How to promote goods and services in China

How to promote goods and services in China

China's online market is radically different from the rest of the virtual space. Internet and advertising are highly regulated by the authorities, their decisions are strictly enforced. But these are not all problems., faced by the owners of business projects when promoting them in the People's Republic of China.

How to promote products, services in China

The country does not have Google and there is no total system for collecting data on user activity. To find the information you need, the following search engines are used:

  • Baidu;

  • Haosou;

  • Sogou.

Customize and launch ad campaigns through one Tencent platform. It's a whole ecosystem, which deprives webmasters and business owners of choice. This centralization makes it easier to control the placed advertising materials.. So there is no hope, that the use of prohibited techniques will go unnoticed.

The cost per click depends on the region, ranging from 8 to 23 dollars. It is recommended to show ads in cities, where the population is more than one million people. There are more than a hundred such settlements in China.

Niche social networks dominate in China. They target specific interests of the audience.. Here is the promotion and promotion of goods, services is impossible without the participation of opinion leaders of the target audience. This is important to consider when developing a marketing strategy..

China's online market is almost entirely mobile-centric. Therefore the site, the application should open quickly on smartphones. It is also important to adapt the product to the domestic market of the Middle Kingdom.. It's about the name, because the inhabitants of the country pay special attention to the semantic significance.

It's easier to enter the Chinese market through a partner, which will eliminate the need to issue:

  • ICP license;

  • ownership of the site;

  • Chinese ID.

Without the listed documents, a foreigner will not be able to withdraw money. At the same time, internal settlements are carried out simply and quickly using mobile applications..

Features of the Chinese advertising market

Advertising is perceived by the Chinese as a tool for quick acquaintance with goods and services.. Она не вызывает негатив. Перед запуском кампании следует тщательно изучить предпочтения целевой аудитории.

Следует проработать цветовое оформление материалов. Китайцы позитивно воспринимают красный, синий, желтый, зеленый и негативно относятся к белому и черному цвету.

В граничащих с Россией провинциях Хейхэ, Маньчжурии, Дуннине хорошие результаты дают объявления на русском языке, так как местное население его понимает. Эффективность рекламных кампаний повысят громкие слоганы, прямые предложения без скрытого смысла и обмана.

The Chinese combine a desire for technical, technological progress with superstition. They are sensitive to the organization of personal space., use feng shui practice. Despite the active interest in Western goods, indifferent to the values ​​of Europeans, North Americans and other global communities.

What not to advertise in China

The authorities tightly control the online space, therefore, copyright infringement is severely punished in the Celestial Empire, to promotion and advertising are prohibited:

  • предметы роскоши;

  • продукты низкого качества;

  • алкоголь и табачные изделия;

  • безнравственность.

Преследуется дискриминация в любом виде и проявлении, под санкции попадут материалы, содержащие превосходную степень сравнения, а также прописанные мелким шрифтом, с целью введения пользователей в заблуждение. Отслеживает онлайн-пространство киберполиция.

Серьезный удар по репутации компании, its product will be inflicted by the demonstration of bacteria, viruses, asocial images. Sales will be negatively impacted by the belittling of Chinese culture, traditions. Don't post materials, containing links to resources blocked in China: Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Experienced specialists will help you avoid mistakes, sanctions, reputational damage in promotion of goods, services in China, use on 100% potential of this peculiar market.

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