Fire protection requirements of retail and obtaining permission MOE

Fire protection requirements of retail and obtaining permission MOE

To a stationary point of retail sale to function properly, it must exactly match the rules of fire safety. Before you get a conclusion GPS EMERCOM of Russia should be easy to put together a package of necessary documents, but it is also very important to provide a fixed point of all necessary fire safety measures.

Regulatory requirements

Flammability retail facilities providing the legal framework and compliance with its standards is absolutely necessary for all objects, divisions on the specialization and the scale does not provide.

There are certain requirements for the fire objects retailers, and they should perform, also necessary:

  • compliance with SNIP 21-01.-97 should not be overlooked. Must comply with the floor area, namely the area between fire walls, and the type and degree of fire resistance of the wall must comply with SNIP 21-01.-97.
  • Be sure to protect the built-in store from other buildings, using fire walls.
  • The outlets have an escape route, as well as individual outputs.
  • If there are exterior stairs, only open. As for the flights of stairs, cell, the lighting should only be natural.
  • If there are entrances to the premises, not held for trading, then they should go only from service corridors.
  • In trading rooms natural lighting or the system must be present, manually delete the smoke.
  • All departments, with flammable or explosive products should have firewalls , that will separate the data from other departments.
  • Cellars basement type must have hatches, window, for, that smoke could freely go.
  • It is necessary to install an automatic fire alarm and fire fighting system.
  • Be sure to take into account the, the material from which made decoration shopping hall, it should be of non-combustible or slightly combustible materials.
  • room, equipped warehouses must have windows.
  • Across the outlet, in trading rooms, and in the offices should hang illuminated signs, pointing the way to the emergency exit.
  • Be sure to have the means, that can be used to localize the fire extinguishing and.
  • At any point of sale should be the person, which is officially responsible for fire safety in the room.
  • Responsible for state fire safety is required to maintain training records-, and magazine, which keeps records of fire fighting equipment.

Before, A new outlet will be operational, should make some calculations:

  • It is necessary to define, what categories of explosive premises.
  • Set technical parameters, which allows to establish a system of localization and liquidation of the fire alarm.
  • think about, both will be located escape route.
  • determine, what are the limits of fire resistance of construction materials and structures.

To accurately perform all calculations, should invite inspectors for fire safety. So, obtain the opinion of, that the premises complies with all fire safety requirements easier, the more that is needed is the conclusion of the inspector.

Terms of receipt of the opinion

GUGPS Emergency Situations Ministry - is the only organ, which deals curated fire safety sphere. In order to obtain the opinion of, need to, to start, apply to the above-mentioned bodies. Also, the statement should be accompanied by documents, which will be mentioned below. Considered such a statement will, about two weeks.

Once the application is registered, object inspector must leave, with a view to explore the room and make a conclusion. In conclusion may be present requirements eliminate violations. But this does not mean that, that extradition is denied conclusion. It is only necessary to eliminate the violations and bring the current trade in accordance with the requirements of fire safety. After all violations will be eliminated, application should be submitted once again.

Documents for obtaining the opinion of the Emergencies Ministry GUGPS

In order to obtain the opinion of the Emergencies Ministry GUGPS, should collect the following documents:

  • First things first, you need to write an application, the issuance of the conclusion,
  • Be sure to provide copies of constituent, as well as the registration documents,
  • Copy of certificate INN,
  • Documents, confirming the right of ownership or lease of premises,
  • Drawing conclusions about the insulation resistance measurements,
  • It is necessary to draw up a statement of acceptance of APS, as well as the service contract,
  • After the fire water will be checked, be drawn up, which also need to provide,
  • Order, o tom, that is responsible for the fire safety of a particular person, which the, moreover, it was fire-technical minimum,
  • Evacuation plan.

frequency of inspections

Article 7 Federal Law of 08.08.2001 year №143-FZ (, reads, that the planned audit specific outlet shall be carried out 1-2 once a year. If a, the organization began operating recently, the planned inspection bound to be only after three years, and not before.

There are also and unscheduled inspections, they often need to, that verify the prescriptions, which were written some time ago. Also check may be operative. This test is conducted in the case, when the received information about the non-fulfillment of fire prevention, or complaint to a specific organization.

Penalties for non-compliance with fire safety measures

Failure to comply with fire safety regulations may result in a penalty, a fine. Fines may vary, depending on the status of the offender:

  • Ordinary citizens, for violation of fire prevention, imposed a fine of 1000 to 1500 rubles,
  • entities, in the case of non-compliance with fire safety regulations, We are obliged to pay a penalty - 150000-200000 thousand,
  • Officials are fined for non-compliance to the rules of fire safety, at the rate of 6000-15000 thousand.

In addition to paying a fine, It should also eliminate violations, which will also be specified in the order. Naturally, when that expires eliminate violations, Again check will be carried out, thanks to which the inspector should ensure, that all regulations and requirements are met, that is, the organization no longer has the fire safety violations.

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