loyalty program for producers and distributors

loyalty program for producers and distributors

iThe loyalty program is a specific set of marketing tools, as well as tools. With these tools and instruments created by the relationship between communication participants, and, and, for a long time. Under the Communications refers to the company and the customer, the company and the employee, the company and partner.

Therefore, the goal in the loyalty program is: the customer must buy the product again, the employee will sign an agreement on the extension of cooperation. often it happens, that the activities of the enterprise directly affect the funds, that achieve the goal.

Commercial firm may be the manufacturer of the product, maybe implementer. Today, many firms, in order to increase revenue, combine both functions. And indeed, and the number of markets increases significantly, and, respectively, more profit.

To increase the level of commitment to product, Services & Products, We need to develop a set of measures, which the, by the way, different in each case,. To create a more effective system of loyalty to the company, which combines the function of the manufacturer and distributors of their own products, It should consciously understand all the nuances of creating a loyalty system for producers, understand the differences of these systems, which are created for distributors, also need to know, how to compile the production and sale, that the result was effective.

What are the loyalty programs of manufacturers?

It is worth noting, that the producers of the goods, that, to the same and send it to the wholesale distribution channels, never in contact with the consumer, which is the final. That is why it is difficult to reach and loyalty program for customers. Regular in-depth analysis values, as well as the motives of buyers, namely it can help to keep the clientele.

Company, which produces the goods must build loyalty program, based on a specific set of activities:

  • It is necessary to create a center, which will work with clients, it could be a service center, and hotline,
  • To consumers it easier to get acquainted with the product and information about the company, you need to create a website, where you can consult with a specialist online,
  • Be sure to conduct service management,
  • To simplify the work needed to plan development of communication with the consumer. Such as: the presentation of a new product, conduct testing, conducting various interviews.

Most large companies communicate with consumers through advertising, it can be information, supporting, accentuating, in this way, We get one-way communication. For smaller companies, They do not have such a large budget, to spend it on advertising. Therefore, the customer communicate directly, so how to gather information about consumers is not only important, but useful, it can be used in further development.

The client company, which produces the product you need to know, whether the product quality, Whether the company can vouch for your product, and at any time can support.

A small example: sausage shop delivers your product in supermarkets for sale, and at the same time possible to produce circulation IDs, they may be chips, coins, stickers, etc.. These chips are buyers, buying products sausage shop. These can then be exchanged for bonus, when filling out the questionnaire. Due to filling in the questionnaire the company receives the necessary data of their customers, the buyer, in turn, receives encouragement in the form of a gift.

This method of communication with the client is not the only. The company has the opportunity to start a dialogue with the customer, leave your data in the questionnaire, the result of communication can become a positive feedback.

Buyers, who buy goods in bulk, also want to feel the support from the manufacturer. For these customer loyalty system is based on the values, which are mutual. Using internal rebates, premirovaniya sale, joint actions, tastings, manufacturers to easily keep consumers, who prefer to buy goods in bulk.

What are the implementers of the loyalty program?

company, which realize their goods, in constant contact with their customers. Due to this the company has tremendous opportunities to, to keep the clientele. These features may be different bonuses, discount system, discounts and gifts. So, eg, Store children's shoes can in no build loyalty program, which will be based on product specifics.

known, that children grow faster than an adult, and therefore, and shoes they need to change much more often. Therefore, if the store will open pawnshop, then mothers will be able to give a pair of shoes for other children and to buy your child new shoes. This approach has another advantage: with the help of the commission card company could easily recoup all its costs.

Very important note, companies, that sells goods, It has a certain responsibility to the consumers for your product, it means, that will be more effective loyalty system, created by tandem. If the company not only sells, but also produces, then there are some cons and pros at the same time.

The positive benefit of this company will be the, that the hike in communication with the client is a holistic. But if you look on the other side, the same factor can affect negatively. marketers, who have very little experience and can not keep all the elements of the loyalty of producers and distributors in one integrated system,.

For example, consider the following situation: there is a production hall, having a chain of shops. One side, it should work with consumers, to identify and understand the value of the degree of satisfaction. On the other hand, implementation should gather the pleasure of the facts, as well as customer dissatisfaction with the product, which is made shop. It is separate from the production, implementation must provide the buyer with the conditions, thanks to which he will return for the product again and again. All these conditions and will be the loyalty program.

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