PMT token DAO PlayMarket 2.0 – decentralized store of Android applications

PMT token DAO PlayMarket 2.0 – decentralized store of Android applications

The creators of the Play Market monitor current trends. Not so long ago it was announced that, that will be launched decentralized store of Android applications. He will be known as DAO PlayMarket 2.0. For the transaction within the system will be used cryptocurrency ETH (Ether), a token PMT is designed for investors, something to receive dividends, in the form of shares kriptoaktivov applications.

cryptocurrency PMT

What is it PMT?

Token PMT will be used within the site dao PlayMarket 2.0. The system DAO Play Market 2.0, It is a decentralized store of Android applications, with the possibility of applications for ICO, issuance of tokens of their application. He will accept payment in cryptocurrency. combined system with ICO platform, which will help developers to develop and launch their projects.

The main idea of ​​the project is to create a decentralized community. It will be completely self-sufficient. Members will have the right to make decisions. At the same time to participate in the management of traditional centralized structures of the creators of the system plans to give.

The main aim of the developers favor the creation of a new economic model for the interaction between the application creator, investors and users. The process of planning to carry out with the help of voting. Additionally it is planned to create a single standard, with which made tokenization market for mobile applications.

storage architecture will also be revised. It will be a decentralized. With it, people can receive uninterrupted access to the application. The probability of an access lock will disappear. Man will be able to make secure purchases. The action will be carried out with the use of intelligent systems contracts.

For developers will be available ICO platform for fundraising. With it, developers will be able to attract additional funding for the project. Will be present and the built, detsentralyzovannaya, kriptovalyutnaya Exchange. It will give the opportunity to buy and sell tokens applications for Ether, dollar and possibly other couples cryptocurrency.

Distinctive features of the system DAO PlayMarket 2.0

Tokens PMT will be used as part of the new platform, the assurances of developers has many benefits. planned, that the system will be resistant to censorship. Storage of basic data will be made in blokcheyne. This will increase the security level. People will be able to gain access to applications from anywhere. The developers provide users with the ability to attract additional investments in the project. Produced cash collection with the built-kraudinvestingovoy aysio site. Application creators can create their own tokens. The process will be carried out in several clicks.

For the use of certain functions of the user will be able to pay cryptocurrency. This significantly expands the first use store. This possibility has a positive effect on the overall cryptocurrency. This will bring the digital currencies to each user.

With the help of the site, developers will have the opportunity to promote their offers. They can give assignments, performing that, user will be able to get their internal token.

The system take care of the safety of users. During the passage of the first stage scans all applications. The system automatically looks for viruses and exploits. Then, a manual approval. But later everything can change. planned, that with the development of the system of moderation algorithm will determine the community itself. At the same time, new technologies will be taken into account. According to the developers all the above features confer great advantage of the system, compared to its predecessors, But that's not all, than able to surprise us with this revolutionary, decentralized store of Android applications, for phones and tablets.

PMT token system

Own coins DAO Play Market, wear name tokenov PMT – Play Market Token. However, the basic digital coin acts Ethereum ETH. However, the valuation of applications and other goods can be carried out in ethers, current and dollars. After that, as the value of fixed, performed its translation into the base currency. The action is performed at the current rate.

Own token system has a ticket PMT. It operates on the basis of standard Efirovskogo ERC20. emission maximum size is limited, it is 3 000 000 million. coin.

Fundraising for the launch of the system was carried out using ICO, which successfully completed and has been collected about 5 000 000$. During the period of its holding was sold 2250000 PMT. This figure corresponds to the initial idea of ​​developers. Engaged in raising funds, they informed potential investors, they plan to sell 75% coin, but 25% tokenov, what is 750 000 thousand. PMT, reserved for the project team and frozen for 2 of the year. ICO held in four stages.

Depending on, which of them are people going to buy coins, changed discount and minimum price. It depended on the total amount of purchased tokens. The entire volume of funds implemented, developers divided into equal parts. During each stage implemented 450000 tokenov. The maximum duration of each stage was 10 days. If you managed to sell a fixed amount before, performed automatically move to the next stage.

For the convenience of users, developers will allow for the purchase of coins with the help of several varieties cryptocurrency. To purchase tokens internal system, People could use:

  • Bitcoin;
  • efirium;
  • desh;
  • Ethereum classic;
  • laytkoin.

