Methods for calculating the target audience of business volume

Methods for calculating the target audience of business volume

Identification of the target audience as the markets for their own production refers to the key aspects of doing business.

The main tool to use in this type of activity is Internet. A key advantage of its use is the free side of the issue, that in conditions of limited funding is important enough.

Using Online Resources, you can quickly and easily get the information about the prevalence of age-groups among the fans of a particular commodity group, their interests, level of income, and more.

Разберем методы расчета объема целевой аудитории бизнеса.
Analyze methods of calculating the target audience of business volume.

The most complete information about the groups of potential buyers can afford it social networks, the number of which is currently considerably. but, the focus should be not only on the prevalence and well-known social network, but also possession of her own system of placing advertising information. As examples of such networks can be reduced and facebook vkontakte, where any individual can submit an advertisement.

for example, at the bottom of every page is a link vkontakte, passing through which you can create a new advertisement. At the same time there is the possibility of the problem target audience selection parameters, namely:

  • country and city of residence;
  • age;
  • birthday;
  • marital status;
  • interests, etc..

The calculation of the target audience through social networks

As an example, you can make out the definition of the potential customer base for discovering the tire shop in the city of Omsk. The city's population is 1134 700 person.

According to statistics vkontakte, Offline Joined 888 100 residents of Omsk. Since this social network account, not all the inhabitants of Omsk, for the purposes of determining the appropriate target audience coefficient should be calculated. It is defined as the ratio of the total population of the city according to the census in the number of registered users of the selected city vkontakte:

1134700 : 888100 = 1,27

Methods for calculating the target audience of business volume
Methods for calculating the target audience of business volume

Formation of the audience on the main criteria

According to the required criteria we set the selection parameters of the target audience at the ad placement on the social network:

  • country- Russia, Omsk city;
  • age limit - from 18 years old (because it is in our interest to select potential customers with a driver's license).
  • a district of the city, eg - The October.

According to these criteria vkontakte number of potential audience in the amount of 23143 man. This number is multiplied by a precalculated factor to obtain the number of inhabitants and Kastrychnitski area:

23143 x 1,27 = 29 391

It may also be applied to a narrower embodiment of the selection, It consists in the problem in people's settings, consisting in "cars" group. At the same time there is also the option is not entirely correct selection, because not all car owners have come to this group. Therefore, statistics can be applied, according to which the percentage of motorists in the country equals 37%. Consequently, Total information, obtained on the number of inhabitants of the region of Omsk, We must be adjusted to take account of this factor:

29391 x 0,37 = 10874

In this way, the amount of the target audience, consisting of car owners between the ages of 18 years old, specifically in the selected area is 10874 person.

Example of determining the scope of the target audience is not quite accurate, because in reality, should be added to the names of streets selection criteria, house numbers, which opens tire will be in a convenient location. However, in general, the essence of this method is similar to.

Methods for calculating the target audience of business volume
Methods for calculating the target audience of business volume

audience selection Nuances in districts

When specifying the selection criteria in the areas of names to consider the nuances, that such data are not always correspond to the real social networks. Since not all network users specify their own area of ​​residence.

therefore, for settlements additional accuracy factors may be involved. In our example, these calculations are as follows:

  1. Vkontakte on selection criteria by 18 s maps 554 296 person, what is 62%.
  2. According to data in the Oktyabrsky district of the city is home to the statistics 160 000 person.
  3. We produce an updated calculation of the age group: 160 000 x 0,62 = 99 819.
  4. We adjust the number by motorists coefficient: 99 819 x 0,37 = 37 000
  5. Comparing the amounts of the target audience according to the different approaches, We allocate error factor for this type of data, equaling 3,4.
Methods for calculating the target audience of business volume
Methods for calculating the target audience of business volume


In this way, when determining the amount of the target audience for the opening of business convenient in terms of timeliness and cost benefits solution is the use of social networks. However, the data, obtained using internet resources, They should be adjusted according to the statistical population parameters in a particular locality.

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