Where used cryptocurrency Bytom

Where used cryptocurrency Bytom

Cryptocurrency Bytom took the first place among these distribution chains in China. Interest in digital coin increases significantly. More and more users prefer this digital coin. to understand, why increased popularity coins, than it attracts customers, you need to study in detail all its features.

cryptocurrency Bytom

What it is?

cryptocurrency Bytom – Digital currency, which is used in the framework of decentralized service. It gives the opportunity to manage assets. Today, there are two varieties – elementary and digital.

The second category consists of assets, used in the virtual space. In fact, it's all digital cash. The platform allows you to make transactions with the two species.

creating a platform, developers wanted to optimize the performance of the assets. Previously, elementary assets possessed more features. The demand for them was higher. However, today the situation has changed. With the help of the system people will be able to make transactions with:

  • Translation and conversion of funds;
  • applications, within which access to the tools to carry out operations with securities;
  • the release of its own tokens and other virtual assets, If the platform uses developer;
  • clever contracts, if you want to reach an agreement with the other participants in the system.

For, to make transactions, the system uses the evidence of the work performed protocol. This allows the production of coins in the classical way. In this case, any changes are made. Due to the algorithm, developers who have chosen, users were able to engage in mining. However, the process is carried out using only asic-miner.

Cryptocurrency Bytom is not positioned, as a coin for general use. The main objective of the monetary unit – ensure the normal operation of the system, within the framework of which it was released. The Bytom cryptocurrency can be used in several directions:

  • Used to pay the commission;
  • used as a means for providing and managing assets;
  • be used as a reward for on-site storage assets.

Size emission cryptocurrency limited Bytom. In total, it may be issued no more 1407 million coins. According to the developers, that it is this amount will satisfy the interests of users. As a result of court is able to provide customers with everything necessary for the successful conduct of financial activities. One important advantage of the presence of stands of different technologies for different platforms within blokcheynov.

Developers pay particular attention to operations with Bitcoins. Digital coin is considered the major modern cryptocurrency. The site makes it easy to exchange TMV at MTC. This will allow users to make purchases. Additionally, the client will get access to all the functions of the platform.

The project team and the history of creation

The service is quite young. He appeared in 2017 year. It was developed by programmers from China. The team is officially known, Like 8BTC. It included:

  1. Chang Jia. The man is the leader of the team. He had earned notoriety, engaged in promoting digital currency in China. Another area of ​​activity of the men is to write science fiction.
  2. Duan xinxing. The head of the design department and brand marketing. He engaged in carrying out the project throughout the campaign.
  3. James and Zhu Zhu Itski. They have created a virtual machine system.
  4. Qu Zhaoxiang. Acts COO platform.
  5. Lang Yu. Have a Master's degree in Computer Science. Previously he was a systems engineer Alipay. The draft Bytom Lang Yu began working in 2014 year. He was attracted to the development of the center systems, who will be responsible for data processing platform.
  6. Yi Chantszyuny. system programmer. It is on it is the responsibility of writing the main part of the service code.

The development team was able to implement the basic idea of ​​the project to life by applying blokcheyn technology. To perform fundraising, Project organizers have decided to hold the ICO. It is thanks to him, and was created cryptocurrency Bytom. As a result, digital coin has become the internal currency of the platform.

Features of the system operation

System, in which the Bytom cryptocurrency is used, is a peer-to-peer platform. With its help, the user gets access to the ability to perform transactions with assets. A set of tools to perform actions on them significantly expanded. Man receives the right to purchase, sell or convert a large number of monetary units, regardless of whether, in any corner of the world they were released.

In the conditions of modern realities elementary assets lose their dominant position. Digital age increases the weight of the cryptographic currency. Previously, the main component of the virtual space information recognized. Now as a leading force figures stand heshreyta.

Subsequently, digital platforms began to appear. The most popular of them today are Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Now the stage of active development of blockchain has begun. It is embedded in all aspects of modern life. experts believe, that he subsequently becomes the basis for the digital economy of the future. After that, she goes to a digital channel, Greater openness will be achieved, Security & Privacy. This will have a stimulating effect on the implementation of the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence in a large number of devices. Bytom system developers want to give users a resource, which will allow to apply the above-mentioned assets.

platform architecture

Resource, in which used cryptocurrency Bytom, comprises 3 different levels, who perform their own functions. secrete:

  1. Data Level. It is used for communication of the process of the various actions cash. At the same level, data on payments made is entered into the blockchain.
  2. Application Layer. With its help, system participants can carry out actions with their savings. For user convenience, designed as simple and intuitive graphical user interface.
  3. contract level. With it, customers can use existing platforms clever contracts or create new ones.

