Methods competitive regional companies

Methods competitive regional companies

At the moment, there is an active expansion of large retail chains own production not only in large (more 1 million. residents) and medium (from 500 thousand. to 1 million. pers.) cities, but also small towns, where the number of inhabitants does not exceed 100-300 thousand. person. These actions raise the competitive environment in such regions, encouraging local traders to scale in response to the active reaction. Such a reaction can be expressed in the two embodiments:

  • cessation of commercial activities in the region;
  • increased economic activity, and response, to combat competitors.
Methods competitive regional companies

Later in the article are some guidelines for the proper conduct of competitive.

Improving the management of business controls

Key points of improving the competitiveness of their business are:

  • restoring order in its own accounting system;
  • amplification "vertical" production control;
  • full control of all business expenses.

The introduction of data points can be achieved by drawing the internal accounting and financial statements - balance sheet management, revenues and expenses, cash flow statement.

Drawing up such reporting allows businesses owners see highlights of doing business, namely:

  1. Increases the transparency of business.
  2. It allows you to see a full and realistic picture of the company's financial status.
  3. Provides control of production and cost optimization.
  4. Reveals the "weak" places.
Methods competitive regional companies
Methods competitive regional companies

Development of new markets in small towns

In view of the large number of small settlements with a population 10-50 thousand. person, they are new markets and successful promotion of regional companies own products. Since the promotion of self-produced large federal companies in such settlements is not economically feasible.

It can be seen in figures the potential business opportunities on the example of the table for the implementation of home appliances in the village numbering 20 thousand. residents for 10 years old.

The range of shops Qty for pokupok 10 years old, PC. cf.. price, rub. in total, rub.
Television 1,25 12 000 15 000
Fridge 0,8 15 000 12 000
Washer 0,9 10 000 9 000
Telephones 6 3 000 18 000
PCs and laptops 0,5 15 000 7 500
other life. equipment 10 3 000 30 000
Total for 10 years old 91 500
The average purchase 1st family for a year 9 150

The table is compiled according to statistical polls

If to take into account the data of statistical research and census, at the moment the number of members of a family an average of 2,6 person. According to the above examples, in the town number 20 thousand. people have to 7692 thousand. family and about 70 million. rubles potential market capacity.

In this way, figures are quite strong to promote their own businesses in these localities. We must not forget the fact, that most of these products will be acquired residents of small settlements in large cities, however, these potential customers with the skillful implementation of the advertising campaign can be "lured" back.

Methods competitive regional companies
Methods competitive regional companies

Additional favorable conditions for business development in the regions is:

  • the minimum cost of renting commercial premises and staff salaries;
  • small competition from local businesses.

Business development via the Internet

Opening your own online store has become a popular pastime among regional trading companies. However, given that the development of the Global Web expanses bear fruit (New markets have been found and expanded customer base), should comply with certain moments, namely:

  1. Treatment to create a personal site into a professional IT-company, generating development of the site over the Internet. these companies, usually, develop websites allowing for the specific field of activity, as well as taking charge for this service in a smaller size (500-1000$), than those of the organization of regional importance (from 2000$).
  2. Active further development and promotion of the site with active inserting money.
Methods competitive regional companies
Methods competitive regional companies


In this way, in spite of the active expansion of federal enterprises own products in small towns, regional companies can make a serious competition in the exercise of the right marketing company and knowledge of the business in the region. To this end, the commercial organizations at the regional level should be carried out certain actions:

  • improving management control of business;
  • development of new markets in small towns;
  • business development via the Internet.

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