Risk factors and prospects of opening a mini bakery

Risk factors and prospects of opening a mini bakery

In order to start their own business, comprising the activities of the mini-bakery, should carry out a detailed analysis of all the "pros" and "cons" of this type of business. Besides, recommendations, in the article, It can be used as a SWOT analysis of the business, associated with the operation of mini-bakery.

The main questions

  • Assortment of baked goods.
  • Location for the bakery (in this issue include not only information about the geographical location of the business object, but also the population of nearby settlements, presence of closely spaced and more marketing channels).
  • The target audience a mini-bakery. It consists of two segments - the intermediary and the target. Mediation segment attends this type of institution to purchase products due to close location to the home and the presence of a constant fresh pastries. Target segment of clientele mini-bakeries consists of representatives from different sectors of the population (retirees, office staff, parents of young children, age from 1 to 10 years old).
Analytical study of risk factors and the prospects of opening a mini-bakery
Analytical study of risk factors and the prospects of opening a mini-bakery

In this way, after examining all the related opening of mini-bakeries circumstances and conditions, in the analysis of development prospects and the likelihood of emerging risks, It should identify the main marketing objectives, relating to commercial activities in the field. It should be remembered, that marketing objectives are designed to meet the interests of both the target audience segments. These objectives are:

  1. Establishment of an uninterrupted supply of daily fresh pastries. The ideal option is the delivery of freshly baked products twice a day.
  2. High taste characteristics of products sold.
  3. Low price included baking.
  4. Formation of assortment of pastries with the wishes of the target characteristics. For example, it can be a range of children's baking, traditional pastries, Office sets on 3-4 person, etc..

Potential work mini-bakery

Promoting your business, associated with the work small bakeries has several advantages, encourage business to the top of this type of business. Among these advantages are:

  1. manufacture of bakery products Specificity allows you to keep a small staff mini-bakery. Whereby it is possible to reduce the administrative costs and reduce production costs, and the ability to issue fresh everyday (though small) baking party.
  2. Great potential of advertising and business expansion opportunities and markets with life due to the company's premises on the brands of paper packaging products.
  3. Increase brand awareness and initial support of business at the initial stage of a mini-bakery at the expense of sales of products through major retail chains and supermarkets.
  4. Development and introduction of franchising schemes in the subsequent stages of the bakery.
  5. Using products in the bakery for self-promotion by placing the packaging list of other products for the expansion of the customer knowledge about the range of advertising.
  6. Development of Internet storefronts, offers products through its introduction and delivery services to further expand its customer base and find new markets.
  7. The expansion of the product range after a detailed study of market expectations and consumer preferences. As an example, in the range of confectionery production line can be added.
  8. In order to enhance the image and brand recognition, participation in various activities of public and social life of the village (charity events, service outreach, etc.).
  9. Attracting more customers and increase demand for products mini-bakery by introducing promotional offers and discount schemes.

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Analytical study of risk factors and the prospects of opening a mini-bakery

Assessment of risk factors

The research possibilities of opening a mini-bakery should be evaluated and identified options for suppressing the risks of the business promotion. Initially, the competitive environment in the village should be assessed, which it plans to open a mini-bakery. Even though it is relatively mild, objective factors emerging risks should be assessed:

  • The increase in raw materials and primary products prices (flour, sugar, yeast) entails increase in the cost of finished products bakery and a general decline in its revenues. Avoid this threat to business can be achieved by long-term contracts for the supply of products by the sweat prices, as well as continuous monitoring of price changes.
  • Activating the direct actions of competitors you may lose part of regular customers and a corresponding decrease in income. Reducing this threat can be achieved through a variety of actions and the introduction of the discount system for customers, as well as penalties and rewards scheme staff for good work.
  • Poor quality of service in the bakery due to unskilled personnel establishments can lead to dissatisfaction with visitors, decrease in profit and loss of image. To avoid such a situation, the development can be achieved by upgrading staff skills, conducting various trainings assortment bakery, as well as the introduction of the penal system employees for improper performance of official functions.
  • buyers not interested in the products offered may result in an unrealized, and a corresponding decrease in income. Measures to prevent such a situation is: actively pursued by the advertising company; marketing strategy development, and monitoring consumer preferences.

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Summarizing the results of analysis

Since the mini-bakery products refers to goods of everyday consumption, the discovery of this type of business is acceptable and successful in the future in implementing the right marketing moves.

In order to enhance the success of the bakery the following tools to be applied:

  1. drawing range in accordance with the wishes and preferences of the target group of customers;
  2. placement on the packaging brand company's products in order to enhance its recognition;
  3. expansion of the product range, as well as finding new markets for products;
  4. Work with employees to improve the level of service in a mini-bakery;
  5. thought out promotional activities of the company.

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