To reach a consensus in the system manages through the use of evidence of the algorithm. This makes it possible for beginners and advanced miners to take part in the coin mining process. The process can be carried out using a single video card or the use of specialized ASIC equipment.

Features of the Bytom Cryptocurrency system

functional platform

With the help of the platform, the user gets the opportunity to manage two types of assets – elementary and digital. If a person has Bytom cryptocurrency on their account, It gets access to smart contracts. With their help, it will be possible to transfer ownership of assets. The ecosystem of the site consists of several parts, which include:

  • Project Wallet;
  • Oracles;
  • system, allowing for the verification procedure;
  • marketplace, allowing the acquisition and sale of assets without intermediaries;
  • system, Enabling Asset Tokenization.

Developers, who have decided to start using the platform, access the API. They will be able to create decentralized applications for their projects. Additionally, a sidechain is provided, with the help of which it will be possible to optimize the system.

technological features

In the system, in which the Bytom cryptocurrency is used, A number of technologies are used, that have earned the attention of users. The methods used are not unique. So, consensus is reached using the Proof of Work algorithm. It means, that a digital coin can be mined. The developers of the Bytom cryptocurrency did not follow the path of other modern coins. The monetary unit was created specifically for mining with the help of ASICs. Experts advise using this equipment. Mining on other devices can be carried out, However, it is not commercially profitable.

Blockchain architecture is not fundamentally different from other systems. It uses private and public keys. In addition, the so-called address system is used. Encryption within the platform is carried out in accordance with Chinese standards. For this purpose, the SM3 and SM2 hash functions are used. As stated earlier, The blockchain of the platform has a three-level system.

To carry out the naming of assets, The system uses the ODIN protocol. The developers created it, Relying on the Bitcoin blockchain. In accordance with the above protocol, Assets are given unique names. It is given according to the block number, on which the asset was created. The name is given to the asset on any sidechains and blockchains, in which it will be applied.

A side-chain is used to, To improve the speed of the blockchain. This result can be achieved by moving part of the transaction to separate side chains. These are called payment channels.

Separately, there is a cross-chain. This is the name given to the technologies, that make it possible to transfer cryptocurrency from the wallet, that are on the same blockchain, to a crypto wallet, located in another. So, With the help of this, you can transfer funds from the Bitcoin system to Ethereum. Thanks to the development of cross-chain, it is possible to form a single economic system.

tokens site

The internal currency of the site is the Bytom cryptocurrency. experts say, that you shouldn't call a coin a cryptocurrency. The fact, that it is a regular token. Initially, it was created according to the ERC standard 20. Subsequently, the coin was transferred to its own blockchain.

Do not confuse cryptocurrency and tokens. The fact, that tokens are called a means of payment, which is used within a single system. It usually gives its owner some additional rights. So, if a person owns the Bytom cryptocurrency, They will have the right to create smart contracts and manage their own financial assets. In addition, he will be able to sell and acquire them using an internal decentralized exchange.

Experts advise paying attention to cryptographic algorithms, On-site. The system uses Tensority. This distinguishes it from a number of other crypto platforms.

Bytom cryptocurrency is used to finance ICOs, that are held at the venue. For a monetary unit, developers can create and launch their own tokens. The digital coin has a fairly high market capitalization. This allows us to consider it, as a source of additional funds for the development of further promotion of the platform.

must be considered, that the creators of the digital coin do not provide users with any unique features. Innovative technologies have not been created either. The only distinguishing feature, distinguishing the project from other digital coins, is the cryptographic algorithm used. It is designed specifically for, to mine monetary units with the help of ASIC miners.

distribution of coins

The developers plan to release a little less 2 billion coins. Part of the required volume has already been distributed during the fundraising for the launch of the site. The creators of the platform presented users with an approximate scheme, In accordance with which the distribution of monetary units will be carried out. The following categories of persons will be able to receive:

  • 33% – Users, who take part in cryptocurrency mining;
  • 30% – investors, Who bought coins during a fundraiser;
  • 20% – will not be implemented (The amount is reserved for the system fund);
  • 10% – will not be sold (Developers will allocate funds for business development);
  • 7% – Private Investors, Stock Market Closing Operations.

