of individual entrepreneur. It is issued in a specialized body - the Federal Tax Service.

Documents on such a list are submitted to the branch of the Federal Tax Service:

– application in the prescribed format in a special form indicating the personal data of the founder and the OKVED code, defining the type of activity of the company;

– receipt of payment of registration fee;

– copies of passport and identification number.

If you plan to buy an enterprise under a franchise, possibly, that the contract will provide for mandatory registration of LLC. In other cases, it is impractical.

When preparing for registration and opening a business, you need to study a number of regulatory documents, which will help to fulfill all the requirements for a new business entity. Among them is the Federal Law on the Establishment of Legal Entities and Individuals:

Besides, to select a suitable OKVED code, you must use the current classifier:

Multiple codes can be selected, if the store includes a wide range of products. But the main thing should be the code., relating directly to the sale of products of the selected category. Since the classifier does not imply codes for jewelry, you need to refer to the code 47, relating to retail trade. Including you can apply the code 47.1, and 47.78 (Retail trade in specialized stores).

Jewelry does not belong to the category of precious stones, what you can learn from Federal Law No. 41 “About precious metals and precious stones” ( Therefore, when specifying codes for OKVED, it is not necessary to include codes, related to jewelry.

At first, the founder of the business can be engaged in accounting. When it is expanded, you can outsource this task..

Useful for starting a business regulatory documents:

Federal Law of 26.03.1998 N-41 FZ On precious metals

Federal Law of 04.05.2011 N 99-FZ On Licensing Dep. Business

Key points of business. marketing policy

Success in trading requires the implementation of some inherent rules:

  • Choosing the right store location. The outlet should be located in a profitable and popular place, preferably in an entertainment and shopping center. The best place is near popular women's products.
  • Control of the seller's activities is mandatory, especially on weekends and holidays - at this time the influx of buyers increases significantly, and on the eve 14 February and 8 March to buy a gift to your loved ones is a lot of people who want to. It is difficult for the seller to cope with the influx of buyers. In the absence of help, some of those who want to buy gifts can go to competitors. As a result, profits are lost.
  • When the level of self-sufficiency will be reached, it will be possible to expand the business: or within a franchise or own brand.

One of the most important elements of the marketing policy of the new store will be the correctly selected level of margin on the main product groups.. This feature is of fundamental importance and will largely determine the success and even viability of the business entity.. Jewelry allows a margin in the amount of 100 and even 200 %. But it is important to monitor, in order to remain competitive , the pricing policy should correspond to the prices prevailing in the industry.

Properly organized and conducted advertising campaign increases the chances of any enterprise. The main and most effective methods of promoting a new store:

– advertising in the media, including advertising blocks and articles in newspapers, television videos;

– bright signage, informing about discounts, Promotions, bonus systems and other loyalty programs;

– dissemination of information on the streets: leaflets, small, coupons for discounts and other;

– development and promotion of the store website. It should be as informative and accessible to users as possible. It is advisable to open an online store, which will increase sales and expand the buying audience beyond a particular city or district.

So-called word of mouth still works effectively. Therefore, it is important not only to attract, but also to retain existing customers, providing the highest level of service and high quality products.

When analyzing the marketing component, the correspondence of offers and demand in the selected market segment is calculated.. So, to date, the number of participants in the jewelry market in the country has exceeded 10 800. Considering, that the population of the country, according to the latest data, is almost 143 million, it is possible to draw conclusions about the relative unemployment of the market and the availability of prospects. According to the research of the national market of jewelry, with the current upward trend in 15 – 50% annually the potential number of new market participants will be about 1 600 units.

If we assess the situation in the jewelry trade as a whole, it is now in the post-crisis phase., and therefore, gradually, but steadily gaining growth. In the period from 2013 to 2016 year there was a sharp decline in the economy, therefore, the jewelry and related products industry experienced a strong decline. Predictions for 2019 and the following years are optimistic. Everything, what you need at the start – offer a popular assortment and convince the target audience of its exclusivity.

Financial part

Financial issues can be divided into 2 main categories – expenditure and revenue parts. All calculations are carried out taking into account the minimum level of profitability, as well as all existing risks.

