Reduction of fixed premiums

Reduction of fixed premiums
insurance premiums
Reduction of fixed premiums

Almost every payer of fixed premiums, in some cases, has the opportunity to reduce their amount. To this must be some grounds, that when the documentary evidence, allow to reduce the costs.

Everyone, which begins to engage in entrepreneurial activity, It has a number of obligations to the state. The list also includes the payment of taxes, insurance premiums. If you look at the legal form of IP, then the norms provided and payment of a fixed amount of insurance payments. This commitment is spelled out the rules of the Federal Law №212, signed 24.07.2009 year. Fixed premiums paid during the year and lists by quarter.

Reduction of fixed premiums, when available

there is an article 14, where in paragraph 6, in question to reduce the amount of fixed payments. This is possible if, when the SP does not operate for some reason. These include:

  • Military service;
  • Baby care, until he is eighteen;
  • Caring for a disabled child or a man, senior 80 years old;
  • Change housing, associated with military service. for example, wife went along with her husband, which is service staff;
  • temporary relocation, Public service;

But in such situations, the entrepreneur is available reduction of fixed premiums, and he does not have to pay.

What do you need, to reduce premiums?

If there are reasons and supporting reference, the fixed payments on insurance premiums, will be reduced. To do this, provided documents, who will be able to confirm the suspension of business for a while. This can be done with the help of tax reporting, which in these periods will be zero. Be required to provide statements, related to finance the movement of current accounts. All this together will be the best proof, that the entrepreneur does not keep his job temporary.

Each of the grounds for exemption from the payment of fixed premiums, must be accompanied by certain documents. Their list is regulated by Government Decree №555, which acts with 24.07.2002 of the year:

  • If the entrepreneur passes military service, then it is necessary to provide help, Commissariat provided any documents from the archive services. May become a confirmation and entry in the book of military service;
  • If you are caring for the child, then have to provide a birth certificate, a certificate from the housing authorities, where accommodation is fixed child;
  • Caring for the disabled is documented from the pension body.
  • Spouse, living with a man, which extends contract service, must obtain a certificate from the Commissioner;
  • Accommodation abroad, associated with the activities of the state, confirmed document from the organization, which sent an employee to work abroad.

It identifies the most common reasons that, when people suspend business and then we can talk about a reduction of fixed premiums.

How to submit documents

The law on the procedure for submission of documents, who would be able to reduce the payment of insurance premiums, not. So that reference must be presented based on the situation. Documents can be displayed due to personal initiative, ie before or after reducing the amount of the insurance premium. FIU representatives have the right to demand produce documents. This is due to the fact, what service monitors the payment of insurance premiums. Besides, In such situations, it is not necessary to send documents in FFOMS. More details can be found in the Federal Law №212.

Attention! If during this period, which allowed to reduce the amount of insurance premiums, It was an active business activity, if these grounds are lost. Exemption from premiums apply to a full calendar month. If at least one day was carried out in this period even the smallest business activity business activity, then the insurance premium will be charged on a monthly. These rules can be found in the article 14 Federal Law №212.

So that each individual entrepreneur must take into account the time, whether the ion to work for a month. If the activity is suspended, it is necessary to ensure that, that not make any unnecessary overpayments.

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