Features of the payment system Skrill and NETELLER

Features of the payment system Skrill and NETELLER
Features of the payment system Skrill and NETELLER
Features of the payment system Skrill and NETELLER

Traditionally, summing up the year, it is worth noting some changes, who touched the Skrill payment systems and NETELLER. 2018 year was the starting point of the implementation of a number of not always positive legislative innovations and technological innovations, which greatly expanded the geography, not only use cryptocurrency, but also the level of financial literacy.

Changes in the Russian legislation and how it will affect the online payment platform customers

Now, the tax authorities will receive any interesting information regarding its personal data on the customer's card as a corporate, and holders of individual cards. Tax authorities to send a request to a financial institution, which will set out the reasons motivated the need to access the bank's customer data.

If the tax authorities consider necessary, bank customer card can block without its consent. It is worth to stress separately, that personalized online account Skrill and NETELLER, cooperating with the loyalty program, protected against such actions on the part of the Federal Tax Service. Besides, both payment systems are owned by the UK, and Russian legislation are not covered.

Another major change in 2018 year was the threat of a Russian ban user access in the global gambling industry. These authorities decided include poker, casino and Betting. Also, user accounts are prohibited in law, hide their personal data with the programs helpers.

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The ban means blocking foreign sites gambling and also applies to the use of applications, can unlock.

In this case, for ignoring the above prohibitions for Internet providers and search engine operators provides for administrative liability in the form of fines. Thus all companies, providing Internet service providers and search engine operators, added a mandatory connection to the system, provided with a list of banned sites.

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Features of the payment system Skrill and NETELLER
Features of the payment system Skrill and NETELLER


Key changes in payment systems for Skrill and NETELLER 2018 year

Scope of changes Skrill loyalty program NETELLER loyalty program The remaining holders of purses online
Amendments to the tax sphere of the Russian Federation Without changes, Information about these purses remain confidential The tax authorities have access to personal data of cardholders on request
The possibility of upgrading the status via taking part in the online survey procedure for the withdrawal of funds in ruble currency no commission is now resolved


Changed the size of the commission for withdrawal - is more profitable to display large amounts of.
Changed rules for VIP-status
Unable to update your account with MasterCard
It changed the procedure for the passage of bills through the mail verification.


Launched exchange and accumulation process cryptocurrency.
Complicate the process of withdrawal of cash from accounts in Thailand
Available Virtual MasterCard.
Available purse replenishment option using BOKU mobile application.

In this way, online payment Skrill and NETELLER system, participating in the loyalty program, demonstrate a high level of reliability and safety, as well as participate in constant monitoring of the market and the first to react sensitively to the increasing needs of each client and go with the times.

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