Effective use of promotional leaflets to promote business

Effective use of promotional leaflets to promote business

Benefits printed advertising booklets are clear, as distributed directly to the potential buyer.

The format of the advertising booklet

Consider, main requirements for such advertising, its format and design for efficient use.

This seal - a statement about yourself, services provided, current promotions and benefits. The important role played by design, proper use of background color and font, help accents in the text and draw attention. Standard formats is A3 or A4 sheet of paper, svaltsovanny along fold line several times. The main requirement - it is with a minimum of text, possible inform.

Not to be confused with the booklet brochure. The brochure is primarily bears information loading, amount varies from 4 to 48 printed pages. Cover Page fastened straps with pages of text, springs or stitched nitkoshveykoy.

Шаблон рекламного буклета
advertising booklet template

If the text does not exceed the amount in 4 page and is for information purposes, it will be regarded as a booklet.

This type of print advertising does not apply to periodicals. Often, printed to advertise events, one-time. Let's, presentation of the new brand, opening a boutique or appliance store. In this instance, you must specify the location of the store, time work and the range of goods / list of services.

Depending on the subject matter of the advertising company, the booklet is further issued leaflets, invitation or coupons on the current discounts.

Design of the advertising booklet

Manufacturers use this form of advertising for, to announce the release of a new product, cover this event, to brief with indication Performance, cost and contact information. In boucle, besides the text load, Photos from the present product, from different angles, and of course in the most advantageous light.

Repeatedly these booklets can be seen at exhibitions. for example, at the presentation of the new model SUV, exhibitors will certainly get a print ad to get acquainted with the basic characteristics of the vehicle.

In order to attract potential buyers, using all available methods of advertising: from the media due to mobile on the board of the carriageway. But, more than one advertising campaign does not pass without a printed booklets, which are an essential component.

If advertisers spent on the improvement of its products that money, they spend on advertising, their products would not need to be advertised. Will Rogers (William Penn Adair Rogers)

Depending on the scope and target audience (CA - on whom the product is intended), This type of advertising can be both full color, and black and white. for example, bright colors will be used for a children's summer camp advertising, "Flashy" painted slogans and exciting schedule days. To advertise University, this edition, first of all, be informed about the conditions of admission, specializations, tuition and teaching staff. These booklets are often black and white, because the main emphasis on the informativeness.

Booklet - This unobtrusive statement about yourself, beautifully designed information, that settles to the final consumer purse.


An example of an advertising booklet, sample
An example of an advertising booklet, sample

Samples of the advertising booklet filling

Before starting the compilation of this publication, should learn the basics of writing successful ad text, which is on a subconscious level "pushes", encourages CA to buy. You need to know the answers to five basic consumer question.

what? necessarily, at the beginning of the booklet indicates the name of the product or service provided. Present it must be so, if it is not a commodity, and attribute certain standard of living, which is now available to the consumer.

whom? described, for whom the product is intended. Seller is familiar with his CA, but the buyer himself should take the initiative, I want to be a member of this community. for example, not everyone can afford a luxury Chinese tea, content with mass-produced teas. be the, one in a million who drink delicious rare teas, able to distinguish the tea from the tea "dust" and proudly bears the title of gourmet tea. If you managed to cause similar emotions in the consumer - he enlisted in the number of your regular customers.

What for? At this stage, examples, when a product or service, simply vital. for example, umbrella in rainy weather or air conditioners in the sweltering heat.

Why? Painted competitive advantage, he emphasized the dignity and the unique conditions of the action.

how? Acquaint the user with the terms of desired purchase. In the last step specify the location of the goods offered, working hours and contact numbers. An added bonus, and for both sides, accommodation will fare card.

reclamation – motor trade. (Jadwiga Rutkovska)

The regular advertising - a business card of your brand, your first encounter with the target audience.

Идея рекламного буклета
The idea of ​​advertising booklet

The estimated cost of the pamphlet

Customer pays all the expenses for the production of this type of advertising. The price varies depending on its content - color printing on coated paper, It will be somewhat more expensive than black and white. The cost depends on circulation, the higher the number, the lower the price per unit.

Implementation is not included and is carried out by the customer. Usually booklets are distributed free promoters or sellers, in addition to making a purchase. Regular customers are sent as unobtrusive reminders and inform about the innovations introduced.

You can also download a free advertising booklet template:

example 1.Download free Word template ad.

example 2.Download A4 ad template, 2 fold.

example 3.Download the advertising template free A3, 2 fold.

example 4.Download A4 ad template, 1 sgiʙ.

example 5.Download the advertising template free A3, 3 fold.

example 6.Download the advertising template free A3, 1 sgiʙ.


Video 1. Creation of advertising brochures with Microsoft Office

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