How to organize their work

How to organize their work


To get a detailed guide to starting a business, learn the sequence of stages and their features, you need to read this article. To organize their work, and in the case of, If you define the direction of its business, We dealt with the business plan, We pick up the necessary space, Decide, where you will buy equipment, found different suppliers, fine, kind of, all adjusted and ready. but, do not rush, is not so easy, as it seems. Now we have to deal with legal issues, to determine the shape of future business, go through the stages of registration.

Stage 1

This step is preliminary and preparatory. So do not ignore it, conversely, should be paid to this stage and time to carefully read and study. It was from your care at this stage depends on the success of your business in the future. Before you get up in preparation for the task of choosing the organizational form of your upcoming business and taxation. Let us examine successively in every moment and let the main important aspects.

Under the organizational form is understood - a form of business entity, recognized by the legislation, fixing and fixing method of use of the subject and the consequent purpose of the activity and its legal status. When you open a small business structure of the best option will be the organizational form of IP, for Ltd.. To choose, it is beneficial for you especially worth exploring, advantages and disadvantages of each of the organizational forms.

Before making the choice, must be clear objectives, assigned to the business, its objectives, as well as to take into account future growth, development and prospects of your business. Necessarily requires a comparison of the organizational form of a business activity view, more precisely, that will be most in tune with your business, and what is more profitable for you. Following this transition to the determination and selection of the form of taxation. Because of this factor depends profitability and business efficiency. A closer look at existing forms of taxation:

  • Simplified tax system, in which charged a certain percentage of income;
  • USN, in which charged a percentage of the sum of net gains;
  • General taxation system, which provides for the recovery of value added tax and personal income tax;
  • A single tax on imputed income, which applies only to certain types of activities;
  • patent

It should take into account an important point. The choice of form of taxation at the stage of preparation is important not only because of its necessity, and referring to certain legal restrictions. So, without indicating the form of taxation in the preliminary stage, correct the error can be either, after a certain amount of time, or not this possibility will not be at all. For example, this form of taxation as a patent or the simplified tax system. only entrepreneurs can apply the patent to the organizational form of IP, Ltd. under the laws of such opportunities have not. If your choice has fallen on USN, the report this fact to the tax authorities must be made within five days from the date of registration of business. This is a fairly short period of time because they are very easy to miss. If that happens, then go to uproschenku you can in just one calendar year. Another important point: should analyze the most likely to choosing the form of taxation on their effectiveness, or rather on the criterion of the lowest tax burden. This requires a comparative analysis of tax forms for the selected type of business.

Stage 2

The next step is the state registration of your business. Authority, who is responsible for this process is the INFS, This area is located at the location are not yet registered your IP, or LLC. If necessary,, all required data and has the coordinates of the Federal Tax Service on the official site.

Mainly at this stage it is the preparation and provision of the service of the state registration of the required set of documents. Please see the list of required documents before contacting, You can also on the official website.

Do not forget, that according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, the entrepreneur shall be entitled to a choice of ways of providing documents for registration. It may be a private visit and submit documents, there is an option, in which supply can realize your representative, who has a power of attorney. You can use the internet and send documents by e-mail, and you can go to the nearest post office, where you must specify the origin value and provide a list of attachments.

After all the legal requirements, receive documents, confirming your registration will be possible not later than the expiry 5 working days, after their submission to the appropriate body.

Important to remember, should be considered, that at one stage of state registration, in accordance with NACE, you have to specify the proposed activities. In this case, it is recommended to reflect in more detail and provide activities, that even indirectly related to your business and that somehow come into contact with them, we can talk about even one-time transactions. but, if you miss something, then in the future it could become a serious obstacle to the fulfillment of any transaction. And to eliminate this shortcoming is quite troublesome, You will need to change registration documents and the statutes of the company. To avoid such problems in the future, do not forget to take into account all of the codes, to carry out the most common business transactions, whether it is rent, rental or related activities.

Stage 3

After receiving all registration documents, the next step is to register in the following instances, or rather extra-budgetary funds and Rosstat. You only need to check the IRS, in, that all your data is sent to the appropriate authorities, and then receive a notice of registration in these organs, and a letter from the Federal State Statistics Service, where you have to assign an individual code.

Special attention at this stage, must be given to the registration of IP. Based on the characteristics of this form of organization, you may need to double registration in the pension fund. For the first time as the SP, earlier fixed contributions, where you will be registered on the basis of tax data. And in the second, re-register will have when engaging employees. Yet again, when it comes to IP, which does not involve hired labor, in the fund of social insurance registration is not obligatory. Otherwise, registration is required and have to do it yourself.

The entire registration process takes some time: tax inspection within 5 working days, sends information about registered entities, continue receiving all the necessary information, the pension fund, Rosstat and social insurance funds recorded a subject, prepare a notification letter and letter codes, again during 5 working days after receiving the information,.

For more information and contact details of the services listed offices, can be found on the official websites.

Stage 4

After completing all required procedures, must be ordered in print. For the production of its own IP printing is not necessarily, but its order in the case of, if you need to work with legal entities. But for the company seal is required, and required by law.

requirements, that apply to the individual listed in the press law. Printing must be circular and have a size of 38 to 42 mm. in diameter. Name and address should be given for the whole, necessarily in Russian. Already on request you can place a logo or brand mark, name in another language, also indicate the TIN and BIN.

If we turn to practice, then the CID book printed with the following information on it:

  • Indicate ownership, that is prescribed individual entrepreneur;
  • Name of the individual entrepreneur;
  • Legal address;
  • When INN and OGRN.

Mono printing order from organizations and individual entrepreneurs engaged in manufacturing round seals. will submit the documents to the list of required for the checkout.

Checklist for IP: statement, certified copies of the TIN and BIN. original passport, TIN and BIN need to verify your identity.

The list of documents for LLC: statement, certified copies of the TIN and BIN, copy of the document confirming the authority of the head. original passport, TIN and BIN need to verify your identity.

Dates of manufacture are discussed personally with the performer, but usually the whole process takes about one hour to 5 working days.

Stage 5

We have come to the final procedure for the organization's own business. This procedure is the opening of a current account. Again, for the IP, this procedure is not obligatory, and account shall be opened at the discretion of the owner and in case of such necessity. Ltd. for the stage and is required by federal law.

It is worth remembering, that when you open a checking account, it is necessary to notify the tax office, as well as pension and social security fund.

Duty, of which must be reported on the opening of a current account tax, stipulated in the Tax Code. Report this required no later than, than 7 days after opening. In this case, the first day will be the next, after signing the contract with the bank, day. Message, sent tax, has previously established form. If this form is broken, you impose shtraf, in accordance with the tax code in the amount of 5 thousand, additionally 1 to 2 thousand rubles for official.

Under federal law, notification to the pension fund, also need to send in the current 7 working days after the opening of a current account. Countdown, as mentioned above, It begins on the day of its opening, ie after signing the contract with the bank. This message, as opposed to being sent to the tax. Strictly established form, Each regional office provides a pattern for filling. Violating this rule, you can impose a fine as an official in the amount of 1 to 2 thousand.

That was the last item. The rest depends on your actions. Now it is time to establish the organization of the business and begin to take action.

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