Tied to Fiat cryptocurrency Maker

Tied to Fiat cryptocurrency Maker

For several years the face, who were the initiators Ethereum platform, periodically report their desire to create and implement a stable virtual cash, having a low level of volatility. This feature should be provided by means of binding to the real values ​​of coins. They are considered as traditional cash and precious metals. Cryptocurrency Maker acts as one of the attempts to obtain such an asset. All these projects are called DAO.

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What you should know before using the system?

Cryptocurrency Maker is a digital token, which was established on the basis of Ethereum network. Its main purpose is to establish a unique real assets. They will be linked to the real currencies or precious metals. In professional circles, these coins are called stablecoin.

Maker project was developed by the eponymous organization. It is a decentralized and fully autonomous. Sometimes institution called MakerDAO. Сам stablecoin, which was created by the organization, is called Dai. It runs on standard ERC20. He has an inner token, the abbreviated name of which is given MKR. With the help of funding for the project activity is performed. The company was able to win support Ethereum System Fund.

Due cryptocurrency Maker was implemented tokenization Fiat. This term is used, if it carried out token release, which is the equivalent of an asset. So, in Digix platform has DGD coin. Its value is equal to 1 g gold. Another example serves Tether platform. In the framework issued token USDT. Its price is 1 US.

The platform allows Maker tokenization in fiatnyh currencies. With the help of the digital coin will be able to translate into rubles, dollars, euros or other currencies. Fiatnaya currency represents software tokens. Their cost will be equal to the rate of the monetary unit, with which it is associated.

Members fairly ambivalent about the idea of ​​providing tokens fiatnymi monetary units. A number of investors confident, it is a good idea. It will improve the accuracy of forecasting of possible profit or loss. Users can be managed more effectively.

Other investors are confident, that there is no need for such measures. Since the 1970s fiatnye gold funds are not provided. guarantees, that money will be taken, as legal tender, It serves only the state. Economic experience has shown, that assets, which do not have provision, and viable. If you make a more detailed assessment, it turns out, that even gold has value only as long, while most of the people in accordance with this.

There is a third type of investor. They set up a radical. This category of persons claims, ensure that the process is contrary to the very idea of ​​cryptocurrency. They themselves are the so-called digital gold, having an independent value.

posts, relating to, whether you want to do tokenization cash, also differ. Some users believe, that the use of stablkoinov help to keep their savings in the market, having a high volatility. Other users are sure, that all projects, that offer to perform tokenization fiatnyh currency, They represent scum. person, included in this category, negative attitude to the implementation of this process and believe, that the actions of the developers of such coins are associated with fraud.

However, most people are confident, that the implementation of tokenization process simplifies asset management. So, to realize the gold bullion or grain, optionally physically move them. Enough tokens to resell and transfer the rights to the goods. When it comes to cash fiatnyh, it is not particularly relevant. Money management can be performed through electronic payment systems, banks and other institutions. The only positive feature fiat performs tokenization elimination of intermediaries between payment by the sender and the recipient. The use of tokens allows decentralized system owners free from external control. This in turn gives rise to the following advantages:

  1. Ability to manage own finances anonymously.
  2. The need for payment of large amounts of fees and taxes, there is no. This allows the user to save substantially. To perform transfers using blokcheyna much cheaper, than to transfer money through banks.
  3. A man protects himself from danger, that the financial institution does not comply with its own obligations or go bankrupt.
  4. The method protects the customer against the risk of loss of access to savings. Or freeze the account can not be reset. Confiscation of tokens by a court decision can not be.

However, the method has some drawbacks. Withdraw the payment can not be perfect. If the person is transferred funds to another wallet, capital will be lost. Another danger are the actions of hackers. They kidnap money blokcheyn purses much more often, than from bank accounts. Typically, increasing the risk of fraud is a result of careless behavior of the owner. The depositor is responsible for their own savings alone. If he is deprived of funds, file a complaint and obtain redress fail. The owners of the project is considered, that a centralized system should always be a public administration. In their platform for this cryptocurrency Maker was created.

site features

Still in the process of revival of the system Ethereum increasingly raised the need for the theme is stable currencies. Users do not like, that the price varied randomly. Owners of digital money want to tie to the real value of assets, eg, to private currency or precious metals. That is why in the future it was decided to establish cryptocurrency Maker or Project, Associated.

