Adaptation of restaurants and staff, waiters, during COVID-19 – clothing and protective equipment

Adaptation of restaurants and staff, waiters, during COVID-19 – clothing and protective equipment

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By law, food industry operators must provide their waiters, Cooks, means of protection, that food processors receive adequate food hygiene supervision and training. This should be according to the area, in which they work, and allow them to handle food in the safest way possible. In the UK, food processors do not need to have a food hygiene certificate, to cook or sell food.

Skills, taught in formal curricula, can also be assimilated:

  • on-the-job training
  • self-study
  • relevant previous experience.

You should reconsider the training needs of your staff, including any changes, such as changes, included in the procedures, recipes and other hygiene measures. We provide online learning resources and safer food, the best business packages, which can be used as a training assistant.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the food industry can be carried out both to protect workers (cooks, waiters, Cashiers, administrator), and, if necessary, to prevent contamination of food products during the production process. The current situation should not change these requirements..

You should continue to monitor that, ensure that the use of PPE meets the requirements of your food safety management system and complies with your current health and safety policy. You have to:

  • emphasize the importance of more frequent hand washing and maintaining good hygiene in places where food is prepared and handled. Catering staff should wash their hands at least 20 seconds, especially after that, how they are in a public place, blowing their nose, cough or sneeze.
  • make sure, that objects and surfaces, which are regularly touched, often cleaned and disinfected with your usual cleaning products.


Food safety and hygiene legislation requires, that you provide safe food and have appropriate hygiene procedures in place. Some businesses may have a glove policy in place, but wearing gloves by staff, working with food, is not a legitimate claim.

The Best Way, where food processors can maintain good personal hygiene, – it is often to wash your hands. Gloves can be used as an assistant to good food hygiene practices, but should not be seen as a substitute for a thorough regimen of effective hand washing. COVID-19 virus (and other viruses, as well as bacteria) Can contaminate disposable gloves in the same way, how he gets into the hands of a waiter.

If gloves are used, they should be changed just as often, how do you wash your hands, and you should wash your hands when changing or removing gloves. Gloves must be changed after performing non-food activities, such as opening and closing doors manually, handling of money and emptying of garbage cans. Food workers should avoid touching their mouth and eyes, when they wear gloves.


Food suppliers and food service personnel in health care settings should follow the guidelines, on the extended use of face masks. All staff of medical institutions, as in clinical, and in non-clinical roles, may be required to wear a face mask, to provide a safe environment for COVID, when this cannot be achieved by other means.

All other food businesses must follow their procedures for the use of PPE in the working environment.. You should also consider social distancing..

Facial coatings – mask

The government has published a guide for businesses to wear protective face coatings.

For retail workers, leisure and hospitality, restaurants, it is mandatory to wear a face mask in places, open to the public, and there, where they are or may be in close contact with members of the public. This includes shops, supermarkets, bars, Pubs, restaurants, Cafe, as well as public areas of hotels and hostels.

Improper use and handling of face coverings can pose a threat to food safety and hygiene, as well as for the health and safety of personnel. The Government has provided recommendations on the, how to wear a face mask (opens in a new window)and hygienic requirements for safe and effective use, maintenance and disposal.

In those cases, when your employees are required to wear face masks in the workplace or when your employees choose to wear face masks, to travel to work, you have to set the procedure, allowing your employees to follow this guide.

For other indoor spaces, employers should evaluate the use of protective masks on a case-by-case basis., depending on working conditions, other relevant mitigation measures, which they have accepted, and that, whether reasonable exceptions apply.

Social Distancing

It is not always possible to keep a distance in 2 m. Under these conditions, employers, and employees should do their best, to reduce risk.

Safe Work During COVID-19 in Stores, contains more recommendations on the, how to implement social distancing at work and steps, you can do, to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus. A guide to social distancing for food delivery drivers can be found in the section On Safe Work During COVID-19 in Vehicles.

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