The business plan for the breeding of pigs

The business plan for the breeding of pigs

Many entrepreneurs wonder: Is it possible to start a business without the use of borrowed funds? As practice shows, possible, and in modern conditions, when the average salary is barely above subsistence level, additional business, organized in addition to the basic work, It will help generate additional revenue. One of the types of home businesses today is to open a pig farm or a mini-pig, but to do it right you need a good business plan for the breeding of pigs from real people, which have already gone through all the difficulties and began to earn so, it's their main job.

The following is a personal experience E.Chernova entrepreneur, which the, staging a mini-pig farm, tested different schemes fattening pigs and as a result has developed a methodology for efficient content piglets, when the three-month specimens reach a weight of forty kilos, and to seven months were recruited over a hundred kilograms.

The main questions

The primary objective, facing the entrepreneur, It consists in the construction of a pig farm. In the mini-pig farm has two compartments with separate paddock. For the construction of pig housing can use different construction materials, including board, beams and slabs. On the concrete floor thickness 30 centimeters in two rows of flooring tarred board. Double wall insulated with foam. Pent plank roof top is covered with roofing felt and roofing slate. Best location is considered, when the doors and windows facing south. Paddock in the open air and settling: picket fences are placed and placed flooring planks.

In one of the offices housed adults, and in another - or piglets sow with offspring, sometimes the boar.


The room does not play unimportant role in the breeding of pigs and this issue should be approached very carefully during the construction of a pig farm with his own hands or in the home, exemplary dimensions are provided below:

  • office 1 – 5,4 m
  • office 2 – 6,5 m
  • paddock 1 – 11 m
  • paddock 2 – 9 m

For the convenience of all offices and paddock to do the communicating door, also need to provide two outputs, one of which, main, It is in one of the compartments, and the other passes through the paddock.

Paddock for pigs


The diet of pigs at the pig farm mini-basal feed food waste are, among which the meat, fishery, vegetable and bread. Most of the food waste is to cook food drozhzhevannogo: one bucket of thick waste is taken 10-15 g. yeast, which after some time will approach. In the summer, this waste can be kneaded with finely chopped nettle leaves and Maral root. To this mixture per kilogram of waste is taken 0,4 a kilogram of fresh nettles and 0,1 kilograms of leaf Maral root. The mixture may be common salt flavor, daily rate of which is up to 30 g., sieved through a sieve of bone ash (to 20 g.) and trace elements.

Feeding the animals is carried out three times a day: morning (8 hours), in the afternoon (14 hours) and evening (20 hours). After feeding, the pigs go to the paddock, where in the summer time must always be full of the trough with water and green grass. Adults daily consume up to ten kilograms of fresh grass. Besides, food goes and garden waste, including windfalls of apples, overripe tomatoes and cucumbers, oilcake. While, the animals graze on roaming, cleaning can be carried out in the premises of a pig farm, be sure to sprinkle the floor with small sawdust. In the hot season can be installed on the territory of walking iron trough of large sizes (no less 70 centimeters short side and 140 cm on the long side), which will bathe pig. For five to seven buckets of water added 1-2 grams of potassium permanganate. Once a week, the animals should wash brush, spraying warm water.

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feeding pigs

How to prepare food for the winter?

Fodder for the mini-pig begins in the summer, preferably in June, when dried nettle leaves and twigs Maral root. Hay harvested on the basis of 0,5-2 kilograms per individual per day. After freezing, you can gather a mountain ash and store in the freezer. All the ingredients are going to mash, which also added vitamin D3 (as an oil) the rate of 1 drop per pig daily. It can be grown to feed carrots, Jerusalem artichokes, which gives an average of five kilograms of tubers from the bush, and Maral root, bushes which grow up to two meters in height, and the green is a valuable addition and is comparable in nutritional value with clover and alfalfa.


Now translate the above provisions in specific amounts. We calculate income and expenses, and the total profit from the project.

General expenses:

  • The room - 500.000 rub.
  • equipment - 500.000 – 1.000.000 rub.
  • The salary of the staff - 440.000 rub. in year.
  • Foods - 100.000 rub. in year.
  • in total: 1.540.000 – 2.040.000 rub. It needs to start.

Total revenues:

  • Meat - 700.000 rub. in year.
  • young SALE - 300.000 rub. in year.
  • in total: 1.000.000 rub. in year.

In this way, our business will start to pay off through 2-4 of the year, with an average profitability 25 %, which is a very good indicator for any business.

How to protect animals from disease?

From experience we know, Pigs are very sensitive and experience stress at weaning piglets from sows, moving to an unfamiliar room and even for many reasons. Maral root calming effect on the nervous system of animals, except that it provides prevention of many diseases. For these purposes, use of green plants and a decoction of the roots, which is added to the feed or drink of calculation 1 a glass a day for a pig. Broth prepared as: 6-10 grams of dry powdered roots pour hot water glass and tomyat simmered for half an hour, and then another half an hour insist. Broth give courses for two weeks with a ten-break, and a week before slaughter Maral root is removed from the diet.

maral root

To protect the animals from stress can also use an infusion of valerian, which alternates with a decoction of Maral root, and given the rate of 100 ml per animal daily. The infusion is prepared as valerian: 8-10 grams of dry powdered roots pour 2 cups boiling water, covered and leave to cool.

Download pig farm business plan for 350 rub., our partners, with a guarantee of quality. Open access, on the Internet, it is not.
The contents of a business plan:
1. Confidentiality
2. Resume
3. Stages of the project
4. Feature object
5. marketing plan
6. Technical and economic data equipment
7. Financial plan
8. Risk assessment
9. Feasibility study of investments
10. findings

Breeding pigs at home – helpful video tips


The above-described system of growing pigs on the home farm is quite troublesome, but guarantees the capacity of animals meat, not fat. When, if farmers abound potatoes and feed, the feeding system will be more cheap and easy. Well, for the increase of knowledge in this difficult matter is worth free business plan for the breeding of pigs, where you will learn some more secrets. Good luck!

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