The purchase of coins is carried out through the official website of the company. You can use real or digital money to pay. If a person is faced with any question, He can contact the developers of the project directly. For this purpose, there is a corresponding section on the official website.

Bytom Coin

investors project

Communication between developers and users is carried out using the official website of the project. This is where the creators of the platform post information, concerning the further development of the system, & News, Related Ones. So, on the official website, the creators of the Bytom cryptocurrency have repeatedly said that, that they have a positive attitude towards machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The largest creator of ASICs today is Bitmain. Not so long ago, she began to invest a large amount of money in obtaining smart and trainable ASICs. The organization began to cooperate with the Bytom team. As a result, it was possible to obtain new monolithic equipment. It was called Antminer B3. The equipment was created specifically for the purpose of, to allow users to perform Bytom cryptocurrency mining.

The implementation of new ASIC miners is divided into several stages. The first of them took place with 1 by 10 May 2018 of the year. Users were able to get the equipment, who pre-ordered it. During the first stage, the following were sold: 2500 Devices. The cost of one of them started from 1350 euro. In Russia, the price of a new ASIC miner started from 220000 rub..

By analysing the above information, Things to take into account, that Bitmain is one of the investors in the Bytom project. It means, that the promotion of a digital coin is beneficial for both organizations. In addition to receiving dividends, Bitmain will be able to make money on the sale of smart ASICs.

Investors also include a number of major exchanges, as well as venture capital funds and blockchain platforms. Investors make powerful financial investments in the disposal of the Bytom cryptocurrency. In this way, they maintain the exchange rate of the monetary unit. The Bytom project is a clear demonstration of what, How Major Market Players Can Unite and Simultaneously Profit from Advanced Miners and Traders.

Road map system

The developers informed the user in advance about the fact that, how the Bytom cryptocurrency will develop in the future. On 2018 The launch of the mainnet is planned for the year. The developers have fulfilled the promise made to users. The process has been started 24 April 2018 of the year. The mainnet includes:

  • wallet, allows you to store tokens;
  • created Genesis block;
  • algorithm, Allows you to mine digital currencies;
  • Test-No, that is required to test the updates you add.

The developers decided to abandon the Ethereum protocol, With the use of which the platform previously functioned. Simultaneously with the launch of the mainnet, the Bytom cryptocurrency was transferred to its own platform.

Other features

With the help of the platform, the user will be able to perform transactions with a non-standard type of assets. A person will have the right to perform actions with:

  • property, that can generate passive income;
  • Token Shares, used in non-listed entities;
  • securitized types of assets.

If a person decides to use one of the above assets, The ODIN algorithm is automatically activated. With its help, a guarantee is given that, that the asset will be authentic and unique.

Course cryptocurrency Bytom

The Bytom cryptocurrency appeared on the market not so long ago. However, almost immediately, the monetary unit managed to enter the top 100 By level of capitalization. However, there have already been ups and downs in the development of the digital coin.

Sales started in November 2017 of the year. The price of the coin at that time was 0,13 dollar. Then, the price of the digital coin fell slightly. Until December 2017 years, the Bytom cryptocurrency has been trading within 0,1 dollar. Then there is a rise in value. TO 20 December the price increased to 0,47 dollar. The digital coin managed to hold its position. At the end of December, the price was expected to fall slightly to 0,38 dollars. In January, there is a second rise. 13 the cost was 0,72 dollar.

However, then the positions of the digital coin sank. From mid-January to the end of March, the monetary unit was sold within the limits of 0,37 dollar. In April, another rise in value begins. 14 the price of the monetary unit was already 0,9 dollar, but 24 April managed to reach the current cost maximum, which made up 1,16 dollar. Then the value of the coin fell. In May, the monetary unit was sold within the limits of 0,65 dollar. As of today, the price of the coin is 0,62 dollar. The level of capitalization is 624 million dollars. This allows the digital coin to occupy the thirty-second place in the overall world ranking.

Where to buy coins?

To start transacting with Bytom cryptocurrency, You need to buy it. Previously, the action was carried out only through the official website of the system. However, now the digital coin has entered a large number of third-party exchanges. It will be possible to perform the operation with the help of:

  • Huobi;
  • Okex;
  • lbank;
  • Kucoin;
  • BigOne.

The list is far from complete. The purchase process can be done through a large number of systems. However, on the most well-known exchanges, the Bytom cryptocurrency is not yet available. However, in the future, the situation may change dramatically.

