How to get a grant for a business in the countryside – bugs and features

How to get a grant for a business in the countryside – bugs and features

Everybody knows, that the number of jobs in rural areas is minimal, and should move to reflect not only on employment, how about creating your own job and income. About tom, how to get a grant to start a business, associated with agriculture, as well as about the most common mistakes of the event and will be discussed in this article.

Common Pitfalls, associated with a grant

In most cases, start-up businesses do not have an impressive start-up capital, so initially you should think about additional sources of business financing. In this regard, we must not forget about the seasonal nature of the business flow, associated with agriculture, as well as about, that the first profits from plants or animals will not be soon. For this reason, obtaining a bank loan is not the best option infusion of additional funds in the business, since the mortgage payments will have to produce on a regular basis, and income from farming is impossible to co-ordinate according to credit payments.

Consequently, Other sources of funding private business must be found. It is recommended, using information, Laid on the Internet, familiarize, what kind of business begins to support programs operating in the region, which it is planned to start commercial activities. For each region of Russia can be found at least two running programs of financial support growing businesses, are what are:

  1. subsidy. The financial support is provided to budding businessmen under the self-employment program. The amount of subsidies - 58,8 thousand. rubles per participant open a business, provided, that these members are bound to be involved in entrepreneurial activity. Requirements for obtaining grants is to exercise representation and protection of the commercial plan for business development in the Employment Center.
  2. Grant. Financial support, provided to budding entrepreneurs by the Ministry of Economic Development together with the regional governments, conducting selection on a competitive basis of applications from entrepreneurs. The amount of the grant 300 thousand. rubles.

    Особенности получения гранта на бизнес в сельской местности имеет свои нюансы.
    Features of the grant on a business in the countryside has its own nuances.

It should be noted, what, despite the attractiveness of the first of these types of financial support for developing business, get the subsidy is not so easy. The difficulty in this issue is a high competition for such financial support. Also, many entrepreneurs constrains the fact, that even with the victory in the contest for a grant, the amount of financial assistance is not so large. For this reason, more attention should be paid to get the name of the grant, it should be to avoid mistakes, listed below.

error first: territorial features issuing grants

The big misconception is considered, that the Internet can find detailed information about how to obtain grants, since in most cases it provides an overview of this type of financial assistance. In fact, across the country local authorities set their own conditions for obtaining grants from the relevant permission from the federal level. Respectively, to receive a grant in a particular region, should clarify the conditions in the regulations on a regional scale.

error second: range of statistical codes

here a complete list of NACE codes:

  • Agriculture;
  • building;
  • manufacturing;
  • the provision of services in the social, personal and communal areas;
  • craft activities.

At the same time in every region of the issuance of grants preference for a certain area. Respectively, before to register and indicate the specific statistical codes (OKVED), should be clarified, that it is a priority in the region.

error third: collection of documents

  • a certificate of registration as FE;
  • service contract in the bank;
  • entrepreneur passport;
  • Rosstat letter, containing the assigned statistical codes;
  • Certificate of assigning an account number of the payer;
  • excerpt from EGRIP;
  • certificate of absence of all debts (before tax, pension fund, FSS and HIF);
  • certificate of any form of revenue size of previous years;
  • Information about the average number of employees in the previous year (for individual entrepreneurs, she is, respectively, equals zero).

The data collection instruments need to take into account not only the rate of issue of some of them (for example, extract from EGRIP issued within 5 days), but the term of these existing instruments. The latter circumstance may become a serious problem, as the "statute of limitations" in terms of the different documents: extract from EGRIP valid for 30 days, certificate of absence of tax debts - for 10 days, and a certificate of no debt on the budget funds is recommended to take a day of applying for a grant.

Features of the grant on a business in the countryside
Features of the grant on a business in the countryside

error fourth: a business plan

To participate in the competition for a grant should provide entrepreneurs addition to the above package of documents properly written business plan, detailing the process of commercial activity. The mistake many business is, provided that in the first available as a description of the business plan, found on the internet. This approach is flawed, and entails a denial of the state support of business.

a comprehensive description of the upcoming activities should be allowed to participate in the competition, composed in accordance with certain criteria. For this to be completed training in special courses, devoted to the basics of business. When applying for a grant must be accompanied by a certificate for passing these courses. For entrepreneurs with higher economic education passing the courses of this kind is not required.

As a result, business plans, wherein clear explanations should be given in the following paragraphs the issues:

  1. especially the upcoming business;
  2. a detailed description of products;
  3. characteristics of the organizational process of the schedule;
  4. calculation of the amount of investment;
  5. Forecast cash flows;
  6. possibly emerging risks and ways of their suppression.

Extras must be calculated the size of tax deductions, stating the planned number of employees, as well as other indicators are calculated using the formula.

error fifth: the purpose of the cost

When receiving the grant certain complexity arises destinations means, so they can be spent only for the purposes, clearly identified in the business plan and application. An additional complication is that, Grant funds can not be run on the repayment of current costs (accounts payable, staff salaries, etc.).

Consequently, Only basic tools can be purchased through a grant, directly involved in the production and income. therefore, when ordering you need to carefully consider the purchase of assets of the scheme with the possibility of confirming their purpose.

error sixth: the criteria for selecting the winner

Competition Commission to grant extradition evaluates candidates according to criteria intended, and assigns them a certain number of points:

  • Job creation - is given by 1 to 5 points for the employment of 1 to 10 (and more) employees, respectively.
  • Age criterion - the age of the entrepreneur to 30 years is estimated at 1 mark, older - in 0 points.
  • Owning its own start-up capital for the financing of the entire project in the amount of 0 to 100% estimated number of points from 1 to 5 respectively.
  • Proposed activity, relating to the priority activities in the region, estimated at 1 mark, all other species - in 0 points.

All contestants are required registration period was not more 1 of the year, as well as doing business in the same region, which was implemented registration.

The errors in this case can be admitted in the, that in different regions have different selection criteria more contestants, with significant differences.

Полученный грант на открытие бизнеса в сельской местности придется вернуть, если деньги не потратили в срок, и если деньги потратили не по назначению.
Grant at the opening of business in rural areas will have to return, if money is not spent in time, and if the money is spent for other purposes.

error seventh: different grant programs in regions

Terms of the ratio of own funds, aimed at financing business, and the grant amount in different regions differ sharply. For example, the conditions of the grant in the Novgorod region consist in the implementation of all business expenses, Only then it can be obtained by a grant 70% of the total cost items. For this reason, we must first learn the details of receipt of the grant in a particular region, and commensurate with their own financial capabilities.

error eighth: timing of grant payments

Since Grant is a public sphere of activity, then the probability of delays in payments of amounts of state support due to various bureaucratic delays is large enough. Therefore, a common mistake is to wait for payment of state support amount, and only then commit all costs. This sequence of actions can lead to a waste of time and nerves.

error ninth: violation of the terms of the project

This error may stem from previous, when, due to delays in grant payments were delayed in increasing production capacity. Since at this time the issuing authority grants after the first quarter of activity should be provided supporting documents about the absence of debts to the budget and off-budget funds, as well as presenting a certificate of the average number of employees. If such documents are not provided, or poor maintenance, the regional authorities have the right to demand the return of the grant.

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