Online Forex Trading Rules. Theory before practice

Online Forex Trading Rules. Theory before practice

The stock market provides various opportunities for your money to grow. You can trade or invest in the market as you wish and need. Online Forex Trading (from English. trade forex) helps you to trade easily and conveniently right at home, at your favorite desktop.

You don't need to meet with a broker to place your trades, as you can trade on your own through online trading platforms. With mobile trading apps, it's easy to place orders anytime from anywhere in the world. There are people, who trade intraday, which means buying and selling shares during the day itself. If you don't buy or sell stock, your position will be automatically compensated by the broker.

10 the golden rules of stock market trading:

1. Never work with unregistered brokers, intermediaries.

When trading or investing in the stock market, you must be very careful when choosing a broker. Before opening an account, check the background or reputation of the broker.

2. Never make decisions, rumored

Your decisions should be based on proper research. You must constantly be in touch with the markets, to know, what factors influence the market and, in turn, for your shares. Constant company monitoring, whose stocks you trade, very important for making the best decision. Make decisions based on compelling evidence, backed up by research reports and the right information from the right source.

3. Choose the right promotions

You should choose highly liquid stocks, otherwise you will be stuck in your position and face losses.

4. Take calculated risks

You must take risks according to your risk potential. Understand your obligations and dependents, risk it wisely. You can only lose that money, you can afford to lose.

5. Don't be greedy

As a trader, you must not rush, to make more money in a short amount of time. Keep a close eye on markets and price movements, and then decide. Also accept the opinion of the experts.

6. Never be emotional

Be practical and have realistic expectations. Never make decisions because of emotions..

7. Do a thorough research

Always research companies thoroughly, their balance, future business potential, as well as global and national factors, that can affect the income or image of the company.

8. Use stop loss

This is one of the best ways to reduce your losses and thus maintain your gains.. You can set a stop loss for your stock, in this case your share will be sold, when the price reaches a certain stop loss level. Use stop loss in your trades, to reduce losses.

9. Hedge your positions

Any economic or political event can shake the market. Therefore, it is important to hedge your positions..

10. Handling complaints

You should not hesitate to contact the relevant authorities in case of any claims.


Before starting or investing in the stock market, you should read many books about market behavior. Do a lot of research on the companies and sectors you are interested in. Benefit from the help of financial experts and seasoned investors, to find out, where to begin. High speed trading platforms help you trade faster and easier. You can even download mobile trading apps and trade from your smartphone. These apps are easy to use and allow you to trade in a secure way. Do not doubt, go to the stock market. First of all, prepare a financial plan for yourself and choose the right broker.

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