Employee Motivation retail stores

Employee Motivation retail stores

This article provides practical advice from top manager, which deals with the motivation of employees to increase sales in the company, working in the retail trade.

In modern conditions, when competition among retailers is quite high, there are several proven ways, helping to achieve a good turnover, including a sale of the unique product of high demand, unparalleled, or a high level of sales.

While difficult to fulfill the first condition, many companies, be in the retail way, selecting a second embodiment, trying different methods to increase sales volumes. One of these methods is the organization in the company of competent staff incentives.

The motivation may be carried out using aspects of the tangible and intangible, are equally important, as the guarantee the fulfillment of their duties responsibly and with pleasure.

Material motivation of staff

Material motivation of staff

One of the main principles of the company should be transparent and clear presence of a payment system, since employees work, Firstly, to provide itself with the means to life, so understanding of the scheme, of which paid their labor, encourages employee and provides a quiet confidence in the future.

On the other hand, trade organizations rarely used only salary, basically, acts motivational scheme wage, consisting of salary and interest on sales. Many heads of retail facilities represent salary of, is half the intended earnings. But this is not the best option, therefore often also used the system, where the percentage includes two components - personal and collective part.

This method helps to reduce competition among sellers of the company and to increase the total volume of sales, so the spacecraft every seller will take care not only of personal gain, but will also seek to support colleagues. Besides, under this scheme, sellers are more willing to be involved in the work of the Organization, that do not involve direct sales, and indirectly involved in the implementation process: reassessment and receiving goods, product placement in the hall, dressing mannequins.

To each employee to fulfill their duties, the company can introduce efficiency, which displays the percentage of participation of each employee in the general work.

In addition, the company may use employees bonuses. Even if the organization's budget is limited, you can find a way to subscribe to a premium to one of the best employees, subject to the overall plan, and not all employees, that will help the company save money, but at the same time motivate all sellers to achieve the best results. Prize may not necessarily be given in cash: it can be a discount on goods, bonus or certificate.

When it came to promotion, it is necessary to mention the staff Punishment, which is expressed in a late fee, inappropriate appearance, misconduct or failure to perform tasks. In this case, the fines should be unpleasant, but not draconian, as they de-motivate employees, Therefore, all questions necessary to solve, possibly, without punishment.

Material motivation of staff

Intangible motivation of personnel

Despite, that all people work for money, Equally important is the atmosphere, which has developed in the working team. The presence of a favorable climate in the company remains the main way of non-material motivation of employees, engaged in sales.

The main methods of non-financial incentives include maintaining corporate culture, maintaining honor roll, providing opportunities for career growth and good relations among employees.

When the Company has a clear corporate culture, based on regular social events, training and corporate events, employees feel their involvement in the common cause and the importance of the business, it also helps to rally the team to a friendly team.

Followed at Soviet enterprises practice of posting photos of high performers on the honor roll was very effective, as each fought for the title of best, because human nature is peculiar sometimes amuse the vanity. In retail companies, the title of best seller increases the growth of personal sales, as each buyer will get a kick out of, that it works the best employee.

If a company gives an opportunity to grow their best employees in terms of career, it helps to improve their skills. In that case, if vacancies for higher positions in the company are rarely open, manager may impose certain skill levels or categories, which the employee receives at achieving significant results in their work. The staff will be particularly interested in improving their skills, if the category will be accompanied by a premium to pay.

However, Prize can not long retain staff, if the atmosphere in the company of an oppressive and malevolent, in fact on the person spends most of his day. Therefore, the absence of mental and physical comfort in the workplace cause a strong staff turnover in the company, while in a circle of like-minded performance markedly improves.

In this way, with proper use of methods of motivation complex manager may collect in the company of staff, which will be long and happy work, providing companies with high profit.

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