3 the best training courses for opening a Cleaning company

3 the best training courses for opening a Cleaning company

3 the best training courses on the topic: “How to open a cleaning company from scratch step by step”.

With the development of Internet technologies, distance online learning has become possible. You can learn, being at home, improve their skills and even get a new profession. It is enough to register on the school's website, pay for her services and choose a suitable course. Everything is convenient and simple.

Choosing an online school is like buying a car. This must be approached wisely.. Therefore, below we will analyze the best educational platforms for online learning cleaning for beginners 2023 of the year. Companies were chosen for the rating:

  • with a large number of real positive reviews;
  • reputation of a conscientious and responsible company;
  • a convenient mechanism for ordering a training course (on call, Online);
  • using professional safe household chemicals.

Rating of the top 3 best cleaning training programs in Russia in 2023

1. Biznes-Cleaning (Business Cleaning)

Site: biznes-cleaning-v3.ru

Telephone: 8-927-93-66-998

E-mail: biznescleaning@gmail.com

Schedule: Around the clock

The training course is made by the leaders of the existing company

Course authors Asadullina Azamat and Ekaterina, who are the founders of the company “1I am Cleaning Ufa”. The cleaning company has an impeccable reputation on various sites with consumer reviews. Provide services not only in apartments, as well as in the offices of large companies, in shops and cafes.

That is, they know about cleaning firsthand. – perhaps, this is one of the most weighty arguments in the training courses. Who made it: Professional coaches with a beautiful theory or those people, who tell and share nuances from their personal experience?

Training Course Program – perhaps the most voluminous and contains all the necessary sections, what you need to know, before opening your Cleaning Company:

  1. Main directions in Cleaning;
  2. What legal registration form to choose and step-by-step registration;
  3. Basic rules for the selection of chemistry for cleaning and dry cleaning of upholstered furniture;
  4. Overview of specific detergents, equipment and inventory, which is needed at the start;
  5. Materials Science – analysis of types of surfaces and upholstery material and safety technology.
  6. Technological processes of each type of service. The material is provided as in theory, and in practice (video tutorials).
  7. The issue of personnel is disclosed: where to look, how to select, how much to pay. Rules of conduct of employees at the facility and their duties.
  8. Also attached to the course is all the necessary documentation: agreement, order-orders, Acts, routings, checklists, etc..
  9. And that's the only training course., where the option of creating your own cleaning company website is offered. The site can be ordered in the finished version, so you can go through step-by-step training, how to make it yourself.

note, what “Business Cleaning” – offers a ready-made solution for your future business in the field of Cleaning. This and:

  1. A complete understanding of the activities for the manager;
  2. Training from A to Z of its employees;
  3. Availability of all documents for doing business;
  4. Ready-made traffic of applications in the form of your corporate website;
  5. Free consultations and business support.

Tuition fees from 24 900 rub, depending on the availability of the site in the tariffs.

The program of the training course on the opening of the Cleaning Company: https://biznes-cleaning-v3.ru/

Program for the creation and promotion of the cleaning company website: https://biznes-cleaning-v3.ru/sozdanie-saytov-obuchenie/

2. International Center for Professional Cleaning (ICPC)

Site: www.icpc.ru

Telephone: 8-929-976-976-8

E-mail: line@icpc.ru

Schedule: 09:30 – 18:30, Saturday and Sunday – weekend.

International Center for Professional Cleaning. Site: www.icpc.ru

Specialized Licensed Educational Institution of Additional Professional Education in Cleaning. Educational center in the field of Cleaning for professional growth of employees of cleaning companies. Specialists of the Center have many years of experience in the cleaning industry and teaching activities.

Training Center Program:

  1. Knowledge in the field of management of various objects; correctness of their calculation
  2. Knowledge of cleaning and care technologies for various types of surfaces
  3. Correctness of the use of professional chemicals on certain surfaces; types and possible damage to surfaces due to improper use of chemicals
  4. Correct application of technologies and equipment in various methods and types of cleaning
  5. Knowledge of the positive and negative aspects of various cleaning equipment
  6. Information on certification of a cleaning company
  7. Free assistance in the preparation and certification of cleaning services. (Certification of cleaning services in Russia is currently voluntary)
  8. Necessary knowledge of working with personnel, Pricing, competitiveness and development of the cleaning company
  9. Free professional advice and much more.

Training is conducted only in full-time format. Cost of the full program 30 930 rub.

3. CleanFix

Site: cleanfix.ru

Telephone: 8-930-065-10-34

E-mail: info@cleanfix.ru

Schedule: 09:00 – 17:00, Saturday and Sunday – weekend.

CleanFix Company. Site: cleanfix.ru

Klinfix is the exclusive representative in Russia of the leading European manufacturers of cleaning equipment, inventory and chemicals. The company was founded 11 February 1998 of the year , and since then is one of the leaders of the cleaning business in Russia. They don't just sell equipment and tools., which make cleaning easier and more efficient, but are also taught best practices in cleaning, we talk about new technologies and the latest trends.

Cleaning Business Training Program:

  • organization of cleaning service at the enterprise;
  • optimization of the cleaning process;
  • selection of cleaning equipment, inventory, chemicals;
  • personnel training and certification;
  • information support;
  • service and warranty service of cleaning equipment and inventory;
  • application of new achievements of the Western cleaning industry at the facilities.

Training is conducted only in full-time format. Cost of education 10 000 rub.


We tried to collect various options for training in the field of Cleaning, which will satisfy the requests of not only beginners, but also those who already have experience in this field and want to improve their skills.

We also analyzed the availability of social networks, video presentations shared in a particular school. Almost all schools have a free trial lesson, programs for beginners from scratch and for more experienced students.

We wish you an easy start in starting your own business!

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