Developers give users the assurance, that all the funds in a timely manner will go to purse. Storage of coins was carried out with multipodpisyami.

promo pleymarket

The distribution of the collected funds

Facilities, which were obtained during crowdfunding, plan fully directed to the implementation of a marketing program. strategy, which the developers have chosen, divided by 3 target audiences. The list includes:

  • Play Store users, using the platform;
  • company, freelancers, involved in the development of Android applications;
  • investors, ready to invest in the development of the site, PMT tokens by purchasing.

The main target audience are the customers, makes use of the Android app. If the developers will be able to increase the number of regular users, This naturally entail an increase in the number of developers. Advertising campaign aimed at, to improve customer loyalty and gain their trust. To do this, the developers want to run native advertising on thematic Internet resources. In this case, it will be released in different languages. Additionally, media person will be involved in the project.

technologies used

The main purpose of the process is called giving developers free uninterrupted access to the platform. When this resource should be resistant to censorship. In addition, system designers want to ensure the confidence of users on, relating to the distribution of income.

For the system to function smoothly, It laid the basis for storing data about the applications and their creators in a distributed base. It uses the principle of the immutability of the information. Such a framework already exists. As the creator of the site plans to use blokcheyn Ethereum. He was chosen because, the system supports smart contracts. With their help, developers will be able to provide the necessary logic for the functioning of the new platform.

At the same architecture of the system will not be tied to any of the existing blokcheynov. It means, what, if in the future a more suitable for the operation of platform will be created blokcheyn, the system will go to him.

Today blokcheyn Ethereum system recognized by the industry standard for the production of digital assets, and smart contracts. the token interface provides the ability to deploy standard digital coins, that are compatible with the existing structure Ethereum. The system includes tools, which are required for the development of the stock exchange, purses and exchangers.

The platform enables the deployment of smart contracts. The system eliminates the intermediary guarantor. The platform makes it possible to implement complex issue of cryptocurrency and other automated structures. Developers, which was created cryptocurrency PMT, sure, the system is ideal for their sites.

platform architecture

In developing the system architecture, developers sought to achieve a stable and trouble-free operation for all system components. As a result, they concluded, that for the realization of the task in life is necessary:

  • provide decentralized information storage;
  • establish open and clear as possible motivational rules for all participants in the system;
  • allow users to pay in cryptocurrency;
  • achieve a transparent cash traffic system.

The platform will consist of a list of modules. The list will include:

  • Official site of the system;
  • smart contracts;
  • Exchange cryptocurrency;
  • kraudinvestingovaya playground;
  • system, which allows for storage of information;
  • node;
  • mobile app.

The circuit operation

Cryptocurrency PMT is used within the system PlayMarket 2.0, which is a hardware platform. It is not yet a system launched. However, today, developers have presented customers with basic nuances of the system operation.

Applications on the platform will be in a virtual store. It was realized with the use of modern technologies. The list includes:

  • cloud services;
  • repository, in which you can store files;
  • distribution table;
  • other instruments, required to complete the work site.

The user chooses an application, which wants to download. The procedure can be performed using the mobile utility or site. Then, a request is made to download. Get it, the system processes the information. The process is carried out using a trusted platform assembly. Each user has their own light, which is recorded in blokcheyn. This also introduced information about the application, that people want to download. If the app is not free, runs parallel to the user's balance check. Action again carries out the system unit.

If the client matches the specified requirements, shall be provided with the application files boot. They are in a virtual data warehouse. If all the necessary conditions are met, in one month, when you want to transfer the boot file for the application, cancellation is performed in parallel with the corresponding amount client balance. Node conducts corresponding transaction. The amount of compensation is determined using the smart contracts. With it there is profit to clarify the situation for each participant of the transaction. All transactions recorded in blokcheyn.


Mobile app

The system will have its own mobile app. Its development is based on the use of modern technologies. They are called native technology. Annex cool wallet will be pre-integrated. He will be able to back up. The data will be encrypted. If necessary, people will be able to restore the lost wallet. For storage of keys created the most secure environment. Signing the transaction will be carried out in offline mode. Based on the foregoing,, we can conclude, all the keys will be stored on the user's device. To complete your purchase, they do not have to go anywhere to send.

