Open account Ltd.

Open account Ltd.
Opening an account Ltd.

For a society with limited liability settlement account opening is not necessarily, and according to the Federal Law № 14-FZ is voluntary. It turns out, that the TOE can operate without a checking account, but, there is one hitch, The central bank in such cases, set limits for cash settlements between legal entities, but rather the amount of the contract shall not exceed the 100 thousand (Note CB RF № 1843-U). therefore, if in the course of activities planned large turnover of money, the current account is a must.

Where to start when you open a checking account Ltd.

The first step is to choose a credit institution, which is supposed to open a checking account. You should choose from the large banks, which offer a wide range of services to small and medium-sized businesses. Also pay attention to the possibility of obtaining a loan for business development.

In such a large and well-known banks, as "VTB 24", "Gazprombank", "Bank of Moscow", "Alfa-Bank", "Promsvyazbank" offer a full range of services, since RKO, internet banking, credit, factoring and ending deposits.

Having defined with a list of the best banks for you, should examine the rates proposed settlement and cash services. In order to the bank branch, either on the official sites, You can request a tariff collection and make a comparison between them.

in addition to the comparison to determine the value of a current account is required to analyze, for this you need to calculate some of the indicators:

  • Price for opening a bank account.
  • Price current accounts.
  • The monthly cost of Internet banking.
  • The cost of the Bank's client.
  • Price payment orders, both on paper, and in electronic form.
  • Fee for cash withdrawal.
  • additional expenses.

It should be noted, and the deadline to submit payments, they can be carried out on the payment date or the next day.

What is required to open an account for the company

Following, to be done, it apply to the selected bank and get a list of, required to open an account, documents. Do not forget to specify the requirements for the certification of documents. After opening an account, do not forget to notify the tax authority within three days, in which the company is registered. It will prepare a bank, you are required only to provide notification of inspection. In the case of non-compliance with this rule, a legal person will be fined in the amount of 5000 rubles.

List of documents for opening a checking account Ltd.:

1. Account application, the shape of which is determined by each bank separately. The application must be signed by the head and chief accountant, any person, leading accounting in accordance with the order of society. If the state is not such a person, the signature is required only head, sealed Ltd..

2. When, when the account is opened not the head of the organization, representative must provide original, or a notarized copy of the power of attorney to open an account.

3. A notarized copy of the charter Ltd., besides companies with the legal form of a partnership, or limited partnership.

4. Documents for registration confirmation:

legal entities, registered to 1 July 2002 of the year – The certificate of registration in the form of P ERYUL 57001 (application number 13 to the Resolution of the RF Government of 19 June 2002 g. № 439);

legal entities, registered after 1 July 2002 of the year – Certificate of EGRUL form P 51001 (application number 11 to the Resolution of the RF Government of 19 June 2002 g. № 439);

Legal entities created by registered after reorganization 1 July 2002 of the year – Certificate of entry into the Unified form of P 50003 (application number 12 to the Resolution of the RF Government of 19 June 2002 g. № 439).

5. The original certificate of the stay on the account in tax inspection.

6. The card with samples of signatures and stamp, notarized. Check out this card, directly in the bank, but with the condition of the presence of the authorized persons with the provision of documents, confirming their identity and credentials.

7. Confirmation of accession to the Treaty on cash management services, signed by the head and chief accountant, any person, leading accounting in accordance with the order of society. If the state is not such a person, the signature is required only head, sealed Ltd..

8. In the case of opening a special brokerage account, It requires a license for brokering.

9. controls Solutions Ltd on the structure and personnel of the legal entity's management bodies.

10. An information letter from the Federal State Statistics Service Codes.

11. Extract from EGRUL.

12. Copies of ID cards, person (persons), endowed with the right of first signature, as well as persons (persons) having the right to dispose of the funds, on the account, using signatures, codes, passwords and other means, which confirm the presence of authorities and certified by a notary or an employee of the bank upon presentation of the original documents.

All copies of documents proving the identity of non-residents, or in a foreign language must be translated into Russian and notarized.

to the Certification Requirements Document

Documents, listed in paragraphs 3 by 5, and 8 by 12 We should be provided to the bank in the form of notarized copies or originals. In addition to certification of a notary can perform the registering authority, or the head of the organization, with the provision of original documents. Certification of the right belongs to the person having the right of first signature, specified in the card with samples of signatures.

Copies of documents, that consist of more than one sheet, sewn and then enumerated. At Mete stitching indicates the number of numbered and sewn pages, in words. Also, put the date, seal of an organization, and also indicates the position, surname, name, surname and signature of the person certifying the copy of the document. Copies of the documents, which consist of a single sheet, certified as a similar manner on the front side, or no space on the reverse side of the document.

Open account individual entrepreneurs – Video instruction

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