Business Plan breeding nutria

Business Plan breeding nutria
Бизнес-план разведение нутрий
Business Plan breeding nutria

business niche, implemented in agriculture, not fully developed in our country, However, commercial activities, based on breeding, cultivation of certain species of animals, and subsequent implementation of the production management products can bring consistently good income.

among animals, the cultivation of which is expedient in terms of economic benefits, special attention should be paid to waterfowl animals, namely - nutria. Business, based on breeding nutria, it is in danger of becoming profitable, provided a reasonable approach to business, preliminary calculation costs for equipping farm, initial stock of fodder and directly purchase nutria themselves with providing them a safe location. In other words, create a business plan for a new commercial project. This development should be made full payment of the entire business: starting from the idea of ​​opening the economy breeding nutria, and ending with the first business profit.

Before starting the project should be calculated profitability and payback of business. An important role in business development is playing well, the analysis of the economic situation in the region of the planned business development, including an assessment of the economic struggle and audience expectations. Also in the business plan must be calculated possible emerging risks, and marked the ways of their prevention or reduction. Great importance is familiarity with the characteristics and features of the content nutria (including the establishment of the methodology of the diet, diet and arrangement of the contents of the medium), experience and advice on the content of other animal breeders, etc..

business development stages

After developing a business plan and its approval by the investors, going implementation planned activities, namely:

  1. selection, purchase (rent) land for future placement area.
  2. Coordination of the project and obtaining the relevant documentation.
  3. The construction of buildings for the content of nutria.
  4. Installation for animal cells.
  5. Land improvement, accompanied by digging the pond and installing the pen for walking.


The business plan should be a description of the selected room to accommodate cells with nutria. to such premises requirements following:

  • wooden structure;
  • Good air ventilation;
  • dry air inside;
  • the overall cleanliness of the room (as the nutria are very clean animals, do not emit a peculiar smell like mink or foxes).

The following is to buy or build their own cells to house animals. The most appropriate cell size for nutria 100h60h50 cm, if the cell is smaller, it is fraught with a lack of reproduction in nutria, or low survival of young animals.

Cells are installed in the house for the content of nutria at a height of not less than 70 cm. Pre-placement should be prepared for the stay of animals, for which the floor is covered with a special bedding, and the walls set metal grid.

You should also keep an eye on maintaining the room temperature is optimal for the content of nutria. During the summer, the animals must be ensured by artificial devices adoption of water treatments (or natural) pond. Water procedures needed for nutria, to prevent getting heatstroke in hot weather.

The specifics of breeding

Нутрии - это одомашненные бобры
nutria – This domesticated otters

Nutria are domesticated swamp beavers, and their popularity is due to breeding beautiful and quite durable fur, as well as a tasty dietary meat.

Nutria included in the class of herbivores, so the bulk of their diet consists of plant food, mainly growing near water bodies. First of all the animals eat the stems, roots and leaves of aquatic plants, for which reason their sustenance does not require special costs. Also in the mode of supply of domesticated nutria may attend special vegetable feed various vegetables. The adult eats per day about 1,5 plant food.

Nutrievodstvo does not require special care in the care of these animals, as they are unpretentious, possess high fecundity and immunity to different diseases.

Nutria quite peaceful animals, able to get used to a person, and even respond to this nickname. However, during the breeding season, they can be aggressive.

Bite nutria dangerous! It can be instantaneous and strong. Nutria capable snack finger!

For this reason, during the mating nutria recommended less often disturb the animals, touching their backs, and not to expose them to stress. Besides, on nutria adversely affected by the noise, when elevated levels of females can not breed, lose weight and eventually, die.

marketing plan

Во время брачного периода нутрии могут быть агрессивными
During mating season, nutria can be aggressive

Since the production of farm products breeding nutria quite specific, the business plan must necessarily be developed and established markets for farm products. Agreement for the supply of meat products production can be enclosed with large outlets and restaurants specialized nutrition. Nutria fur can be supplied in the production of clothes and footwear for professionals or private studio.

Agreement for the supply of breeding nutria product can be enclosed directly, or through intermediaries.


As in any other business plan, project of opening a farm breeding nutria, It must contain a financial plan, consisting of expenditure and revenue sides.

The acquisition price of a pair of nutria (male and female) is about 3200 rubles, about every four months, the female is able to bring 10-15 young offspring. One adult individual gives about 1,5-2 kg empty space, which may be exercised at a price of 800 rubles. The market price of a commodity is nutria pelts 480-640 rubles. Given this current affairs business payback will come about through 6 months

The video presents the recommendations on the content of nutria in the home for the purpose of commercial gain


Business, built in breeding nutria, It has several advantages, concludes in a simple animal care, low cost of food and service and the high fertility of nutria. However, for the success of the business plan should be drawn up case with the calculation of all required project economics.

below is a sample business plan for the breeding of nutria, which readers can download for free

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