Turn-based sole proprietorship in 2019 year

Turn-based sole proprietorship in 2019 year
Registration IP.

Deciding to start your own business, To get started is to contact the tax authority and determine the organizational form and the form of business taxation. The most appropriate form of organization for small and medium-sized businesses is the "Individual entrepreneur". Consider, what procedures need to come to the self-registration of business as SP, the tax office. If you doubt what legal business form select, See our material, where we compared the pros and cons of opening and IP LLC, what's better.

1 step – The list of documents required for opening an IP

  • Identification;
  • certificate of Tax;
  • payment slip, confirming payment of state fees as registration of individual entrepreneurs. The fee is 800 rubles, and the receipt itself can be downloaded from the official website of the Tax Inspectorate service.nalog.ru, which can pay at any bank.

2 step – The procedure for registration of SP alone

To register a company as an individual entrepreneur is required to submit the following documents to the tax authority:

  • Statement on registration of individual entrepreneurs;
  • Information on planned activities (the list NACE);
  • Statement on the transition to a simplified form of taxation, in duplicate;
  • payment slip, confirming the payment of state fees.

Time state registration of individual entrepreneurs 5 working days, from that day as the IRS was given a full set of documents.

3 step – Obtaining of registration documents

In case of correct assembly of the necessary documents, Dolen tax authority to provide the following documents:

  • The certificate and registration as an individual entrepreneur (OGRNIP);
  • certificate of Tax, according to which the IP is registered in the tax office ;
  • Letter from Rosstat statistics codes;
  • Notification from the Pension Fund, The Social Insurance Fund and the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund;
  • Extract EGRIP;
  • Notification, confirming the simplified taxation.

After all these procedures and in the hands of all documents, you can work legally. Next is optional, you can open a checking account, but do not forget, that in the case of the work with the company or large IP can not do without a checking account. Also, the production of printing is not a mandatory procedure, but according to the rules of document circulation in the country, make it necessary.

Preparation of documents for registration of IP in 2019 by yourself with the help of special services

Register IP is not a complicated procedure, but, it requires the correct filling of all forms. After an error can cause a failure of the tax authority to register.

To avoid mistakes in filling, many entrepreneurs, use the services of companies engaged in the registration. The cost of such services is about 5 000 rubles. This amount excludes the payment of duties, which is paid separately.

For start-ups, This amount may be weighty, so in order to avoid wasting, you can access online services https://www.moedelo.org/. This free service allows you to prepare all the required documents with the IP registration. To do this, you need only to register and fill out a form with personal data. As a result, all of the documents required for business registration in the Tax Service will be filled with the absence of errors.

In addition to providing this service, online service moedelo.org assists in accounting and tax accounting to small and medium-sized businesses, while in contrast to firms engaged in such services, Prices are relatively low.

How to open IE 2019: step by step video instruction

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