The project has created an organization of the same name. It is operated by blokcheyna Ethereum. By itself, it is a decentralized. The system is autonomous. Cryptocurrency Maker actually has a high level of stability. Its course practically does not change. It keeps up 1 US dollars. Average price fluctuation does not exceed 5%.

The system has its own token, through which the project is financed. In the process of formation, the company managed to enlist the support of the Ethereum Foundation.. Cryptocurrency Maker is required to attract investment in the project itself. Members, who have MKR coins, are actually shareholders. They take part in solving global issues, business related. They also distribute income, which was obtained as a result of the functioning of the company. However, shareholders not only make money on the project, but also responsible for the decisions made. If there was a mistake, person, included in this category, may lose equity.

Cryptocurrency Maker is represented by two tokens – Dai и MKR. cost of 1 of them are always pegged to the dollar. The second monetary unit regulates the first token. She has a volatile price tag. This was due to the unique delivery mechanics of their role., which the coin runs on the platform.

system functions

Cryptocurrency Maker (MKR) is an analogue of a stock. The owner of the monetary unit gets the right to vote and earn dividends from the project's profit. The sale of a digital coin is carried out on exchanges. The token has no collateral. When the project was launched, developers released 1000000 MKR. Commissions are paid in MKR as part of the project, which are charged for processing transactions. After that, how payment was made, tokens are being burned.

Stable coins, which are released on the platform, must have security. If MKR becomes insufficient, new coins are generated. Then they are sold using the exchange.

As stated earlier, the stable token of the system is DAI. If you look at the schedule of changes in its value, then you can see, that the fluctuation against the dollar is negligible. The price of a digital monitor is always approximately 1 US. Thanks to the actions of the organization and investors, capitalization is growing.

course movement

Regulation rate Dai

Maker cryptocurrency pegged to the dollar using CDP smart contracts. They work according to the following algorithm:

  1. Person, who has an Ethereum coin in their account, converts them to PETH. Then the deposit is made in this currency..
  2. From the sum, pledged as collateral, payment for the smart contract for the issue of the Dai token is in progress.
  3. If a person wants to unblock a previously deposited deposit, you need to make a refund in Dai, previously occupied by the depositor.
  4. Interest is charged for the use of the loan. Their payment can only be made in MKR tokens..

If a person has MKR tokens, he can vote. It is held in order, to determine the internal parameters of the system, which include:

  1. Commission size. The amount is determined in the form of an annual interest rate.
  2. Maximum limit value. The indicator allows you to find out, how much Dai a person can get under a smart contract.
  3. Liquidity ratio value. It represents the ratio of the value of the collateral to the price of the loan.

Maker Cryptocurrency Developers Identify A Number Of Economic Mechanisms, allowing to regulate the Dai token rate. All of them are described in the official documentation..

Further development plans

Noteworthy is the fact, that there is no roadmap on the official website of the project. However, there are other documents, in which the future of the system is indicated. If the user is interested in the site, it is imperative to read the information, contained therein. The official website of the project can be found with:

  • economic research;
  • system presentation, which describes the main technical features of the site;
  • in-depth analysis of the technical parameters of the system.


Cryptocurrency Maker released on the Ethereum blockchain. As stated earlier, It consists of two tokens. They are issued in accordance with the ERC-20 standard. Ethereum acts as a consensus mechanism.

Noteworthy is the fact, that the system provides flexible emission. It means, that the issue and destruction of currency units is carried out in accordance with the current supply and demand. At the same time, the maximum size of the issue is set, which cannot be exceeded.

The site is open source. One of the tokens is a USD equivalent. One coin equals one dollar. Cryptocurrency Maker is a so called Stablecoin. This allows you to significantly reduce the volatility of the coin and tie the price of the monetary unit to the real asset..

The structure of the project and investment

To invest in the platform, you need to purchase an internal token. After that, how the action was performed, a person becomes a member of the community. The process is carried out automatically.