It will be possible to buy Bytom cryptocurrency on third-party resources using cryptographic assets. The digital coin is traded in tandem with bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and a number of other monetary units. It is not possible to directly buy Bytom cryptocurrency on exchanges for fiat money.

Purses for cryptocurrency Bytom

You can store Bytom cryptocurrency using the official wallet. It is installed on most popular operating systems. Device owners can use the program, working on the:

  • Windows;
  • Linux;
  • Mac OS.

The wallet allows you to store more than just Bytom cryptocurrency, but also a number of other digital coins. The address is generated using BIP32 protocols, BIP43 and BIP441. Users are able to manage with public and private keys. All of them are protected by an encryption algorithm.

Bytom System

Can I Maina?

Bytom cryptocurrency mining can be carried out. ASIC miners are considered to be the best equipment for performing the process. A standard laptop or computer is not enough to mine currency. The use of such equipment is unprofitable. Resources, Coins spent on mining, won't pay off. For this reason, if the user decides to engage in the mining of the monetary unit, Experts recommend buying ASIC boards or creating your own farm.

An alternative method is to participate in a pool. This is the name given to the association of miners, that allow you to increase the efficiency of cryptocurrency mining. Computing power, Owned by Users, Combine. The chance of finding the right combination increases. The reward received is divided among the pool participants depending on their contribution. If the user doesn't have powerful enough hardware, Experts advise giving preference to this method of mining digital coins.

For cryptocurrency mining, Bytom exists only 3 Mining Pool. However, the list may increase in the future. If a person wants to mine a digital coin, He can take advantage of the opportunities:

  • ViaBTC;
  • VTSC;
  • AntPool.

The owner of the latter pool is Bitmain. It is through it that the largest mining of the Bytom cryptocurrency is carried out today.

future prospects

Bytom Cryptocurrency Has Strengths and Weaknesses. One of the key advantages of the system is an optimized network. The platform was created for the purpose of, to function in conjunction with the UTXO model. That is why the system consists of three levels – Asset Interactions, contact layer of transaction and data transfer.

Another advantage of the platform is the ability to interact with several currencies at once. The developers used a common address format. This gave the wallet the ability to support a wide range of digital coins. Users have the right to control their own e-wallet if they have one private key. There are other benefits as well, which include:

  • Developers are constantly optimizing the system;
  • Idea, who promotes the project, The crypto community has praised the;
  • The platform has a multi-level financial management structure.

There are a lot of areas of application of the platform. This was achieved through the provision of delivery of non-standard tools. The user will be able to perform operations not only with classic active, but also with real estate, as well as with promotions. All of them allow investors to earn passive income.

The creators of the project have made efforts to, to get a universal platform at the output, which makes it possible to work with any type of assets. The developers focus on the possibility of convenient use of the platform. At the same time, assets are protected as much as possible. In addition, the platform provides the ability to store information. This was achieved through the use of advanced blockchain technology. For the convenience of users, artificial intelligence was introduced into the system.

The developers have been working on the project for quite a long time. The system was created by a group of 8 specialists, who already had experience in working with such platforms. Initially, it was quite difficult for the public to appreciate the unusual platform. Initially, the main users were representatives of the Chinese cryptocurrency market. They have proven themselves, as more conservative clients, than representatives of the European and American markets. Interest in the platform began to increase only towards the end of the year. After the increase in the popularity of the system, The number of investments has increased.

However, there are still prerequisites for the platform to gain a foothold in the market and further development. Already today, several fairly large exchanges have added the coin to the list of assets for making transactions. The monetary unit was valued by their miners. They are attracted by the possibility of making a simple and quick income. An unusual concept makes the audience pay attention to the system.

Today, the organizers continue to work on improving the technical base. They aim to improve usability. Taking into account all of the above, It's safe to say, that the prospects of the platform are quite impressive. If the developers are able to implement all the goals and complete the tasks, the price of the Bytom cryptocurrency will increase significantly.

Some experts are sure, that the cost can increase exponentially. This will allow investors to make a large amount of profit. Already today, the digital coin has been able to attract the attention of investors. Likely, Increase in value by 2018 will continue. Experts draw attention to the fact that, that the price of the Bytom cryptocurrency continued to rise then, when the value of other assets fell. However, it is necessary to monitor the development of the monetary unit and predict possible price changes.

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