Where to put the old fridge1

Where to put the old fridge1

1The desire to make your life as comfortable as possible1 and high-quality played a cruel joke with people. New methods are constantly being developed. Innovative devices are manufactured according to them. As a result, the planet is literally mired in a variety of household appliances.. At the same time, the disposal of old devices is not always well thought out..


Is it possible to take an old refrigerator to a landfill??

What to do with household appliances, who has served her term? Disposal of refrigerators – a complex and responsible process. You can't just take and send such a device to a dumpster in the yard or put it next to it in the hope of, that it will be sent to a special car with garbage and taken to the landfill along with other waste. It is strictly forbidden to act in such a barbaric way.!

If the old model has ceased to perform its functions qualitatively, outdated or simply out of order, and the service can't fix it, do not take it out in the trash can, take out of town, leaving in a forest belt or field. by the way, such an approach is prohibited even at the legislative level.!

Why you can't just throw away the equipment?

Many owners of faulty devices do not understand at all, why can't they do with an old or broken device like this, how it is more convenient and easier for them. In fact, there is no mystery in this.. It's all about, that modern refrigerators are complex appliances, the design of which includes:

  • Metals;
  • Polymers;
  • gases, etc.. d.

Most often, the body of such a device is made of plastic. This type of material can lie in the ground for a very long time and decompose during 100 and more years. All this time, polymers will poison the soil. If there is groundwater nearby, then they will systematically worsen their condition.. If there is a fire, what often happens in spontaneous landfills, then the polymer material will smoulder for a very long time. At the same time, harmful toxic compounds will enter the air..

Metal elements in the open air are oxidized. Gases also enter the environment. All this sends nature and causes danger to humans..

Therefore, the most rational solution is recycling through specialized companies.. In part, they will send the equipment for recycling.. Also made with old tires. Crumb rubber, resulting from this process, now it is actively used for the improvement of territories. Therefore, an old refrigerator can serve for good.. The main thing is not to throw it in a landfill.!

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