Token holders have the right to take part in solving key issues, which are related to site management. Members of the so-called board of directors take part in revenue management. They solve current problems, distribute the received profit and are engaged in the development of a digital coin. In accordance with the logic of building traditional systems, coin holders are also responsible for all negative consequences, to which decisions can lead.

The advantage of the platform in comparison with analogues is the presence of the possibility of performing margin trading. The so-called collateralized debt position is used as collateral for all issued tokens.. It is automatically sent to a smart contract.

How can you use the system?

Stablecoins have one significant advantage over other cryptographic currencies.. The fact, what coins, which are provided, are stable. This allows them to be applied in various financial markets.. The potential of such coins for use in retail or commercial trade is very strong.. They stand out even against the background of bitcoins. The fact, that classic coins are highly volatile.

So, Bitcoin holders are reluctant to use cash for a transaction. The fact, that such clients have a fear of lack of potential growth. Stablecoin owners, unlike them, can be sure that, that their coin will still be worth 1 dollar at any time.

Cryptocurrency Maker stands out from other tokens. It is the first decentralized stable working currency.. However, in the early stages of development, stablecoins are likely to be used by crypto enthusiasts.. As the site grows, the value of the monetary unit also increases.

system maker

Venues competitors

Developers independently compare their offspring with other companies, essentially indicating competitors in this way. The list includes:

  1. Steem Dollar. This name is one of the three digital coins in the Steemit system.. The monetary unit is highly stable. However, its functionality is significantly limited.. It can only be applied within the framework of the site itself.. This does not allow the full use of monetary units together..
  2. Tether. The developers of the system aimed to create an analogue of fiat money., linking coins to the currencies of different countries. The reaction to the project is mixed. Many users and experts suspect the developers of fraud.
  3. DigixDAO. The project was created in order to, To peg crypto to gold. Many experts believe, that this particular currency has earned the title of the first stablecoin. However, this has not happened yet.. Many are sure, that the delay was due to an ongoing audit. If no violations are found, it will end at 2018 year.

The above comparisons determine the relevance of work in the field of creating a stable cryptocurrency. The Maker project has predetermined the target audience. By designing a system, creators planned, that it will be used on decentralized platforms. They will become the basis for the creation of stable and secured digital money.

Where to buy tokens?

You can buy Maker cryptocurrency on exchanges, on which there is a coin. So, the currency can be found on the bibox and Gate.io sites. However, one must take into account, what tokens 2, and their cost varies in different ways. Everything is much easier with the DAI currency.. Its price depends on the value of the dollar and changes with it.. Only slight discrepancy possible.

Cryptocurrency Maker Price Changes Differently. It does not depend on the value of the dollar. Today, digital coins are sold and bought at 786,48 dollar. The total capitalization is 486 million dollars. This allows Cryptocurrency Maker to borrow 37 a line in the rating by capitalization level.

Kriptobumazhnik for storing tokens

To store cryptocurrency Maker, a person needs to get a wallet. The site does not have its own crypto wallet. However, this does not create problems for users.. You can store coins on any wallets of the Ethereum system you like. The installation process is standard. The person will need to download the wallet file, and then install it on your computer, following system prompts. Usually the program can be used on devices, functioning on most popular operating systems.

Features of mining

As such, mining is not provided in the system. The issue of coins took place at the time of the platform launch. To acquire assets, a person must make a purchase on the exchange. The emission of digital coins is limited. She makes 1000000 monetary units. However, they may disappear during the operation.. So, cash, which were used to pay the commission, burn out. To compensate for the money spent, re-issue of coins is carried out. The action is performed within the limits of the established issue. New coins are sold through the exchange. Ordinary users do not take part in the process of issuing monetary units.

project Benefits

Cryptocurrency Maker has advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages of the system is automation and complete transparency.. The system operates exclusively on the Ethereum blockchain. Anyone at any time can get complete information about the state of the ecosystem. The process of creating tokens and their redemption is also automated. Within the established parameters, no one can interfere with the implementation of the process. They are determined by voting. Owners of MKR tokens can take part in it. Anyone can become their owner.. To do this, you will need to purchase coins.

Another advantage of the platform is the mechanism, according to which Dai tokens are created and redeemed. The process is carried out with the participation of the system users themselves. Initially, a person creates a collateral position, by opening ETH to a special smart contract address.

