Equipment for aquarium care

Equipment for aquarium care

To make your aquarium beautiful and healthy, it is better to clean it at regular intervals. In this case, proper aquarium maintenance can keep your aquarium fresh., improve water quality, Make your aquarium gorgeous, and your fish will feel great. Proper care of the aquarium requires appropriate equipment.

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To care for the aquarium, you should buy the necessary tools. Every aquarist should have the following types of tools:

Elastic or plastic hose: long elastic or plastic hose diameter 8-12 mm. Serves to drain water; it can also be used to clean the base of the remaining parts of the fish's vital activity..

Dirt cleaner – it is a more flawless device for removing soil and residue from the bottom. Usually, the dirt cleaner is bought separately at the pet store and simplifies the maintenance of the aquarium..

Wiper: is used to clean the aquarium glass from algae from the inside. It's a long handle, to which, like the head of one razor, fixed plate made of hard elastic or rubber.

A new magnetic brush for cleaning glass is now available in many pet stores. Working thickness of glass 5-19 mm, as shown in the photo.

It consists of 2 Parts: External, which moves from the outside on the glass of the aquarium, and internal, which moves inside the aquarium, removing algae plaque. Quickly, conveniently, hands do not get dirty.

Sharp blade or knife: used for pruning plants. It is also used to maintain plant health and decorate your aquarium.. Many aquarists use a sharp blade to prune plants.. Many aquarists want to use scissors.

Tweezers: It is a small tool type of tongs, which is used to capture items from any part of the aquarium. It is also used for planting and feeding fish..

Thermometer: Used to measure water temperature to monitor water quality. Two types of thermometers are used in the aquarium: floating and fixed. Fixed type thermometer is mounted on the holder to the wall of the aquarium. Floating type thermometer floats on the surface of the water due to tightness inside the air.

Net for aquarium fish: It is a thin network with different cell sizes and handles. Used for feed washing and feeding, catching aquarium fish.

Plastic feeding rings: This ring is made of plastic and equipped with a suction cup to hold. It can be freely floating or attached to the side of the tank. Swims on the surface of the aquarium while feeding fish with artificial and dry food. It controls the dispersion of food and helps reduce food waste.. It also controls filter clogging and keeps food in a specific location..

Feeder for aquarium fish: it is an electrical or electronic device, which is used to feed aquarium fish. This feeder is attached to the tank wall directly above the water. It automatically maintains a regular feeding schedule at regular intervals. It has a timer and a hopper with various dry products, and the timer rotates the bunker at regular intervals to dispense food to the fish..

Aquarium heater: to maintain the temperature of the water in the aquarium at a suitable level, the heater plays the most important role in this. It helps to regulate or set a constant temperature of the water in the aquarium. In the market of pet products there are many types of heaters with a reasonable cost. For better aquarium management, you should use the best aquarium heaters, do not save.

Spiral brush: It is a long and flexible brush, which is used to clean aquarium filters or U-tubes. It is designed to clean hard-to-reach places, to guarantee a long-lasting, smooth and constant operation of your aquarium system. It is also used to care for the filter tubes of the aquarium, to ensure the best filter performance. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and is available at the pet store at reasonable prices..

Aquarium Air Pump – it is the most basic life support equipment for any aquarium. It saturates water with oxygen, creating water flow and improving its quality. This helps to remove many contaminants from the water., circulating water in your aquarium. It will also make your aquarium more attractive, creating a nice visual effect. Air pumps of various sizes with different capacities are available in the pet market. It is recommended to use the best air pumps to maintain the quality of the water in your aquarium.

Принцип работы аквариумного воздушного компрессора.
The principle of operation of the aquarium air compressor.

Water Test Kit: to make the environment of your aquarium and its inhabitants healthy, you should each week devote a few minutes to maintaining and monitoring the conditions in the aquarium. In this case, you should have a freshwater analysis kit.. It helps to check the water parameter, affecting the health of fish. These water parameters include:: pH of water, rigidity, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, etc.. d. This kit provides accurate and cost-effective results with a complete instruction booklet.

Aquarium filter: Aqua Filter – It is a very simple device to keep aquarium water clean. Residents of the aquarium produce waste, which are very harmful to any aquatic organisms. In this case, the aquarium filter helps to remove any waste from the aquarium and make the water in the aquarium clean and safe for the inhabitants of the aquarium.. On the market of domestic fish there are aquarium filters of various types, shapes and sizes at an affordable price. Keep your aquarium clean and healthy, to do this, you should use the best aquarium filters and do not save on it.

Различные виды внутренних аквариумных фильтров.
Different types of internal aquarium filters.

Aquarium tongs: Aqua tongs – an extremely important aquarium tool for every amateur and pro. It is made of materials, resistant to rust and oxidation, for reliable use in freshwater or marine aquariums. Tongs are used to extract large debris and objects, rearranging the snag with the lock or performing any other tasks, when it was once supposed to, that you put your hand or brush in the aquarium, without getting your hands wet. Aquarium tongs have an angle clamp, which provides a wide range of motion, And it can easily provide powerful grip and precise control.