As a markup language used in the application Markdown. It is a classic format description. This enables developers to create a beautiful design their own applications, produced on the platform.

Application creators have laid him Mechanism, allows to detect the nearest trusted connection node. Today, for the implementation of the Action using a DNS. In the future, users will be able to connect directly to blokcheynu. Communication between the application and the node encrypted. For the implementation of the action using the TLS protocol.

After that, as a person installs the application, the system will prompt him to create a new wallet. If the client has previously carried out action, You can import an existing kriptobumazhnik. If people want to make money at the expense of, process can be carried out directly through a purse or performed using kriptobirzhi. mobile application connection is made to the nearest node. It is because it is made of the information available to install applications and their value. Information is displayed on the screen.

If a person makes the purchase application within the system, forming a transaction is performed. It is transmitted to the node. However, his main task – Received check transaction, make sure, that the customer's balance sheet there are sufficient funds and, if all the established conditions are met, provide the purchased app. In this case, the transaction is entered into blokcheyn. After that, how the utility loading, there is the introduction of the purchase of data. The process is performed using the smart contracts. At the same time fixed the information that, which application was purchased. This is necessary in order, to subsequently distribute profits.

platform nodes

Cryptocurrency PMT will be used within the system, which operates using nodes. Each of them has its own full node in blokcheyne Ethereum. During operation, the node information from smart contracts is constantly synchronized with NoSQL databases MongoDB. Actions to be performed in order, to speed up the assembly operation.

The system uses Node.js. With it you can create cross-platform services. They are able to withstand high loads. At the initial stage of assembly takes on the responsibility for obtaining the data from the file storage of, which applications are used most often. Then made their caching. If the user has set the corresponding request, the system transmits data to a mobile application. Node loads and caches information about new applications. In the future, the system will independently interact with blokcheynom. A similar process is performed with respect to the file storage. The nodes will assume responsibility for the reception and transmission of financial transactions.

File storage and its architecture

Modern blokcheyn has a number of technological limitations. Because of this, to carry out storage applications directly in it can not be. Because of this feature, it became necessary to create a data warehouse. There are many different systems today., providing such a service. They use a distributed architecture. However, all of them are centralization centers. This is contrary to the logic of the platform. The fact, that the use of such an architecture leads to a number of risks. At the same time, the cost of storage increases significantly.

After that, how blockchain technology appeared, systems of centralized data storage began to actively develop. However, they lack a single control center and a single point of failure.. Almost all projects are built on the same principle. For their implementation, DHT technology and contextual addressing are used.. In this case, the hash from the file acts as its identifier. DHT called protocol, which enables clients to discover each other. In this case, the tracker is not used.. DHT actually replaces it. The system makes it possible for participants in the file exchange to receive information about each other. With her help:

  • file sharing participants will be able to find each other faster;
  • content can be distributed without a tracker;
  • the load on the tracker will significantly decrease;
  • if for any reason the tracker is unavailable, the system will support file sharing participants.

DHT structure formed the basis of other more complex systems. Application of the method has a number of advantages and disadvantages.. The main positive features of the method are:

  • if the file is unprofitable, it can always be deleted;
  • files are stored in the Cloud, which makes them available regardless of the availability of their owner;
  • financial motivation applied, which improves the reliability of storing and retrieving files;
  • the system is highly efficient.

However, the storage method also entails a number of disadvantages.. So, files are being stored, not structured information. They are static.

The most attractive method for users seems to be storing files in distributed storage. However, they do not have all of the above benefits.. So, if the owner is absent for any reason, the file is no longer available. This prevents the use of the above technologies in real projects..

All applications on the platform will be stored in virtual storage. The developers plan to provide users with a programming interface to access various types of data stores. The storage will be decentralized. To bring this idea to life, the creators of the system want to develop their own solution or apply one or more existing ones. Content delivery network – this is a large number of services with specialized software. It allows you to speed up the delivery of content to the end user. Servers are located all over the world. All this allows you to achieve a minimum response time to buyers.. It is these capabilities that allow you to use the network when implementing the platform.

