Loan to start a business franchise

Loan to start a business franchise

The unique position of the banking organization with a loan under the discovery or development of the business does not exist, usually, specifically take the pot, in each specific case, decide on the issuance of credit, or refusal to grant the loan on the basis of an individual approach to the borrower.

There are various forms of credit, the bank may rely on the presence of starting your business organization movable or immovable property, which the borrower can provide as collateral loan obligations, that is, to provide as collateral or repayment guarantee may be the presence of the contractual relationship for the execution of certain obligations. In the latter case, the provision of credit facilities for the development or start their own business, bank more risky, since it is necessary to check not only the borrower, but the contracting organization. The result is that novice businessmen trying to implement their business plans with the support of a partner, franchise holder, polohaya, if not the franchisor, then at least the banking organization, under the guarantee of "eminent" partner, It provides funds for development or start their own business.

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Loan to start a business franchise

Bank lending under the franchise agreement

In the reality of today's reality banking organization, I am not ready to work with start-up companies, even if the partner of this organization is steadily developing company with "loud" name. Aware of the fact, that according to the statistics of franchisees are more resistant to the adverse economic factors, banks require guarantees franchisor, on that last are rather reluctant. In cases where the franchisor guarantee for his charge to the bank, there is a reasonable assumption that, that the franchise seller increases the capitalization of the purpose of the subsequent sale of own business.

This fact indicates that, that the franchisor is exclusively its own interests. Usually, one of the conditions of the contract for the franchise is the fact that the franchisor the right to repurchase the company of his partner, after a certain period, and that is why the franchise seller undertakes a guarantee to the bank for its franchisees, in order to attract financial resources last. With these contract terms, Bank willingly provides loan funds, and even provides loyal lending program, because the risk is justified by the fact, that after the expiry of the contract, credit obligations will be borne by the parent organization.

It is worth noting, that these conditions are not conducive zeal franchisees themselves in the implementation of the development of their own business, which sooner or later will have to sell. In conclusion, it should be noted, that in most countries of the world, credit for business development, under shtadyashtiy rate, your partner usually provides just the franchisor, instead of banking organization.

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