Modern advertising and its species

Modern advertising and its species

The main goal of any modern entrepreneur is profit for the sale of goods or services. To stimulate the promotion of a product designed to help advertising.


Features of the advertising market

To date, the advertising market is full of information, traditsionnaya advertising About the Line ATL, It is no longer in demand and inefficient. Because of what is happening? This happens because of the glut of advertising, the consumer has paid little attention to the usual means (a television, radio, press). Demand for such advertising in recent years has considerably decreased, that is not true of its price, which in recent years has increased significantly in price. In order to understand, what the customers need, We need to study "the psychology of advertising", it will help to identify their needs and highlight interesting offers.

classification of advertising

There are two basic types of advertising: traditional, direct advertising (ATL) and alternative, nepryamaya advertising (BTL). Together they constitute advertising Trough the Line (TTL).

For direct advertising concerns:

  • Press
  • A television
  • the Internet
  • radio
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Movie theaters
  • Point of sale advertising (indoor)

By the indirect advertising concerns:

  • Stimulation of sales in the client environment (consumer promotion). This method involves organizing lotteries, promotions, conducting tastings, distribution of gifts and prizes.
  • Stimulation of sales in locations of retail outlets (trade promotion). Encourages distributors to increase reseller sales. The organization shares a "secret shopper", staff motivation, display of goods.
  • Direct marketing activities ( Direct marketing). The method is directed to personal communication with the customer: Newsletter promotions, advertising on the pages of catalogs and television infomercials.
  • advertising design (POSM) - a proper marketing places: display of price tags, stickers, promostoek, packets, packages, etc..
  • Special events (special events). This event associated with the organization of concerts, banquet, festivals, fundraisers, etc..

Of course, indirect advertising can not solve all business needs, but unable to take up the challenge, associated with an increase in demand for goods, thereby effectively stimulating sales.

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