Aquarium gloves: Made of heavy-duty PVC with sleeves, reinforced with fiber. Using this glove, you can work safely and efficiently in any aquarium. This is an extremely important aquarium product, it keeps you dry, prevents unintentional water contamination and protects delicate skin from any allergens. It is now available at local pet stores and online sellers at reasonable prices..

Cleaning pads: available in different categories for any type of aquarium. This is a durable pillow with a unique pallet, which helps to get rid of algae in your aquarium. Using this pad, You can easily clean the tank of algae and mineral deposits in a few seconds. Besides, it is used to remove debris from the water surface and other undesirable phenomena in your aquarium. You can easily use this pad to clean as glass, and acrylic aquarium. It is also designed for use both in glass, and in acrylic aquariums. When cleaning the aquarium with this pad, do not apply excessive effort to the pillow, so as not to scratch or break the aquarium.

Algae purifier: ideal device for removing algae growth from aquarium glass, due to which the aquarium becomes dark or becomes unpleasant and fuzzy. Using this valuable device, you will be able to quickly and efficiently serve the aquarium. Currently, scrapers of unique shapes and sizes are available on the market at different prices.. Keep your aquarium flawless and healthy, purchase this device as soon as possible.

Device for changing water in the aquarium: Exceptionally simple tool, which is used to replace aquarium water to improve the condition of the aquarium. It is built using plastic materials and has various parts, including gravel pipe, control valve, tap connector and water flow valve. Currently, the device is available on the market at a reasonable price and is designed for regular improvements in the water in the aquarium.. Keep your aquarium fresh and gorgeous, you should purchase a water changer and connect it to a water faucet, to use the weight of the water to clean and fill the aquarium.

Aquarium wipes: to keep your aquarium clean and flawless, you must have tissues for the aquarium. These are special wet wipes for cleaning glass or acrylic aquariums. They are also used to minimize fingerprint repetition., water stains and dust. They are antistatic and safe for freshwater and marine life of aquariums. You can remove lime plaque and algae with these special wet wipes for the aquarium. They are not detrimental to fish and plants.. Currently, they are available in online pet stores at a reasonable price in varying volumes..

Aquarium cleaning mat: during the maintenance of the aquarium, a mat is used to clean the aquarium, to keep the floor and coating clean and dry. Cleaning mat – Perfect tool for cleaning a water filter or other damp object. It can be washed and dried in an automatic washing machine. It has a reinforced base, which prevents liquid from splashing from above or below. It consists of a non-woven texture, which has an exceptional ability to assimilate and trap spills and drops of water. Angles fitted for the finished look. There are cleaning mats in different sizes on the market at a reasonable cost. It can also be modified without fabric wear for individual fit..

Aquarium mat (Anti-slip)
Aquarium mat (Anti-slip).

Gravel cleaner: Can more effectively keep your aquarium clean. Removal of unattractive debris or dust from gravel, stone or substrate is no longer limited to planned water changes. It is equipped with an electric motor, which provides intensive absorption for rapid removal of soil particles. It has a simple and movable siphon tube, providing access to all aspects of the aquarium. It also has a reusable cartridge with filter bags, that remove garbage, when the water returns to the aquarium. Gravel cleaner made of reinforced plastic. Each electrical part is protected and can be completely submerged in water. Easy to install with open aquariums or tanks.

Protein skimmer or foam: is an important filtering device for any marine aquarium, also known as foam fractionator. Pennik removes any organic contaminants from the water and maintains the best water quality in the aquarium. In the pet market, aquarium protein flotators are available in a variety of styles and sizes within your budget.. We recommend you to choose the best foam separators for aquarium proteins, that fit your marine aquarium, to maintain the best water quality.

The principle of operation of the skimmer
The principle of operation of the skimmer.

Refugium: it is a special type of small tank, which is used as a place to grow macroalgae and other plants. It also acts as a natural filtration to absorb nutrients.. Refugium is a mandatory equipment of a reef aquarium. To grow the healthiest algae and other plants in the refugium, you should use the best refugiums to carry out the process of photosynthesis and stimulate vigorous plant growth, which are available in the pet sector at a reasonable price. Besides, to achieve maximum efficiency, the correct kind of refugium light is needed, to make the refugium ecosystem friendly. In this way, macroalgae and plants grow quickly and get excess nutrients from the water in the aquarium.

Final Verdict

That's how the aquarium launch turned out..
That's how the aquarium launch turned out..

Every fish owner should have a tool to care for the aquarium, to keep it clean and fresh. On wholesale market of pet products today all modern tools and equipment for the care of aquariums are available, reasonably priced. For the care and cleaning of your aquarium, we recommend that you purchase all the necessary tools described above, which meets your requirements and capacity characteristics. It is better to ask the consultant once again, to make sure, that the purchased equipment will sufficiently and volume do its job, that there will be no shortage of.

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