Withdrawal of cryptocurrency Tether TRC20 (USDT) to the card of Tinkoff Bank (TKS)

Withdrawal of cryptocurrency Tether TRC20 (USDT) to the card of Tinkoff Bank (TKS)

You can withdraw Tether TRC-20 cryptocurrency to a Tinkoff Bank card in rubles in several ways. But it is important to understand, that each option has its drawbacks. They must be taken into account, In order to make the best decision regarding the method of exchanging assets in the future,, Organize a profitable and safe financial transaction.

Currency exchange methods and their features

Let's start with electronic exchangers. The only drawback in this case is the risk of encountering scammers. But it's easy to rule it out. To do this, you need to select a contractor on the authoritative monitoring portal BestChange. On the website https://www.bestchange.ru/ The best exchange services and the most favorable rates are constantly monitored, Users are provided with offers from trusted sites, that have proven their honesty and transparency of work. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the security of transactions. Of the advantages of working with exchangers, we note the following:

  • quick withdrawal of Tether TRC-20 to the TKS bank card in rubles;
  • Favorable rates for converting stablecoins into fiat money;
  • User-friendly fees;
  • Ability to conclude small and large transactions;
  • Maximum simplicity of organizing an exchange operation;
  • A large number of offers.

If we talk about cryptocurrency exchanges,, The only advantage is the security of exchange operations. The disadvantages are as follows:

  • Need to be verified, wasting extra time;
  • Probability of significant exchange delays when placing a limit order;
  • Probability of exchange on unfavorable terms when placing a market order;
  • Availability of a commission for the withdrawal of rubles, which often turns out to be quite high;
  • The term for crediting rubles to the card is up to 5 days. For those, For those who have an urgent need to carry out an exchange operation, this is a significant disadvantage.

P2P exchange platforms also have one main advantage – the security of the exchange, Because these services act as guarantors of the absence of risks. But here are the offers of private individuals. Consequently, There is a risk of encountering unfavorable rates, Inflated commissions, Insufficiently large reserves for the exchange of the amount of interest. There are situations, when there are no offers at all to conduct financial transactions in a particular direction.

Working with Telegram bots and private money changers directly is very risky - this is the main disadvantage of both methods. Even if you find a trusted service provider, Terms of exchange, with almost one hundred percent probability, will turn out to be unprofitable.

Now it's clear, why network users prefer to withdraw Tether to a Tinkoff bank card in rubles through electronic exchangers. It remains to understand the peculiarities of making deals.

How to exchange Tether for rubles in an exchanger

To find the right offer on BestChange, need to Go here, explore and compare all Tether TRC20 withdrawal options (USDT) to a Tinkoff card in rubles according to the following criteria:

  • Conversion rate;
  • commission;
  • Limits of the amounts to be exchanged;
  • Reserve of rubles;
  • Number of positive reviews.

Deciding on the best offer, You must open the website of the selected service provider, Read the rules published here, Fill out the standard application form, Specifying:

  • Your full name or full name;
  • Contact Details;
  • Tether TRC-20 quantity, to be exchanged;
  • TCS Bank card number for crediting rubles.

By verifying that the data is correct, It remains to confirm and pay for the application. Payment must be made in strict compliance with the deadline for this procedure. It is necessary to transfer the number of stablecoins, that you specified in the application. Then the exchange will be quick and easy. Rubles will be credited to your bank card in the near future.

As you can see, Everything is as simple as possible.

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