Open account with SP

Open account with SP
Current account SP

Many start-up businesses in the course of business activities often wonder, Do I have to open a current account. Someone faced with this issue already at registration, when it comes to dealing with large enterprises, someone asks them in the course of activities, the expansion of business, opening a new point. And the question necessarily arises, beloved in, who are planning to develop their business, because there is a necessity of revenue collection and storage.

Open account with SP

The first is to determine the bank, and choose, one in which the current account will be opened. To do this, you must analyze the rates of some banks, As for the tariff-cash service.

For analysis the following points should be considered:

  • Price for opening a bank account;
  • Price for current accounts;
  • The price of the payment order;
  • Price for Internet banking;
  • Commission in issuing and receiving cash.

No less important factors are the timing of sending payment orders. In addition to the charges for current account service is not unimportant aspect is the deadline to submit payment orders, at the date of payment or the following day, to whom time bank accepts payment orders to be sent to the payment date.

Where to open a checking account, SP

If there is any doubt in choosing a bank, better to give preference to large credit institution. These banks offer a wider range of services, including cash collection, loans, RKO and payroll project. Unlike small banks, which rates, can lower, but the number of services they can offer much lower. It is also worth considering, that in case of unfavorable economic situation in the country, small banks often work intermittently, delay sending payment orders, suspend lending, or require early repayment of loans. Such a universally observed, during the global financial crisis 2008-2009 years.

What is required to open a current account, SP

Having defined the bank, you want to collect a list of documents, which will need to assure and provide for the opening of a current account. Documents to provide bank, all almost identical, usually the constituent documents, and completed forms to the bank.

worth considering, that within three days after opening a checking account, It is necessary to notify the tax authority, which it has been issued a certificate of registration of an entrepreneur. All the necessary documents for submission to the tax preparing the bank itself. Entrepreneur remains their only pass. For failure after 3 days of data, the entrepreneur will have to pay a fine of 5000 rubles.

Consider the list of required for the submission of bank, documents, opening a checking account as an individual entrepreneur:

1. Issued in the form of bank statements on the opening of a current account, filled in signed and sealed SP.

2. Cid personality.

3.If the account is not opened, SP, then a notarized power of attorney for opening a bank account, as well as an identity card.

4. Documents, for confirmation of registration:

Registration certificate:

Individual entrepreneurs registered before 1 January 2004 of the year, required to provide certificate of entry into the Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs record about an individual businessman in the form P 67001;

Individual entrepreneurs registered after 1 January 2004 of the year, required to provide certificate of state registration of a person as an individual entrepreneur in the form P 61001.

the Registration Document:

Attorneys - identity, whose form is approved by order of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation №133 from 16 August 2005 of the year;

Notaries - Order of the Ministry of Justice on the appointment of a notary and a license to carry out notarial activities;

Other categories of individuals, list of documents to confirm the registration is determined by contacting the bank.

5. The original certificate of registration with the Tax Inspectorate.

6. The card with samples of signatures and stamp, notarized. Check out this card, directly in the bank, but with the condition of the presence of the authorized persons with the provision of documents, confirming their identity and credentials.

7. Confirmation of the conclusion of the settlement and cash services, form provided by the bank, It must be signed and secured IP printing.

8. License for activities, If this type is subject to licensing.

9. In the case of opening a special brokerage account, It requires a license for brokering.

10. Information letter of the Federal State Statistics Service, if available.

11. Extract from EGRIP.

12. Copies of ID cards, person (persons), endowed with the right of first signature, as well as persons (persons) having the right to dispose of the funds, on the account, using signatures, codes, passwords and other means, which confirm the presence of authorities and certified by a notary or an employee of the bank upon presentation of the original documents.

Documents, listed in paragraphs 4 by 5, and 8 by 12 require the presentation of originals or notarized copies.

You can also arrange an online application form for opening a current account, which significantly simplifies the whole procedure.

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