Additionally, IPFS can be used. Content distribution is decentralized. The method allows you to get it even in the case of irregular Internet access. The user gets the opportunity to remove files from the offline cache. The indicator is sha128. It's wrapped in a multi-hash block. The multi-hash will have three parts:

  • Hash function ID;
  • hash size in bytes;
  • hash.

ZeroNet could become another part of the system. It is both open source software and a peer-to-peer network. She doesn't need servers. ZeroNet uses BitTorrent technology. It is required to exchange pages. Bitcoin cryptography is additionally applied. It is used to sign the sent data. Method is considered, as a delivery method, censorship resistant. It has no single point of failure. The network has already gained popularity among users in China. It makes it possible to bypass the Internet content filtering system.

Kriptobirzha Pex

PMT cryptocurrency requires the ability to convert to other currencies. Otherwise, users will not be able to perform operations with it.. The integrated Pex exchange solves this problem.. Orders for the purchase and sale of PMT cryptocurrency and other digital currency units form a balance of supply and demand. The real market price is built from it.. It is she who is used to, to convert a digital coin into a classic currency.

Developers seek to empower the exchange with architecture, which will enable high-speed operations. This was achieved through the use of control nodes. It is with their help that buyers and sellers are connected. All operations are performed instantly. Data on their implementation is recorded in the blockchain. This allows for maximum transparency.. Security has also been improved.

Other exchanges will be able to integrate PEX into their system. At the same time, the capabilities of the centralized service will be preserved.. Users will be entitled to trade in real time. At the same time, the interface tools will not differ in any way from the standards. Clients do not risk losing funds due to vulnerabilities, which are inherent in centralized exchanges.

The financial logic of the system is based on smart contracts. They provide an opportunity to solve problems., arising out of trust in a third party. Smart contracts manage all financial flows. So, they are used to purchase in the mobile application. The guaranteed contribution of the site owner allows you to balance the interests of users and application developers.

Demonstration of the system

Road map

PMT cryptocurrency and system, associated with her, are currently under development. Fundraising was completed not so long ago. However, quite a lot has already been done.. Developers created a project concept and analyzed existing solutions. Then the architecture and design of the website and mobile application was developed.. Its prototype was also created.

A cold wallet is brought to life in the mobile application. The developers presented a prototype of the site to users, we also wrote prototypes of smart contracts. Site prototype also exists. You can get acquainted with it, by going to the official page of the project. For listing of PMT cryptocurrency, agreements were reached with the crypto exchange. Today, system developers are negotiating with the creators of mobile applications.

The project roadmap is planned for 2019 year. The next stage of development will be the moment, when pmt cryptocurrency will go to other exchanges. According to the creators, the process should be carried out in January. 2018 of the year. Then the next stages of the project development are planned:

  1. February 2018 of the year. Site, mobile app and node will be updated to alpha version.
  2. March 2018 of the year. Interaction with mobile application developers and analysis of feedback with them.
  3. May 2018 of the year. Upgrade to beta.
  4. June 2018 of the year. Re-engage with developers. At the same time, the possibility of voting will be launched. The main system will start at the same time. Developers will begin to implement a marketing plan.

In the future, it is planned to increase the number of applications and users, who perform operations with the system. So, in June 2019 of the year is planned, that the system will be present 3000 applications, 30000 shares and 10 million users.

site prospects

Cryptocurrency PMT has quite high prospects. The fact, that system, with which it is associated, has a high chance of capturing part of the Android app market. The fact, that play Market has already managed to earn high popularity. Its second version may also get high success.. It has openness and transparency.. The implementation of the project will reduce the dependence of society on centralized services. This will reduce systemic risks.. Community presentation will be able to develop more effectively.

A person can access the platform regardless of whether, what decision the corporation will make. The system does not imply the introduction of restrictions for citizens and other countries regarding the use of applications or the provision of any pressure on developers. Platform takes into account a person's right to privacy. Their observance is carried out through decentralization.

The application storage architecture you use allows you to get uninterrupted access to files. The system of smart contracts will allow you to make purchases in digital coins and fairly distribute income between participants in operations.

The platform includes a crowdinvesting platform. With its help, users will be able to attract additional funds for development to their project.. All of the above solutions open up a wide range of opportunities for users, investors and developers. However, the further fate of the project will be able to learn only over time..

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