The procedure for admission to employment (IP and OOO)

The procedure for admission to employment (IP and OOO)


This article will consider, what is the procedure for receiving the employee to work, What is the sequence of actions and preparation of any required documents. Also find out the perfect order of the recruitment for the same organizational forms as the SP and OOO.

To implement virtually any type of business requires the involvement of employees. Without employees can not manage the organizational form of Company, because in the case of SP in the State of the usual number of one employee, he is director, so the IP is not always outsource work, and cope with all the responsibilities alone. but, in the case of business expansion, for its development requires additional staff to work.

Forms of recruitment

If you decide to bring in aid of hired labor, ie natural persons, legislation in this case gives the right choice for the design of civil- legal relationships. This compilation of a civil contract, or employment contract. The first type refers contract work contract, requirements for which are regulated by the Civil Code. All the conditions concluded, execution and termination of the contract can be found in 37 headed. In the second case, If you decide to hire an employee according to the employment contract, the conditions of its registration, conclusion and termination are discussed in the articles of the Labor Code, beginning with 56 and ending 84 heads.

Normative acts of the employer

Before taking the employee to work it is necessary to familiarize with the regulations, This process established in article 68 labor contract, wherein the introduction is carried out under worker painting. These regulations are:

  • internal routine;
  • Job description;
  • Collective agreement, if available. With regard to IP and LLC, in most cases such document offline.

All regulations should be developed and approved by the head, according to article 8 labor Code. Adoption of orders made.

For LLP to properly develop the internal rules of employment, should refer to 189 article, it lists those provisions and questions, to be included in the document. The main and most important condition is that, that schedule should not adversely affect the legal status of employees, which provides labor laws.

In the development of job descriptions will help you qualifying reference, approved by the Ministry of Labor and developed separately for each industry and different specialties. Job descriptions help to clearly assign responsibilities and formulate the requirements for each employee.

must be considered, that the development of regulations and approval is not a prerequisite for SP, and job descriptions are optional Ltd., but their presence does not hurt, and will help to plan more detailed labor relations with employees.

The hiring and documentation

All of the above is to prepare, we looked at them, We now proceed directly to the essence of the article.

Step 1

Workers need to write a letter to the head for a job, where he held the position of point. The manager should consider the application, and put a resolution, in which the solution is reflected.

Next, the employee in addition to the application need to provide copies of documents:

  • passport;
  • certificate of insurance;
  • diploma;
  • military ID.

When, if this is not the first job, the need to provide employment record. If this is the first work of your staff, then start a work-book will have you. Also, in the absence of an insurance certificate will have to apply to the Pension Fund.

Step 2

The employment contract must be concluded in writing, and it must be made in duplicate, one of them is available to the employee, another employer.

Step 3

After signing the contract and the receipt of all required documents, must sign the order for the reception staff to work. Wherein, Order form T-1, strictly regulated and approved by the State Statistics Committee Decree. Order must be registered in the log orders, relating to personnel matters. Purchase and buy it, you can visit any shops selling stationery.

According to an article of the Labor Code №68, employee should be familiar with the order of a painting within three days.

Step 4

The next step in registration of an employee is making an entry in the work book of the employee's employment. This rule is regulated by Article 66 labor Code. Upon receipt of the work book, this information must be recorded in the log. The shape of the magazine adopted a special decree of the Ministry of Labor.

Step 5

Next, we need to fill in an individual card employee, form T-2, which is also approved by the State Statistics Committee Decree. The employee to confirm the reference amended to data and information, must sign. Additionally, you can start to each employee a personal matter, in which you can store all documents, relating to a particular employee: application for a job, granted to them once the copies of the documents, application orders received by him in the course of work. That is much easier to find the required information on the employee.

Step 6

When, when an employee is hired military service, then, according to the requirements of government regulations, you should compulsorily inform it arrives to you to work the local authority or territorial commissariat.

That it is necessary for the IP when hiring

If the manager of such organizational forms as an IP, I decided to take employees, he is obliged to register as an employer in the pension fund and social insurance fund. Are mandatory setting deadlines for registration in this case,, Pension fund for 30 days, and for the social security fund during the 10 days. And, such an obligation will arise after the conclusion of each of the new labor contract, you will need to register in these organs.

Now, just knowing all the steps, to be followed upon receipt of the employee to work, you can not go wrong in their actions and be able to carry out effective work of your business.

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