For the stylized system to function stably, binding mechanism required for unforeseen cases. Price stabilization is carried out with the help of various incentives. So, if the value of the coin does not fall below 1 dollar, There is a natural growth on the part of buyers. They can redeem their collateral cheaper. This leads to the fact, that the price of the currency is going up. If the value of the token gets higher 1 dollar, this leads to an increase in the demand for the creation of collateral positions. Then Dai coins are sold, which allows you to make a profit.

There are additional levels of value stabilization. There are mechanisms, which reduce demand and reduce the cost of creating a token, when its price rises strongly above the set mark. As a result, sales are stimulated. In the opposite situation, the defeat mechanism turns on, which incentivizes bidders to keep tokens, increasing their value and increasing demand.

The third level is used, When a critical condition occurs, in which the value of collateral assets falls rapidly and strongly, as a result of which the system cannot use other mechanisms. In this case, holders of management tokens can contribute.. Creation of new monetary units and their implementation on the open market. As a result, the system is recapitalized and the cost of digital coins is reduced for all holders.

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disadvantages of the system

Cryptocurrency Maker also has a number of disadvantages. So, such a system will be difficult for beginners. If other cryptocurrencies are used, backed by real assets, they operate according to a fairly simple scheme. There are tokens and there are corresponding assets, which the company is obliged to keep, issuing digital coins. Users always have the opportunity to exchange cryptographic monetary units for real funds at the pegging rate.

Cryptocurrency Maker is different from similar currencies. The process of work of the site is quite difficult to understand the first time. The user will have to spend time studying it.. Besides, Not every client will be able to understand all the nuances of the site. All this leads to, that the number of participants in the system is significantly reduced.

Besides, if a person does not know all the features of the ecosystem, he may be unpleasantly surprised, when it turns out, that he can exchange tokens only for ETH. In this case, the course may differ significantly from the current one.. This is possible, if the user did not immediately become aware of the global settlement. In practice, information may be provided with some delay.. In this case, the calculation is made at that rate, which was in effect at the time of the announcement of the information.

Additionally, there are risks, market and system related. The platform operates on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain. This nuance led to, that the project has incorporated all the negative features, with which its functioning is connected. Additionally, there are risks, which are related to the very course of Maker cryptocurrency contracts. Such a risk is a hacker attack. The client must remember, that a sharp and rapid decline in the value of ETH is possible. An additional platform may not be able to withstand competition. Users may lose faith in the benefits of the platform.

What to expect from the site?

The idea of ​​creating stablecoins received significant support among experts, depositors and ordinary users. Cryptocurrency Maker removes one major hurdle, which prevents digital coins from being widely used. This obstacle is the fact, that classic digital coins are not backed by anything. Professional analysts have repeatedly pointed out that, That Cryptocurrency Maker Violates The Fundamentals Of Digital Coins. As conceived by the creators, it is not valuable in itself. Other cryptocurrencies are backed by widespread demand..

Stablkoiny, created on the Maker platform, can be applied decentralized. However, the platform will not protect monetary units from emission., inflation and other processes accompanying the creation of coins. Making virtual money real is to some extent a continuation of digital coins and bank cards..

After that, how the first results will be summed up, the authors of the project plan to create other stable digital coins, which will be pegged to other accepted currencies. Already today, experts have positively assessed the idea., which the developers have brought to life. The site allows people to get financial freedom.

Cryptocurrency Maker is based on the ethereum blockchain platform. This fact allows us to say that, that all digital silver developments can be successfully implemented in the project. In the near future, it is planned to increase confidentiality in the system. All this will have a positive effect on the work of cryptocurrency Maker..

Even within the framework of long-term exchange quotations, the Dai token rate continued to grow further.. The issue of digital coins is limited. It cannot be more than a million currency units. After that, How the amount will be reached, The volume of monetary units will begin to decline. All this allows experts to talk about, that the potential of the monetary unit is very high. If the project continues to develop, it makes sense to consider it as an object for long-term investment. Increasing the relevance of the coin and increasing the number of other digital currency units, pegged to fiat currencies or other assets, will lead to, that the value of Dai tokens will begin to decline.

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