Revenue in the jewelry trade is a changeable phenomenon, which depends on the season and some other factors. for example, before the holidays and with the beginning of autumn, buyers are activated. Especially important in this industry is the pre-New Year season., when the peak of buying gifts begins. At the same time, in the summer there is always a decline in sales.. You can activate it, using popular marketing methods, including offering discounts and promotions to customers. Besides, in order not to suffer losses, it is necessary to try to squeeze out the maximum revenue during the holidays, by all means attracting customers.

Preliminary planning of the jewelry store provides for the calculation of the future structure of income. This indicator is determined by such factors.:

– general conclusions about the state of the market of goods of the jewelry sector;

– analysis of the current demand in the industry;

– results of studying the market of providing services for the sale of jewelry.

On the basis of these criteria, it is possible to draw up such a program for the sale of products for the first 24 of the month:

Period Type of service Sales volume for 1 month, PC. price, rub. Total revenue, rub.
1 – 12 monthly investment Sale of jewelry from 100 meals. 1 100 – 6 200 106 000 – 616 000
1 – 12 monthly investment Sale of watches and accessories from 30 meals. 2 200 – 16 800 67 000 – 504 000
13 – 24 month operation Sale of jewelry from 130 meals. 1 200 – 6 900 155 000 – 800 800
13 – 24 month operation Sale of watches and accessories from 39 meals. 2 500 – 18 900 98 000 – 734 000

At this stage of market development, the increase in sales and consumption by the target audience is 15 – 50 per cent per annum. If this trend continues, Annual sales volumes grow by 12,6 millions, and if the positive dynamics are maintained, this indicator can increase significantly..

The approximate pricing policy of the store of the selected type will look as follows:

Product group cost of, rub.
Coulomb, suspension (titanium, steel) 1 700 – 4 500
Bracelet (silicone, steel, titanium, copper) 1 000 – 3 600
Necklace (steel, titanium) 4 300 – 6 100
Ring 1 000 – 3600
Earrings (steel) 1 200 – 4 500
Chain (steel) 900 – 2 200

These main items of the price list can be supplemented by other types of jewelry, accessories and décor items. The assortment can also include souvenirs and gift products.

When calculating the expected profit, it is necessary to take into account all possible risks., which can reduce the level of profitability of the enterprise. First of all, the company is threatened by such factors.:

– high competition;

– the impact of fashion and other volatile trends on customer demand and preferences;

– dependence of the company's success on the location of the store.

You can minimize the effect of these risks, timely studying the current fashion trends and features of demand among buyers. High level of professionalism of the staff, especially sales consultants, and competent advertising policy, will also significantly increase the chances of the new enterprise and its competitiveness.

One of the main points of the plan is the cost of business. First month costs, year, and one-time expenses represent such indicators:

Expenditure for 1 month for 1 year One-off costs Total for the year
lease of premises 3 000 36 000 6 000 42 000
Purchase of equipment 110 600 110 600
Purchase of computer equipment 100 000 100 000
Create site, payment hosting, Scripts 150 000 150 000
Advertising costs 50 000 600 000 600 000
Assortment update 120 000 1 440 000 120 000 1 560 000
Salary 278 900 3 347 000 3 347 000
taxes 83 900 1 006 200 1 006 200
additional expenses 48 500 48 500
Total 451 900 5 422 200 535 000 5 958 000

The margin on jewelry is taken at the rate of 100-200 %, depending on the product, for the calculations of this store took a markup in 100 %. Such a pricing policy will make it possible to recoup all start-up investments and maintain a competitive position in the market..

Tax payments are an obligatory part of the company's regular reporting. jewelry store, regardless of, whether it will be a franchise or an independent object, must pay the following mandatory taxes:

Name base Period tax rate
Tax on profits earned profit 1 month 20%
NDS added value 1 month 18%
Property tax value of property According to the schedule 2,2%
Income tax wages fund 1 month 13%
Social Security contributions wages fund 1 month 30%

The reporting period begins annually in January. From this month begins the implementation of all statutory deductions.

Having conducted a study of the modern jewelry market and the prospects of a new store selling goods in this category, it is possible to draw conclusion about high prospects of this direction of business. Regardless of, whether it is planned to create a complete new outlet or the store will be opened under a franchise agreement, the principles of its development and promotion will be similar.

Registration questions, concerning the opening of own business on trade in jewelry – video:

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