The increase in the average ticket at a retail store

The increase in the average ticket at a retail store

One of the most important indicators, which shows the result of sales effectiveness, is the amount of average check. That is, depending on its results can give an objective assessment of the profitability of the enterprise. It calculated the amount of average check simple arithmetic means, by dividing the total, proceeds for a certain period in the number of sales. Analysis of the growth or decline the average check amount is due to demand for a particular product in the market sales. Thereby, the higher the demand for an offer, the higher will be the amount of average check, or vice versa, less popular products, the more noticeable decline in the total amount.


Statistics and analysis of the average ticket

On an example grocery store, we can consider the situation to increase the average ticket. To start, Checks should be analyzed in several ways:

  • Calculate the amount of average check for several periods: long (year), and short (month, season,neighborhood) and compare data. If the amount of the analysis will diverge, you need to select the maximum point.
  • A comparison of the average check per day. Analyze checks for weekdays and weekends.
  • Determine the sales peak hour, identify the most profitable day period (morning, day, night)

get results, you can immediately determine what time of year the most profitable and at what times of the day is the maximum growth in sales. Next, you need to analyze, concerning the position of the best-selling product, You define and identify the position of Sales, which is the most basic demand. Doing this job, you can begin to map out a plan to increase the amount of average check, Using get results. there are cases, in which in order, to increase the profitability of the enterprise and increase sales, effective will not increase in the average ticket, and the increase of purchased goods, also effective in this event will be to work with the Privacy Policy. To increase the average ticket, many use the following examples:

  1. A large number of checks, but a small amount of revenue. In this case, loyal buyer to the seller, but due to the narrow range of products there are no big sales.
  2. A large number of positions in the check, but the total amount is not high. This example demonstrates not fully thought-out pricing policy, but the high activity of buyers.
  3. More 30% check with 1-2 positions indicates a low staff qualifications.

Methods of increasing the average ticket

The most common and easiest method to raise the level of the average bill will be advertising activity. To use this method, We need to work intelligently with potential customers. Here are some examples, the use of which, give visible results:

  • Replacing small packages on the running position in a large volume and wide range.
  • Hot deals, sale of goods lifting demand and creating buzz: "Product of the week", "Bestseller", allocation shelves special beacons and stickers.
  • shoppers. for example, buying goods worth 1000 units, the buyer is awarded a coupon for 100 units on your next purchase, or handed a discount on subsequent purchases goods.
  • Display of goods in the zones. Accommodation in the checkout area of ​​unplanned purchases items (cheap sweets, chewing gum, tea, coffee and other consumables).
  • Pre-packaged goods in packs or blisters, in which the volume on 15-20% higher than the average purchase weight.
  • Sale of shares, proposed purchase of goods 2-for-one.

For proper and competent increasing the average ticket, You need to work with the staff, motivating premiums from the amount of average check. The holding of trainings, learning the rules of sales, shares and competent replacement headings, in a short time will give a positive result, which will affect the amount of average check.

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