How to get the fire safety service solution for the opening of public catering points

How to get the fire safety service solution for the opening of public catering points

A large number of documents at the opening of any enterprise creates certain difficulties. They are no exception and catering. But all solvable. One of the major challenges will be to meet all the provisions of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations (State Fire Fighting Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation) or obtaining certification from the fire service, confirming compliance with the premises of the future object existing standards of fire safety.

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There are a number of regulations, designed to protect the public catering places from fires

Regulations and codes of practice, determining the provision of fire bases are extensive enough.

The following regulatory legal acts are required to comply with their requirements by all enterprises catering, such as cafes, coffeehouse, restaurants, canteens.

These regulations:

Fire Safety Requirements

  • fire alarm presence, meets all modern requirements,
  • have all the necessary means to prevent the proliferation and eventual elimination of fire (fire extinguishers and other means of fire insulation),
  • availability of evacuation plans (for ancillary facilities required calculation categories flammability class definition of PUE zones (Rules for Electrical Installation)).
  • in prominent places have light or other kind of indicators showing the way out of the room,
  • have a valid warning system public address in all branches catering,
  • the presence of a fast escape routes,
  • operating ventilation system,
  • maintaining records of stock of the state of fire extinguishers and their permanent presence,
  • briefing employees on fire safety measures and records about it in a magazine,
  • have a designated employee, responsible for compliance with fire safety personnel.

According to the basic requirements of the Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia in relation to catering establishments (restaurants, Cafe, canteens, bars, eateries) Indoor necessary to define the following parameters:

  • an indication of the category, to which the premises, Classification of explosion in case of fire,
  • calculation of data on the location and equipping rapid withdrawal of ways workers and visitors from the danger zone,
  • calculation of limit fire resistance of structures and materials, used in the construction of buildings,
  • Performance rationale for the signaling devices of the incident fire extinguishing capabilities and an automatic system.

To make such calculations the problem of no easy. To do this you need to collect, consider and work out a lot of data. If still under preparation or construction of the facility to provide for all provisions and requirements of regulations, possible without undue difficulty to obtain conclusion, that the facility complies with all fire regulations.

Otherwise, there could be a big problem.

Who can get a conclusion

Fire Service of EMERCOM of Russia has Office, responsible for issuing such opinions. In order to be able to get it you need to make a written statement, attach to it all of the following documents and submit to the Office of the place of registration of the power of the object. Department inspector leaves the specified address and check all the facilities to meet the standards and norms of fire safety. the conclusion drawn from a survey of.

It will be positive, if there are no comments. In the event of an unfavorable opinion will be attached list of comments on the discrepancies, and offer to fix them without fail. Eliminating all imperfections can re-apply to the Office.

What documents must be submitted to the Office of the Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations

  • statement in writing for a conclusion on compliance with fire safety standards of public catering facilities,
  • document, proving the right to lease or ownership of the premises,
  • constituent documents of catering,
  • certificate of state registration of the object,
  • a certificate of registration with the Federal Tax Service - Financial Tax Service,
  • an extract from the register - a document, provided by the Federal Tax Service of Territorial Inspection. It contains all the information, related business entity and all of its components,
  • floor plan, drawn up and certified by the BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory), with explication (detailed explanation and description of the object),
  • documents, confirming spent training and mastering the skills of personnel of fire protection,
  • contracts for the maintenance of fire alarm and ventilation, protection from smoke and lightning, resources localization and fire extinguishing,
  • the act of checking the technical condition of the chimney and ventilation systems,
  • insulation resistance measurement in power act,
  • guide to all the premises of the complex of measures to comply with fire safety,
  • A statement of the tests the state of the fire water supply system,
  • order, designating a responsible person with the duty to ensure fire safety in all areas of the complex.

For consideration of the application have fixed expiration

This period is not more than a month. Usually, this period is much smaller and is about two weeks.

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