The possibility of customer loyalty systems and personnel

The possibility of customer loyalty systems and personnel

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Well-written loyalty program can be not only a great tool for customer retention, as well as a tool to ensure repeat sales, but also a very important development, allowing to increase the company's profitability, and does not require financial investments.

Before the beginning of the description of possibilities, opening the enterprise implementation of loyalty system, I need to mention, that the appointment they have one, but, the extent to which may be a whole lot of options. The following are the basic types of activities, just two of them and sent them to external consumer, as well as internal staff program.

Most often, the loyalty system for managers is a system of actions, which helps to keep the clientele. but, small, but successful companies practiced on domestic programs, and the purpose of them is to increase the commitment of employees, and converting them into an effective force of workers and convert the firm's clients.

What are the consumer loyalty program.

The purpose of development of loyalty programs for customers is to keep the interest of customers. The same goal is the creation of additional communications and ensuring repeat sales. A major challenge for the marketers of these networks is a customer database, allowing everything to anticipate the needs and desires. If you are constantly watching and analyzing your own discount club and receive feedback from customers, that the company has an opportunity to learn about the quality of, opportunities and consumer habits. This allows you to quickly and accurately manage the implementation of the product.

For consumers often prepared profiles, to be filled, customers also filled cards, forms. This gives a pass to the consumer to participate in PL.

Possibility of submarine №1 obtain information about clients

Possibility number one - it is possible to obtain a sufficiently wide range of information about consumers. This information is needed for consumers, that it can be used for marketing purposes.

It is worth considering a small example. Before you open a clothing store, We need to release one edition cards plastics, to create software to work with the customer base - it will, so-called preparatory phase. From the very first day of the store operation, You can issue cards to customers, The same, instead, You must fill out a form. Thanks to this procedure, the company receives valuable information for themselves about consumers: age, purchase motivation, preferences, and more.

business, which has the complete customer information, will be able, buying clothes, rely on it, give the opportunity to show themselves, young sellers, during this period of time and fill showcases modern things.

Possibility of submarine №2 - direct communication with the client

it is important to achieve loyalty

The second possibility is the loyalty program - is communication with the client directly. In this case, based on the cost of the consumer preferences and characteristics of the firm's business.

example: mobile sushi bar is in constant motion, and not all customers have time to monitor the movement of the bar. Provide additional sales may address point-sms alert, through which customers know exactly the location of the bar. If we analyze sales, the notification may be individual, ie the customer exactly the product will be available in sms-notification, he prefers.

other features

Some businesses are satisfied, the so-called, "Blind" actions. That is, customers will be offered a bonus, at the time of buying. In this bonus can be anything, eg, a glass of beer to a particular dish. using bonus, the customer is able to buy the same product again, but at a lower price. These actions allow the client to make an attractive one for a meal, or the organization itself. Thereby increasing the check and re-sale.

A little about the opportunities, that you can get the full customer base , and the outcome, which lead to increased profits:

  • Full customer base allows to notify consumers about the company's activities and planned activities,
  • The company can segment offers,
  • The firm becomes possible to vary the prices: from time to time offer discounts,
  • Full customer base can be protected from dumping by competitors,
  • The company begins to understand clearly all the CA value to the planning of development in the future

loyalty program for staff

All examples, which have been described above, They have one goal - to increase the efficiency of communication between the firm and clientele, from both sides. Loyalty program staff also pursues another goal - to increase operational efficiency, thanks to the loyalty of employees to the employer, as well as products and activities.

Everybody knows, that only quality, made with the soul of product has a higher price. The company provides its employees with benefits system, instead, as those improving their work and even purchase goods themselves, which is made. This process is motivated to direct an increase in productivity. System benefits may be selling goods at a lower price, raising rates on seniority and more.

benefits of the system can acquire a material appearance, intangible or complex, implying career employee, his payment, as well as personnel and, of course, firm.

The possibility of internal loyalty programs

  • Due to the increased competitiveness of the company PL,
  • Reduced staff turnover,
  • There is a commitment to the products and conversion, both staff, and consumers,
  • There is an opportunity to create a teamwork,
  • reducing costs, who go to work with the staff

You can not miss a moment: This loyalty program is able to be considered only if, when the period ends with the formation of the business and the confidence in the end product.

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